Growth & Expansion



Delta Chi’s Founding Father Experience

Being a Founding Father is a unique opportunity where you will have the ability to build your own positive experience and leave a legacy for those who will become members in the years after you graduate. Rather than adapt to a culture that does not align with your beliefs, you have the freedom and responsibility to help shape the direction of a new colony on your campus. In addition to the numerous programs offered at an international level, there are a number of leadership opportunities available beginning in the first term, and you have a chance to help bring positive change to the entire Greek community at your campus through living our core values each day

  • Expansion is the process of starting a new chapter or reestablishing old chapters in an effort to grow the Fraternity and offer more students an opportunity to have a positive fraternal experience.

    Typically, expansion falls into three categories:

    • Interest Group: An interest group is comprised of a number of men who are interested in bringing Delta Chi to campus.
    • Local Fraternity Affiliation: A local campus fraternity contacts Delta Chi seeking to merge with our organization.
    • Cold Start: The most common type of expansion for Delta Chi is a Cold Start. Either Delta Chi or an institution expresses interest in starting or reestablishing a chapter of Delta Chi on campus.

    Once a campus has been identified as a potential expansion site, Fraternity expansion staff works to build a partnership with the institution in order to further determine if Delta Chi is a good fit and determine a potential timeline for expansion. This process can take months or even years in order to get everything aligned and scheduled.

    Delta Chi is very intentional when prospecting or considering campuses for expansion. Our expansion staff considers a number of factors, including:

    • Institution Support
    • Alumni Support
    • Student Population
    • Campus Culture
    • Growth Trends
    • Current Health of the Fraternity Community
    • Housing
    • Past History on Campus (if applicable)
    • Overall Timing
    • Alignment with Delta Chi
    • Interest Group (if applicable)
  • FOUNDING FATHER - a person who starts or helps to start a movement or institution.

    Merriam Webster Dictionary

  • Being a Founding Father allowed me the opportunity to use my skills as a campus leader to create new organization and shape the experience of younger members.

    Drew, West Chester

  • Helping shape an experience for my peers sounded like an awesome opportunity. I learned how to build an organization from the ground up.

    Christian, Case Western Reserve

  • Being a founding father appealed to me because I thought it gave me the unique opportunity to help mold a part of the Fraternity in the image that I thought would project our values.

    Blake, Little Rock

  • I really had no desire to join one of the other fraternities that were already there, but I loved the fact that we would be able to found a chapter that was completely different than the other chapters on our campus. Because of that we were able to recruit a really diverse, engaged group of brothers and were able to do some great things.

    Jack, West Chester

  • I learned a lot about myself - how to become more of a leader, more responsible, more organized, and more of an overall quality gentleman. The experiences I encountered throughout my last semester were some of the most fun/most insightful experiences I had within all 4 years at Adelphi. Becoming a Founding Father, let alone a member of Delta Chi, was something that I'll never question - as it has become such a big part of the man I am today.

    Nick, Adelphi