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Delta Chi Educational Foundation

The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that can accept tax deductible donations that benefit Delta Chi members. We seek to challenge our brotherhood to a life-long commitment to the fraternal ideals and values, building personal enrichment for posterity.

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The Mission of The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is to develop, manage and steward financial resources in support of The Delta Chi Fraternity’s role in promoting the acquisition of a sound education.


The Vision of The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is an active and engaged membership base that recognizes the importance of continued participation and financial support of The Delta Chi Fraternity’s educational and leadership development programs. 


The Values of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation are: Scholastic Achievement, Leadership, Character Development, and Lifelong Engagement.

Foundation Leadership

The Foundation strives to offer opportunities for a variety of donor supported programs. Our donors who support our mission and vision make it possible to offer educational resources and programs to Delta Chi’s members and chapters.

We hope you will join us in supporting these educational efforts. By donating to the Foundation’s programs and scholarship funds, you will have the satisfaction of making a positive impact on Delta Chi’s membership experience.

– DCEF Board of Directors

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