Harold White, Chicago-Kent 1901 became the first editor and Edward Nettles, Chicago-Kent 1900 was the first business manager. In an article in the May 1929 Quarterly, White had this to say:

“No doubt in our innocence, we felt the honor compensated for all the work. That’s the marvel of being young and enthusiastic. There was no plan, no adequate appropriation for necessary expenses, no business or editorial policy …. There was not even a list of alumni members. We had to start from a point below zero and from the beginning the jobs of editor and business manager so interwove and over-lapped that it was difficult to say who did what. When it came to all the endless worries and sleepless nights that accompany the launching of a frail bark in unknown waters by two inexperienced mariners it was a joint enterprise and the punishment was inflicted equally.”

April, 1903 saw the first issue of the Delta Chi Quarterly published for a fraternity of fourteen chapters and fewer than 3,000 alumni.

  • Delta Chi Law (since 1973) states: “Undergraduate members shall automatically receive The Delta Chi Quarterly while they are enrolled in college or university, and alumni members shall automatically receive the Quarterly for the first five years of alumni status. Thereafter, alumni members will be requested periodically to fill out and return a brief form indicating whether or not they wish to continue to receive the Quarterly. All Sustaining Life Members and those members who the preceding year contributed to the annual Voluntary Alumni Dues program will automatically receive the magazine.”

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