“Assisting in the Acquisition of a Sound Education”


The Trustee Society is the premier annual giving club of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. Donors earn status in the Trustee Society by making unrestricted contributions to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation’s General Fund. These dollars assist in supporting DCEF operations that provide administrative and managerial oversight of the educational activities, programs, and scholarships offered to our members.

These dollars, in addition to operations, are used where the need is greatest for Fraternity leadership programming. 

In 2017 the new Emerging Leaders Academy benefited from a $30,000 grant from the DCEF’s General Fund, which would not have been possible without Unrestricted Giving.

The DCEF has raised over $1,000,000 in support of the A’s Academy since its inception in 2006. In 2016 alone, the DCEF granted over $90,000, representing 70% of the program’s total cost, ensuring every chapter “A” could attend expense free. All of these programs have been supported by the Trustee Society members. 

Thank You to our Trustee Society Members

  • Updated through 2/28/2021

    NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Alderdice, Patrick J Ball State1992
    Beasley Jr., Kenneth Michael Georgia Southern2006
    Berlin, Lee Porter Cornell1958
    Bix, Peter M Embry-Riddle1980
    Boehlje, Boyd Wayne Iowa State1961
    Breit, Jerod Lee Central Missouri2004
    Broderick, J. Jeffrey Illinois State1981
    Butler, Jason N. Central Missouri1999
    Caffrey, Kevin Robert Gannon2006
    Calosso, Gregory P Cornell2009
    Carroll, Michael L Auburn1971
    Castillo, Alvaro Jose Long Beach1997
    Caufman, Gregory Glenn Virginia Tech1995
    Champ, Charles A Michigan State1954
    Chananie, Douglas Adam East Carolina2007
    Conrad, Sean William Gorham State1997
    Covey, Travis John New Mexico State2003
    Dewrell, Bobby LeFrank Troy State1995
    Donnelly, Justin Cornelius Kent State2002
    Dundas, Benjamin David South Florida2009
    Dupont, Hewitt Jack Embry-Riddle 
    Eaton, William Vipond Cornell 
    Emery, Kevin Michael California Univ-PA1999
    Gitzendanner, Michael Jon Tri-State1999
    Gollaher, James L. San Diego1991
    Gorney, Matthew Allen Kansas State2006
    Gottschalk, Adrian  Texas A&M1998
    Hendershot, Robert D Purdue1972
    Henslee, Steven L Oklahoma State1975
    Hoerrner, Louis Mark Kennesaw2010
    Horowitz, Thomas S Michigan State1987
    Jimenez, Arnaldo  Texas A&M1992
    Kennedy, William Alan New Mexico State2003
    Killingsworth Jr, Don Cordell Jacksonville State1999
    Kitchell, Neal E DePauw1972
    Klein, Robert Francis Johnstown1974
    Klinefelter, Scott Thomas Northern Iowa1976
    Lane, Peter Scott Georgia Southern2007
    LaPlante, Donald E Southern California 
    Lin, Paul Young Abracadabra1964
    LoCicero, Brian P Marquette1988
    Loeber, Gregory Martin Cornell1995
    Maizel, Richard W Cornell1968
    Mancuso, Charles A Florida State1984
    Marascio, James Michael Bryant1993
    Maroney, Dennis J Connecticut1989
    Maxwell, Jamison Samuel Ball State1997
    McCoig, Kenneth Taylor Embry-Riddle2002
    Melvin MD, John Lewis Ohio State1955
    Michels, Steven R Marquette1987
    Moriarty, Michael J Oshkosh1971
    Murkett, Timothy P Connecticut1989
    Murray, Geoffrey C Embry-Riddle1987
    Niemann, Alan P Oklahoma State1982
    Rist, Donald Allan Embry-Riddle1994
    Rolland, Matthew Guy Delaware1992
    Salinas, Marcus A Texas A&M1989
    Sattler, Jonathan K Appalachian State1987
    Segoviano-Medina, Samuel  Eastern Washington2014
    Sexton, Mark Gerad Missouri1992
    Sheahan Sr, James P Missouri1979
    Shelby, John M Sacramento1986
    Shields-Shimizu, Brendan Scott Southern California2007
    Shubert, L Elliot Kansas City1966
    Sisk , Jason Edward New Mexico State2003
    Sluss, Mark D Missouri State1987
    Sprinkle, Lyle E. Georgia Tech1996
    Stevens, Joseph Lawrence Georgia Southern1984
    Stice, Eric Douglas Southern Illinois2004
    Thomas, Ronald S. Missouri1978
    Tunila, John G Connecticut1981
    Turk, James Donald Florida1968
    Unterbrink, Trent Justin Tri-State1998
    Vandenburg, Edwin S. LSU1985
    Vollhaber, Robert D. Minnesota1991
    Vondrick, Glen D. Arizona1978
    Wade, Charles R Long Beach1970
    Walker, Jason Michael Arizona State2005
    Washburn, Miles C Massachusetts1987
    Weaver, Matthew Vincent Florida State2013
    Weber, David Kershner Cornell1968
    Weber, Patrick F Oklahoma1987
    Weiss, Glenn A LSU1984
    Wolett, Chad Marc Arizona State1994
    Woodworth, Eric Van Kirk Oklahoma State1994
    Woolfitt, Eric Robert Cal Poly2003
    Yull III, William F Whitewater1982