Risk Management

Risk Management efforts should always be focused around one word: SAFETY

Keeping our members and our guests safe is the entire reason risk management policies exist. As Delta Chis, we have a duty to provide a safe environment to each individual that enters our chapter property or attends one of our events. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure this is happening. While it may not be possible to fully eliminate all risk, it is feasible to avoid situations that make any injury a possibility.

Utilize the resources in this section to make Delta Chi the safest environment possible for everyone. A responsible alcohol management policy, in line with local laws and the rules of the host institution, is vital to the success of a chapter. The eradication of substance abuse through education, intervention, mutual support, and progressive sanctions imposes the highest level of chapter management, monitoring, and discipline. Each Delta Chi has an obligation to act responsibly and hold others accountable for their actions.

To review the Delta Chi Risk Management Policies, please click below.

Keeping ΔΧ Safe

  • Use common sense and good judgment.
  • Do not hesitate to call the Headquarters Office with any questions.
  • Report all the facts as they happened.
  • Do not attempt to hide or alter the facts no matter how damaging they may seem.
  • Investigations are based on the facts as reported.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement officials.
  • Utilize the House Inspection Guide regularly.
  • Communicate with each other and have a plan.
  • Use chapter meetings to teach prevention education.


Delta Chi Headquarters

Contact Davis Millard

Director of Member Safety