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I Am A:

Dear Parents

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The Delta Chi Fraternity. We want you to be as excited and comfortable with your son’s interest in the Fraternity as he is. Delta Chi understands that the expectations of today’s college men are growing and as a Fraternity, we wish to enable your son to meet and exceed those expectations and be a successful member after graduation. The Fraternity provides support to our chapters and individual members through leadership programs, written and online programming, and professional staff chapter visits. Alumni are engaged to supervise the operations of the chapters and minimum standards for all Delta Chi chapters are in place to ensure all brothers have a quality fraternity experience.

Karl Grindel
Executive Director


On October 13, 1890, eleven law students at Cornell University formed a Law Fraternity, Delta Chi. In 1922, the Fraternity officially went “general,” thus opening its membership to men in all areas of study. In 1929, Delta Chi became the first fraternity to officially abolish hazing practices associated with “hell week.” Since its founding at Cornell, Delta Chi has grown to more than 110 chapters across the United States and Canada and has initiated more than 126,000 brothers. The success of Delta Chi has hinged on the continued recruitment of excellent young men and the support of experienced alumni from the local to international level.

To learn more about our organization’s history, our values, and our Basic Expectations, please visit our Values and History pages. 


Delta Chi is strongly opposed to any practices that are or may appear to be hazing. The experience of Delta Chi associate members should be one of education, challenges, personal development, and excitement. Hazing in any form contradicts these goals and is a direct violation of both the 11 Basic Expectations of a Delta Chi and the oath that every member takes during his initiation.

The Fraternity takes any actions that put any member or associate member in danger very seriously, and the incidents of hazing in all fraternities and certainly Delta Chi have been increasingly infrequent in recent years. Delta Chi’s effort to make the undergraduate experience a positive one, full of fun, personal growth and preparation for professional success, is one of the reasons Delta Chi has been so successful for more than 115 years, and with men like your son living up to those values every day, the future keeps looking better. 

Fathers or other male relatives are potential candidates for alumni initiation. An alumnus initiate is someone selected by an undergraduate chapter to be initiated into the Bond. He is someone whom the undergraduate members believe can enhance the Fraternity. Alumni initiates can provide a tremendous amount of assistance in all areas of chapter operations, especially to those chapters with restricted alumni interaction due to geographical location. For this reason, they are excellent candidates for holding positions within a chapter’s alumni support structure (e.g., ABT, house corporation, Faculty Advisor or “BB”). The Delta Chi alumnus initiate is neither an “honorary member” nor an “honorary initiate.” An alumnus initiate receives recognition as a full member of The Delta Chi Fraternity and has the same rights and privileges as any other alumnus of the Fraternity. An alumnus initiate cannot be an initiated member of any other college social fraternity.

Parents’ or Moms’ Clubs are a great way for you to get involved with your sons’ chapters. Parents’ Clubs play a role in the organizing of parents’ weekends, homecoming, house improvements and decorations, fundraisers, finals care packages, etc. Members of the Moms’ Club often serve in positions on the Alumni Board of Trustees. 

Delta Chi has a separately incorporated Foundation that was created in 1954 as a non-profit educational foundation that can accept tax-deductible donations for the benefit of young men in the Fraternity. All of our members are eligible for scholarships and academic awards. The Foundation provides grants to those attending educational leadership seminars and conferences across the United States. It also offers scholarships to incoming freshmen at many colleges and universities for non-members with no requirement for future membership. Named accounts for Chapter specific scholarships and housing are available as well. Click HERE to visit the Delta Chi Educational Foundation’s website

When your son decided to become a member of Delta Chi, he made one of the most important decisions of his college career. He chose an organization that is committed to his success during his college years and will remain relevant after graduation.

When he joined Delta Chi, you became a part of his experience as well. This email is the first of three messages in our parent and family communication series, aimed at helping you understand your son’s involvement in our Fraternity. 

The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded in 1890 on the values of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. Since that time, more than 100,000 members have joined the Fraternity, many of whom remain actively engaged as alumni. Immediately after joining, your son will begin his Associate Member program. This program is intended to encourage individual development, promote adjustment to college life and educate on the history and values of the Fraternity. Your son will attend weekly meetings with other Associate Members and begin to make friendships with other members, associate and active alike. Overall, our Associate Member program seeks to develop a sense of belonging, increase individual responsibility, and provide purpose to our members. 

In 1929, Delta Chi became the first fraternity to abolish “Hell” Week. Years later, we remain committed to an environment free from hazing, coercion, and illegal activity. Delta Chi has a zero-tolerance policy for behavior that does not align with our values, and we hope you will discuss this expectation with your son. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Associate Member experience for your son, please do not hesitate to contact Davis Millard, the Director of Member Safety, at dmillard@deltachi.org. 

Thank you for sharing your son with us. Our fraternity continues to be impressed by the thoughtfulness, maturity, and care that our members bring to everything they do, and we are excited to be a meaningful part of their college experience.  

It is the time of the semester that your son should be completing his Associate Member program and is preparing for initiation. Although his initial time of learning as an Associate Member is now likely complete, we would like to introduce you to the continuing opportunities for personal growth offered by Delta Chi.

The Delta Chi Fraternity is committed to developing our young men into leaders who live their values. We do this through educational programming which compliments their academic pursuits. We are excited to provide a variety of programs and diverse educational materials that are available both in-person and online.  Below is an overview of the four in-person programs the Fraternity offers:

  • The Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) is a four-day leadership development experience that helps members learn more about their leadership styles and strengths. This highly interactive program is geared toward rising sophomores and juniors to prepare them for leadership opportunities within their chapter/colony, on campus and beyond. The registration cost is $50.00, including lodging and meals, and is commonly covered by the chapter/colony. 
  • Every spring, nine Regional Leadership Conferences (RLCs) are held across the country for undergraduate and alumni members. These multi-day educational opportunities are home to seven officer tracks, our Volunteer Training Program and various educational sessions focused on the fraternity and personal development. At least seven members from each chapter/colony attend the RLC with the rest of the chapters or colonies from their region. Though each RLC slightly varies in cost, the chapter/colony typically pays for the members to attend. 
  • Each year, Delta Chi invites the “A” (President) from each chapter and colony to attend “A”s’ Academy in Saint Meinrad, IN. The “A”s’ Academy is a four-day leadership institute that focuses on change management and increasing operational effectiveness as a leader. The International Fraternity is able to provide this experience at no cost to the “A” or chapter. 
  • Every biennium, Delta Chi hosts our International Convention in a city selected by the Board of Regents.  This coming summer, we will be hosting Convention in St. Louis. This multi-day program geared towards undergraduates, alumni, their families, and is the largest event that is offered by the Fraternity. Convention encompasses educational programming, business meetings, brotherhood events, and ritual exemplification. Each chapter/colony sends at least two delegates to vote on behalf of their chapter/colony. 

In addition to these in-person programs, the Fraternity also offers a wide variety of online education open to our undergraduates and alumni. As part of the Open Door Webinar Series, the Fraternity hosts at least five webinars per semester that focus on health and safety education. These webinars serve as a resource for undergraduate leaders and volunteers who work directly with our chapter/colonies. Similarly, our Learning Management System (LMS) provides online training and educational modules that can be accessed at any time, by any member, via a smartphone, tablet or computer. These modules are focused on personal, professional and organizational development.

Recently, the Fraternity partnered with FirstHand Mentoring © to launch the Delta Chi Mentorship Network. This online platform intentionally matches undergraduate members with an alumni mentor who may be a resource for career path development, academics, graduate school admissions, or organizational leadership.

Delta Chi is committed to assisting your son in the acquisition of a sound education through our educational offerings. We are excited about being a meaningful part of your sons professional and personal development, and hope that you will take an opportunity to discuss these opportunities with him. 

As the semester comes to a close, your son’s collegiate journey is well underway.  As a member of Delta Chi, we will challenge your son to put our core values into action daily to be a thriving member of his chapter/colony and the university community.

The Delta Chi International Fraternity believes helping others is an integral part of the fraternity experience and strives to develop citizens of high character. In accordance with Delta Chi’s founding date, the Fraternity recognizes the week leading up to October 13th as our Week of Service. During this time, Delta Chi chapters focus their collective energy toward giving back to the communities in which they belong.

Delta Chi is proud to have a philanthropic partnership with The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Founded by the late Jim Valvano, the Foundation provides research grants and programs to aid in the cure for cancer.  Since 2006, the Delta Chi Fraternity has donated over $1.7 million to the Foundation, funding eight cancer research grants. As we’ve all been affected by cancer in some way, whether personally or through a friend or family member, we’re proud partners and stand with them in the fight for a cure.

Did you know that Delta Chi offers a number of ways you can be involved with your son’s Fraternity experience?  As a male, you can explore the option of being an alumnus initiate of the Fraternity. Parents/Guardians can serve as a volunteer on the chapter’s Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) or check with your son to see if their chapter has a Mom’s or Dad’s club that supports the chapter. All of these opportunities will allow you to learn more about Delta Chi and remain connected with your son’s Fraternity experience.

Thank you for sharing your son with us. We are committed to providing a fraternal experience that is enriched with philanthropy and service to others!

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