Week of Service


Delta Chi is proud to continue our Week of Service initiative. In accordance with Delta Chi’s founding date, we are recognizing the week of October 6-13 of each year to be the week of service. We encourage all of our chapters to host at least one community service event during this week.

Report your service hours through CrowdChange.


An important part of the fraternity experience is helping others. The manpower and organizational ability of Delta Chi chapters gives us an opportunity to perform volunteer efforts and service for others. Doing so will help you grow as a member and a leader as well as increase the respect for your chapter. It is important to plan service efforts that address the needs of the local community (either the university or the town or city in which you live) as opposed to just doing projects that seem appealing to members.

Delta Chi believes that service is an integral part of the fraternity experience and helps develop men of high character. It is our hope that during the Week of Service, Delta Chi chapters and colonies will focus their collective energy toward benefiting their fellow man by hosting an event to improve the community or by providing for the less fortunate.

  • Before you jump in, consider the following:

    Does your chapter currently have any regularly scheduled service activities? Schedule one of those during the Week of Service. Example: Adopt-a-Highway.
    What service activities are going around you (campus, Greek system, community) that we can join or partner with the hosting organization? Examples: Habitat for Humanity, Grab a trash bag and clean up your neighborhood or campus, partner with a sorority for an event you they have planned or are planning (help them schedule it during our Week of Service).
    What service activities are our alumni involved with? Connect with them and make your services available.

  • In order to plan a successful community service event, a lot of gears need to be put in motion. Always remember, Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

    Determine a Week of Service plan: What is your Chapter’s goal for the Week of Service? What day will the event be? What kind of event do you want to have? Do you want to hold a joint event?

    Identify the needs of your local community: Schedule a meeting with a representative from the university (Greek Advisor, Community Service liaison) or social service agency in your community. At that meeting, have the representative explain the nature of his/her organization; the services they provide, how they are funded, and the volunteer needs they have.

    Identify potential partnerships between the organization and your chapter: As an example option, many communities have United Way programs or programs administered by other umbrella agencies. A representative from this type of agency or from a campus community service organization can speak to the needs of a variety of groups in the local community. Take notes at this meeting and come up with some ways you can contribute to their effort.

    Attend a meeting of a local social service agency or a campus organization that has community service and volunteering as its primary mission. Your student services department should be able to help you in this search. Learn about that organization, the needs that it has, and the services it provides. Identify potential partnerships between the organization and your chapter. Be sure to take notes at this meeting and include ways you, your chapter, and the Greek system can help this organization.

    Use the Internet to do a broad search of community service organizations. Look for both local and national groups with which you share interests. Contact these groups to see what you can learn about their needs and what services they provide. Identify potential partnerships between your chapter and the organization or between the organization and you. Establish a relationship with these groups in order to evaluate which one best suits your interests and the members of your chapter. Report your findings back to the chapter during its next meeting.

    Develop a service project designed for your Week of Service goals: Once an event is decided upon, it is important to begin planning immediately. While there are often quite a few opportunities on your campus and in your community to participate in, they quickly get snatched up by other campus and community groups. It will be important to coordinate with the university or service group directly.

    Make sure that all logistics are arranged, including how Chapter members will get to the location, proper dress code is discussed, and that all other loose ends are tied-up.

    Collect and publicize the work your chapter has done through community service and philanthropy: As part of the planning and development of a community service project, contact your school or local newspaper to inform them of your work. Make sure to let them know what group or group you are contributing to, and in what ways. If your project is a “hands-on” project where you and members of your chapter will be working in the community, let them know the dates and times when you will be working on your project.

    Collect and calculate the number of “man hours,” as well as, amount donated in financial assistance that your chapter has come up with for the year. Report this information in the next CMR for tabulation for the “Community Impact Award”, as well as, for publication with all Week of Service media.

    Provide pictures to Delta Chi Headquarters for publication on Social Media sites and Delta Chi Quarterly.

  • Send photos to marketing@deltachi.org, or share them with us on social media.