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Emergency Management

Delta Chi believes in the value of the fraternity experience and, because of that belief, the Fraternity offers many educational opportunities, programs, and written materials to assist in that experience. This Emergency Management Plan has been created to help chapters/colonies when an emergency occurs.

No one can predict when such an event will happen. When something does happen though, it is easy to make an already bad situation worse, especially when time is short and emotions are high. Delta Chi cares about its members, associate members, and guests. By following the procedures outlined in the following pages and adhering to the Risk Management Policy of Delta Chi, our chapters/colonies can reduce the risk of a regrettable incident by being prepared and informed.

If an emergency happens…

  1. Call emergency number(s), usually 9-1-1, so appropriate emergency personnel (police, fire and ambulance) can respond.  Cooperate fully with the needs of any public safety officials seeking to help you or protect your safety.
  2. The “A” (or officer next in line if the President is not present) takes charge.
  3. Restrict access to the chapter premises immediately.  The officer in charge must have complete control of the situation, and be aware of who is in the area. Permit only your members and appropriate officials to enter.
  4. Assign one or more responsible members to calmly guard the door.
  5. Do not tamper with any part of the area involved in the incident, specifically things that might be construed as evidence or areas involved in the incident.
  6. Notify International Headquarters.
  7. Notify your “BB” as soon as possible.
  8. Assemble your members in a group (in case of fire, assemble outside, in front near the street). Remain calm.  Explain there is an emergency, but that it is under control.  Remind members that only the “A” or “BB” can speak for the fraternity – members are not to speak to anyone (including friends, reporters, parents, the university) about the incident.
  9. Do not discuss details, speculate on events, or otherwise elaborate on the situation – including on social media. Often, litigation follows. Statements made could later be used in court.
  10. Contact appropriate campus officials.
  11. Fully cooperate with authorities.
  12. Fraternity apparel should not be worn during the investigation period.
  13. Submit all requested information about the incident to IHQ within 24 hours via the incident report form on the Delta Chi website.

Emergency Management Resources



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