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Our Donors

Lifelong Endeavor

It marks a significant achievement in our lifelong endeavor when a Delta Chi brother or friend makes a lifelong commitment to support Delta Chi’s membership experience.

It is with our sincerest gratitude that we acknowledge these remarkable individuals by publishing their names in the following lists. Their enduring commitment to a lifetime of giving allows for a brighter future.

Thank you for your continued support of Delta Chi!

Lifetime Giving Status

New Founders
Upon reaching the milestone of NEW FOUNDER, three (3) identical charcoal portraits will be commissioned. One portrait is presented to the donor’s family, one is given to the donor’s chapter, and the final portrait is displayed in the International Headquarters. Additionally, donors who reach this giving level will also receive a key-shaped lapel pin that can be worn at any time and a New Founder’s Medallion, to be worn at International Conventions and other formal affairs. The medallion is the same as the international officers (“AA”, “CC” or “DD”) and Order of the White Carnation, except a purple ribbon is used to dictate the New Founder level of giving.

4th Degree New Founders ($1,000,000+)

3rd Degree New Founders ($500,000 - $999,999)

2nd Degree New Founders ($250,000 - $499,999)

New Founders ($100,000 - $259,999)

Data Last Updated 7/18/2023

Other Donors

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