Alumni Volunteer Resources

With the continually growing to-do list for college men, Delta Chi has compiled the essentials along with supplemental resources organized by position to make our undergraduate leaders’ and our support advisors’ jobs more manageable. For a listing of collegiate and alumni resources, please visit the Collegiate & Alumni Resources page.

If you’re looking for information or resources specific to operating virtually or in a hybrid setting as a result of COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Update page.

While COVID-19 has shifted the way our organizations are operating, the ability to provide support virtually will be an important skill set for our volunteers moving forward. Use the documents below to better guide your virtual advising experience.

Orientation Toolkit

The Advisor Orientation toolkit includes individual orientation packets for different advisory roles with a list of responsibilities and all relevant resources needed to perform the essentials of the position.

Orientation Packets

E-Learning Resources

Delta Chi has created e-learning resources to help you advise and support your chapter/colony members. Delta Chi has created the following e-learning courses:

  • Values-Based Coaching 101, Recruitment, Finance, Risk Management, Volunteer Training Program (Part One), Volunteer Training Program (Part Two)
  • For access to any of our courses, please contact Alex Brown, Director of Education and Leadership Programs, at