Risk Management

Risk Management efforts should always be focused around one word: SAFETY. Keeping our members and our guests safe is the entire reason risk management policies exist. As Delta Chis, we have a duty to provide a safe environment to each individual that enters our chapter property or attends one of our events. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure this is happening. While it may not be possible to fully eliminate all risk, it is feasible to avoid situations that make any injury a possibility.

Utilize the resources in this section to make Delta Chi the safest environment possible for everyone. A responsible alcohol management policy, in line with local laws and the rules of the host institution, is vital to the success of a chapter. The eradication of substance abuse through education, intervention, mutual support, and progressive sanctions imposes the highest level of chapter management, monitoring, and discipline. Each Delta Chi has an obligation to act responsibly and hold others accountable for their actions.



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In the event of a crisis, remember:

  • The Chapter/Colony “A” is in charge.
  • If he is not present, the next highest-ranking officer should assume control until the “A” returns.
  • The below steps should be followed:
    1. Contact emergency authorities. Your initial efforts before all else should be focused on seeking any medical attention that is needed. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 911.
    2. Obtain as many facts as possible.
    3. Close the chapter property. The only individuals authorized to enter the property should be emergency authorities and members.
    4. Contact your “BB” and ABT President to make them aware of the situation.
    5. Contact the International Headquarters Office at 319-337-4811 to make us aware of the situation. This can be done at all times.
    6. Contact your fraternity/sorority life advisor to bring campus attention to the situation.
    7. Hold a chapter/colony meeting to explain the crisis. Instruct the members that only one individual (the “A”) is to make any statements whatsoever.
    8. Have trained professionals notify family members in case of serious injury/death.
    9. Fill out an Incident Report Form within 24 hours.
    10. Restrict use of the chapter’s website and all social media outlets.

A full explanation of the above is available in the Crisis Management BRIEF.


Keeping ΔΧ

  • Use common sense and good judgment.
  • Do not hesitate to call the Headquarters Office with any questions.
  • Report all the facts as they happened.
  • Do not attempt to hide or alter the facts no matter how damaging they may seem.
  • Investigations are based on the facts as reported.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement officials.


Reporting an

Who: As stated above, the “A” should be the main point of contact.


  • Any violation of FIPG policy.
  • Any injury to a member or guest that occurred as a result of a fraternity-related activity (official and “unofficial”).
  • Allegations of sexual assault connected with a member or guest.
  • Any hazing incidents.
  • Any incident that involves alcohol.
  • Any lawsuits or subpoenas filed against the chapter/colony.
  • Any inquiries by authorities and/or attorneys regarding an incident related to the chapter.

When: Within 24 hours of becoming aware of any of the previous items, contact Headquarters.

Where: The Incident Report Form is linked above. In addition, contact Headquarters at 319-337-4811.

How: Gather as much information as possible. This includes the names of any individuals involved, the location of the incident, circumstances surrounding any injury, if alcohol was involved, any medical attention sought, and any other facts that are available. Disclose ALL facts that are known to Delta Chi Headquarters and the fraternity’s insurer.


After a

  • Do not admit responsibility or liability for any incident.
  • Speak with a Headquarters staff person before communicating with an attorney.
  • The chapter “A” should be the main spokesperson and no other members should speak with any individuals regarding an incident, unless requested to do so by law enforcement.
  • Keep Headquarters informed of any updates that occur or any additional information that becomes available.