Week of Service


Delta Chi is proud to continue our Week of Service initiative. In accordance with Delta Chi’s founding date, we are recognizing the week of October 6-13 of each year to be the week of service. We encourage all of our chapters to host at least one community service event during this week.

Report your service hours HERE.


An important part of the fraternity experience is helping others. The manpower and organizational ability of Delta Chi chapters gives us an opportunity to perform volunteer efforts and service for others. Doing so will help you grow as a member and a leader as well as increase the respect for your chapter. It is important to plan service efforts that address the needs of the local community (either the university or the town or city in which you live) as opposed to just doing projects that seem appealing to members.

Delta Chi believes that service is an integral part of the fraternity experience and helps develop men of high character. It is our hope that during the Week of Service, Delta Chi chapters and colonies will focus their collective energy toward benefiting their fellow man by hosting an event to improve the community or by providing for the less fortunate.