Delta Chi Convention 2018


The Delta Chi Fraternity’s

61st International Convention

“Reaching New Heights”

August 1-5, 2018
Denver, Colorado

Convention Highlights


Opening Ceremony

Kick off the 2018 Convention with brothers from around the globe!
leadershipdevelopment 1

Leadership Development

Network and expand your knowledge through various educational sessions.
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Kimball Classic Scramble

Delta Chi’s biennial golf scramble

Denver Excursions

Get the most out of our host city through special Delta Chi outings.
closing banquet


Wrap up your Convention weekend with an experience you’ll never forget!



Come Early!

Those who would like to come to Convention early may still take advantage of the Delta Chi Convention block. 

Take a look at Denver’s Come Early, Stay Late program to plan activities to enhance your time in Denver.

All scheduled events are tentative and subject to change.



Urban sophistication meets outdoor adventure in Denver, where 300 days of sunshine, a thriving cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods, and natural beauty combine for the world’s most spectacular playground.


The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel

The Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel is easily reached from the Denver International Airport and is a short distance from multiple local parks, shopping, restaurants, and the bustling “LODO” district. Its amenities include indoor and outdoor swimming, an on-site restaurant and a full-service business center. Free shuttles between the hotel and Denver International Airport are available.

3801 Quebec St
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 399-7500

Information for Chapters

  • Chapter, Colony & Alumni Chapter Delegate Information


    Full information and background on delegates can be found here.

    Declaring Delegates

    Ideally, delegations from each undergraduate chapter will be comprised of three people: two active student members likely to return to the chapter the following year, and one alumnus, who is either that chapter’s “BB” or an alumnus of that chapter. At least one delegate from each undergraduate chapter must be an initiated member. As well, no one individual can serve as a delegate for more than one chapter. (See Delta Chi By-Laws – Article II, Section 1.)

    Delegates must be officially declared by May 31, 2018.  DECLARE DELEGATES HERE.

    Schedule of events

    Delegates should plan to arrive in town early Wednesday, and depart on Sunday.

    Hotel reservation

    Once your delegation is registered for Convention, please make sure to book your hotel rooms at the discounted convention rate. Delta Chi has a minimum number of rooms it must fill, so delegates are expected to stay at the hotel.

  • Travel Assistance

    Following Delta Chi Regulations, Article II, Section 1, and the decision of the Executive Committee, each chapter and colony located more than 500 miles from Denver can receive some level of travel assistance.  The level of assistance is dependent on the chapter or colony’s distance from Denver. Failure to attend the required portions of the keynote sessions, breakout sessions, and/or missing the required roll calls during the business meetings will result in the loss of travel assistance to your Chapter.

    The travel assistance is not designed to and will not cover all of the costs of traveling to or hotel costs at the Convention.  It is between the delegates and the chapter to decide how the travel assistance reimbursement, which is sent to the chapter in September or October, is distributed.  Delta Chi HQ will issue a credit to the Chapter account after the assistance has been approved.  It is up to the Chapter to pass on the assistance to the attendee if the attendee is entitled to it (e.g. attendee used his own funds to cover his travel to Convention).

    The application for travel assistance will be made available after the end of Convention, and the final amount of assistance a chapter / colony receives depends on the decision of the Executive Committee.

  • Sample Packing List:


    • Casual shirts (t-shirts)
    • Casual pants (jeans, shorts)
    • Dress shirts (button downs, polos)
    • Dress pants (khakis, slacks)
    • Active wear (gym clothes and clothes for VK race and/or run)
    • Sleep wear
    • Swimming trunks
    • Undergarments
    • Socks
    • Dress shoes (not Sperrys)
    • Casual shoes
    • Belt(s)
    • Sports Coat
    • Suit (or Tux)
    • Ties/suspenders


    • Toothbrush/toothpaste
    • Dental floss
    • Deodorant
    • Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Soap/Body Wash
    • Brush/Comb
    • Gel/Hairspray/Hair Products
    • Razor/Shaving Gel and Aftershave
    • Cologne
    • Medications


    • ID/Passport
    • Delta Chi Badge/ Convention Ladder
    • Camera
    • Wrist Watch
    • Fit-Bit (You’re sure to meet all those step goals!)
    • Laptop (not required for convention purposes)
    • Chargers (cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)
    • Cash
    • Cornerstone (not required)
    • Water Bottle
    • Gum, Chap Stick, etc.
    • Umbrella

  • Convention Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank:

    Booking Flights

    • Check rates directly on websites and book at least four weeks out for the best prices.
    • Checking a bag carries a fee unless you are elite status, but the $25 average fee is likely worth it.
    • Round trip flights are currently averaging anywhere from $200-$400.


    If you’re coming from the West Coast, Midwest or Southwest then driving might be a better option.

    • Use a site like to not only plan your route but to help you calculate estimated gas, tourist spots along the way, hotels, etc.
      • For example: from Iowa City, IA it’s an 11-hour drive but only costs $83 in gas (one way).
      • You can pick up guys from other chapters along the way to carpool and cut costs.
      • Renting a minivan costs about $450 and probably seats eight. This includes unlimited miles.
      • If you do this you’re looking at around $100 / man round trip for travel.


    Stay at the Renaissance Denver Stapleton – you don’t want to stay offsite; the schedule is too packed.

    • All in for the week the cost is $600 for the room and taxes.
    • Split this between four men and the result is $150 per man


    In general, budget to spend around $50 dollars a day.


    Breakfast and dinner on your own, lunch will be provided.


    Breakfast and dinner on your own, lunch will be provided.


    Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all be provided.


    The Fraternity and other vendors will be selling some good merchandise. You’ll want some spending money for that and other random stuff while you’re there. You decide how much your budget can handle.

    ** The Bottom Line **

    This is a rough estimate of how much it’ll all cost on top of the registration fee:

    • Assuming four men are coming from your chapter, not getting a tux and $100 for randomness: Flying option around $875.
    • Driving – whether four of you pile in your buddy’s Accord, eight of you pile in a minivan, or you pull off the 15-passenger safe bus, you’re looking at about $640.