The “A”s’ Academy

The Delta Chi Fraternity is committed to assisting in the acquisition of a sound education for our members. Every year, we invite the “A” (President) from each chapter and colony to attend this values-based leadership institute, the “A”s’ Academy. Our program seeks to assist the “A” in learning about himself as a leader and to show him how to motivate his brothers and elevate his chapter or colony.

With approximately 120 students in attendance and the commitment of an all-star facilitation team, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our undergraduate leaders to network with peers, advisors, national volunteers, and Fraternity and Foundation staff. Through a curriculum that focuses on leadership development and goal setting, our undergraduate leaders will return to their chapters and colonies armed with confidence and new insight.

We are able to provide this “all expenses paid” experience thanks to the continued generous support of our donors and the Delta Chi Educational Foundation.


The 14th Annual “A”s’ Academy


January 18-21, 2019
(MLK Weekend)


Free of Charge!


Saint Meinrad Archabbey
St. Meinrad, Indiana


IHQ Staff will book your flight
(or drivers get a reimbursement)


Chapter/Colony Presidents
(or the new, incoming “A”)


By December 14th

  • Friday, January 18, 2019

    All students must arrive in St. Meinrad, IN by 6:00 PM CST.
    The program will begin in the evening.

    Saturday, January 19, 2019

    Full Day of Sessions.

    Sunday, January 20, 2019

    Full Day of Sessions.

    Monday, January 21, 2019

    Final Sessions and Closing Ceremonies.
    All attendees will depart St. Meinrad at 10:30 AM CST.

  • Delta Chi invites each active chapter/colony “A” (or “A”-Elect) to attend the “A”s’ Academy. If your “A” can’t attend, unfortunately your chapter will not be represented; sending other officers in his place (such as the “B”) is not allowed. If the “A” (or your “A”-Elect) is unable to attend, it is expected that he communicate this to your “BB”, ABT President and Leadership Consultant.

    “A”s must be present the entire time and attend all sessions. Arriving to Saint Meinrad late or leaving the program early is unacceptable, except in the case of an unforeseen emergency. You will be asked to refrain from attending if you are scheduled to arrive late or leave early or if you are not the chapter or colony “A”.

    The Fraternity covers virtually all expenses for attendees, so finances should not be a limitation to attending. The program takes place over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. Class conflicts should not be a factor in attending the Academy. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact the Academy Coordinator to discuss the situation.

    As of the 2016 Convention, each undergraduate chapter shall be in registered attendance at the “A”s’ Academy to be in good standing. Violation of this minimum standard will result in a sanction, unless otherwise waived by the Board of Regents (see Delta Chi Law, By-Laws, Article VII, Section 5).

  • “A”s’ Academy staff and facilitators expect all of our attendees to respect each other, respect the facilities, and respect the process. Any attendee promoting behavior that is unbecoming of a Delta Chi will be asked to leave the Academy. Please review the full Conduct Policy prior to the event.

    Should a student be asked to leave the Academy, the attendee will be responsible for any unused meals (since we must provide the kitchen with a “count” for the number of meals used), shuttle cost to the airport and flight change fees associated with departing earlier than expected.

    Bringing alcohol or drugs to the Academy is grounds for immediate dismissal at the cost of the attendee; it will result in a full monetary reimbursement from the “A” to the Fraternity of any expenses incurred including, but not limited to, flight, meals, lodging and shuttle trips.

    Anyone who attends the Academy without approval or proper registration will be asked to leave at his own expense.

  • Delta Chi is pleased to offer the following at no cost to each “A” attending the “A”s’ Academy:

    Travel Accommodations (one of the following):

    • By Plane
      • One (1) roundtrip airfare to/from Louisville, KY (nearest airport)
      • This includes shuttle service to/from the Archabbey and the airport
    • By Car
      • $0.15 per mile reimbursement for “A”s traveling by car (driving your car)
      • $0.08 additional per mile for each additional attendee in your car

    Meals (all of the following):

    • Friday: Snacks in the evening (we recommend you eat before you arrive at the Academy)
    • Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks
    • Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks
    • Monday: Breakfast

    Lodging (all of the following):

    • Three (3) night stay: check-in FRIDAY/check-out MONDAY
    • Shared Room: “A”s will room together in hotel-style accomidations (2-3 per room)
    • Basic Amenities: linens will be provided (bedding, towels, etc.)
    • Attendees should bring their own toiletries and other accessories
  • Driving: if your chapter/colony is within a seven (7) hour drive of the Academy site, you will be expected to drive.

    • Delta Chi offers a $0.15 per mile reimbursement for any attendee traveling by car (the driver).
    • If he picks up additional attendees along the way, driver receives $0.08 additional per mile for each passenger.
    • All mileage must be recorded and submitted after the Academy in order to receive the reimbursement.

    Flying: if your chapter/colony is more than a seven (7) hour drive from the Academy site, we will book you a flight.

    • DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHT. Instructions on booking your travel will be provided after you register.
    • Transportation to/from the airport and your home is your responsibility.
    • Transportation to/from the airport and the Academy will be provided.

    Special Travel Circumstances

    • Delta Chi understands that you may not be traveling from home or school. If you are driving, you will be granted mileage from the closest location to the Academy’s location.
    • If you choose to fly from a point that is further away than your chapter/colony, the Academy Coordinator must approve this before your flight is booked.
    • If your chapter/colony is within the driving radius and you wish to fly from a location outside of the driving radius, you must get approval from the Academy Coordinator.
    • For these circumstances, please make sure you contact the Academy Coordinator PRIOR to submitting your registration form.
  • Booking Your Flight

    Delta Chi IHQ will coordinate booking flights with the attendees through NexTravel. Take a look at the Flight Instructions located to the left. Attendees will fly into Louisville International Airport (SDF).

    • We do not offer mileage, parking, or any kind of transportation reimbursement for your commute. We encourage you to find a ride to/from your airport, if at all possible.
    • We do not reimburse for a hotel stay due to early morning flight arrangements. Please plan for your trip accordingly.
    • We do not cover the cost of checked luggage since the duration of the Academy makes it feasible to fit three days of clothing into one carry-on suitcase and personal bag. If you are bringing something that you MUST check (medical equipment, etc) and would like to be reimbursed, please obtain written approval from the Academy Coordinator PRIOR to your flight date.
    • Any flight change fees incurred after the plane ticket has been purchased will be the responsibility of the attendee, unless waived by the Academy Coordinator.

    Getting from the Airport to the Archabbey

    Delta Chi will provide shuttle service from the airport to the Academy site. This commute will be approximately 30 minutes.

  • Address of Saint Meinrad Archabbey:

    200 Hill Drive
    St. Meinrad, IN 47577

    • Complimentary parking is available at the Archabbey.
    • The closet gas station is eight (8) miles from the Archabbey. Please plan accordingly for your trip.
  • What is provided at the Academy?

    • Bedding – twin-sized bed with pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets
    • Linens – bath towels and washcloths
    • Private bathroom, shared with your roommates
    • Gym and workout facility

    What should I pack?

    • Clothing for three (3) days
      • Entire event is casual – jeans are okay
      • An Academy shirt will be provided; expect to wear it on Saturday
      • There may be some outdoor activities – prepare to dress in layers
    • Activewear/gym clothes (if you wish to use the gym facilities)
    • Toiletries
      • Shampoo/Conditioner
      • Soap/Body Wash
      • Dental Care – toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
      • Hair Care – comb, brush, product, hair dryer
    • Medications
    • Cash – there is a coffee shop and gift shop on grounds; Delta Chi will have a small merchandise display


    • Plan to dress in layers – we have indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Make sure you alert Delta Chi Staff of any dietary, medical, or physcial needs/restrictions (which you can do on the registration form).
    • You will not need a phone, tablet, or laptop for the program.
  • Registration

    All students must register online.

    Any student who has registered but becomes unable to attend the Academy must notify the Academy Coordinator via email by December 15 — if the Fraternity is notified on or before that date, the student will be allowed to withdraw his registration without penalty *ONLY* if a plane ticket has NOT been booked in his name.

    Non-Attendance or Delayed Arrival

    Should a registered attendee not attend (or become delayed) due to his own negligence (excludes airline delays and approved exclusions), the student may be held responsible for:

    • The flight ticket price/booking fees (those who do not attend)
    • Fees associated with changing/modifying a flight (those who are delayed*)
    • Fees from pre-paid shuttle service to/from Academy & airport (if not used)
    • Covered meal costs (or the meals missed from a delay*)

    * “Delay(ed)” – from attendee negligence (i.e. missed flight because of sleeping in).


    The inability to attend due to circumstances beyond the control of the attendee (i.e. weather, family emergencies, etc.) will be recognized on a case-by-case basis. The determination as to whether it was “impossible” (or improbable) for the student to attend will be at the discretion of the Academy Coordinator and the Executive Director of The Delta Chi Fraternity. Notification in person or by phone before/during the Academy with a written follow-up statement (via email) outlining the reasons is required for any student to be exempt from being charged expenses related to his attendance.

    Reimbursement Timeline

    Immediately following the “A”s’ Academy, Delta Chi will provide you with an opportunity (via email) to submit a reimbursement claim for mileage and/or any additional approved expenses. Attendees will be granted two weeks (14 days) from the date that the email is sent to submit a claim for reimbursement.

    Expenses Owed to Delta Chi

    Should an attendee be responsible for any expenses incurred by Delta Chi (based upon the polices above), the student will be invoiced immediately following the Academy. Attendees will have thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice to submit payment to Delta Chi IHQ.