2024 Delta Chi Bracket Challenge Update! Congratulations, brothers on raising $58,696 for the V Foundation for Cancer Research!

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1890 Society

An undergraduate first step to support the delta chi foundation

The 1890 Society, named after the year Delta Chi was founded, was established to educate our undergraduate brothers about the Delta Chi Foundation’s mission and purpose and provide our undergraduates with the opportunity to make an impact on Delta Chi’s members.

By becoming a part of the 1890 Society, your donation is channeled directly into a fund account. This fund is the lifeline for our brothers who rely on financial aid to pursue their college education.
You can join the 1890 Society by setting up an annual recurring donation of $18.90. In addition to making an impact, you will receive special recognition of this status at events and in our publications. You will also receive a lapel pin or badge guard that will identify you as one of Delta Chi’s top undergraduate supporters.
Help your brothers in need and join the 1890 Society.

Undergraduate Giving

The 1890 Society is exclusive to our undergraduate members. Undergraduates who set up an annually recurring gift of at least $18.90 will be recognized as members of the Society. Members will receive special recognition of obtaining this status, and donors will be celebrated through various online, print, and event mediums.

Alumni Giving

While the 1890 Society is exclusively an undergraduate donor program, those alumni who set up a recurring gift of at least $18.90 per month to the general fund will be recognized as Scholar’s Society members.


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