Associate Member Program


Virtual Associate Member Program

The IHQ staff is currently assessing interest among chapters to determine if they would find a spring 2021 Virtual Associate Member Process beneficial to their operations. Knowing that new Associate Member Counselors (AMCs) may be serving in office, we want to be mindful that these members may want the opportunity to facilitate the program themselves to gain experience. If your chapter is interested, please have your AMC fill out this form and details will be communicated as they become available.


Why The Associate Member Program?

Delta Chi values the associate member experience and believes in the importance of a structured program to acclimate and orient the members to the fraternity. Chapters and colonies can participate in a program that ranges from 4-8 weeks. The manuals provided on this page outline a standardized 4, 6, and 8-week program. The decision regarding the number of weeks the associate member program lasts should be made with intentionality and adhere to any university policies put in place. 

Building Your Associate Member Program

The four cardinal principles of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education are the core of the Fraternity’s purpose, and should be the focal point of the educational process for the associate members. Remember, education of associate members does not stop once they become members. Delta Chi values education and is committed to the continuous education of our members throughout their time in college and beyond.

*** – It is recommended that you print the workbooks and have participants write in them. If printing is unavailable, an interactive version of each workbook and facilitator guide is available.

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