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The Delta Chi Educational Foundation encourages all alumni to show their support for the Fraternity’s programs. Our Fraternity is growing in membership and needs additional financial support to continue to reach out and support the new chapters and colonies. Leadership training is of significant importance to the success and stability of the undergraduate chapters, and programming like the “A”‘s Academy truly help in Developing Men of Character. Your financial assistance will have a profound impact upon Delta Chi’s future. We thank you for your time and support.

  • The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is proud to announce that it is offering scholarships to attend this year’s sessions of the Undergraduate InterFraternity Institute (UIFI) seminar. One scholarship is available for each Delta Chi Region, nine (9) total. Registration, plus a small amount to help with travel is covered by the scholarship.

    UIFI is a 5-day principle-centered approach to creating change within a Greek community. UIFI offers participants the opportunity to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead.  The institute is interactive, fun, challenging, and intentional. During a session, you’ll experience hands-on interaction, experiential activities, discussion time, and personal reflection time. There is considerable focus on the positive aspects of fraternities and sororities in addition to important discussions about issues that threaten our future.

    Participants rated strong growth in a variety of areas including: 

    • Personal leadership ability
    • Personal courage
    • Ability to develop a vision
    • Personal commitment to integrity as a leader
    • Appreciation for self
    • Personal commitment to leaving a legacy
    • Commitment to living my ritual
    • Appreciation for ones own fraternity/sorority
    • Appreciation for Greek life 


    A scholarship in the amount of $495.00 will be provided by the Delta Chi Educational Foundation (DCEF) to cover the full cost of registration.  Also, provided is a travel grant (up to $140.00) offered by the Delta Chi Education Foundation.  Any travel expenses incurred over $140.00 will be the responsibility of the attendee.
    Scholarships are awarded to a specific individual (not a chapter or colony). Should you be unable to attend, a proxy will not be sent in your place. Please be mindful of your summer schedule when applying.

    Application Procedure:

    •  One Statement letter is required (one page or less) indicating your desire and stating your objectives as to how and what benefit to your education and chapter your attendance would be.
    • Three letters of recommendation are required, one of which must be from your “BB”, ABT President, Regent and/or Greek Advisor.
    • Submit online application by February 28th!

    The Borelli Family Leadership Award was established in 1982 by past “AA” (International President) and “AA” Emeritus, Raymond F. Borelli, Illinois 1958; and his son Mark R. Borelli, Illinois 1981. In honor of the memory of Pamela Anne Borelli, beloved daughter and sister, and Mrs. Patricia Ann Borelli, beloved wife and mother; the prestigious Borelli Family Leadership Award is bestowed upon those undergraduate Delta Chis who excelled academically and exercised unparalleled leadership traits within their chapters and campuses.



    This achievement may be awarded to a maximum of 25 men each year, and up to three of those may be named “with distinction.” Each Delta Chi selected shall receive a framed certificate in recognition of this honor, and brothers selected “with distinction” shall receive an additional monetary reward.



    I. Academic Achievement: A candidate must have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

    II. Chapter Involvement: A candidate must have held an elected (lettered) chapter office for a minimum of one year or held a combination of an elected office and an appointed position on the chapter’s Executive Board for a minimum of two years.

    III. Campus Involvement: A candidate must have held one or more of the following:

    • One of the top three leadership positions in a campus organization such as student government, or Interfaternity council
    • Editor of the campus newspaper or yearbook
    • Captain of a varsity intercollegiate sports team or received All Conference or All American honors on an intercollegiate sports team
    • The main student leader of a major campus auxiliary organization such as the cheer leading squad or marching band
    • President or equivalent position in at least two specialized organizations such as Mortar Board or Order of Omega

    Application Procedure: 

    • GPA verification must accompany the application
    • Campus activities verification
    • Letters of recommendation
    • All applicants must submit a “head & shoulders” photo, suitable for publication with application
    • Submit online application by March 31st.
  • This unique scholarship was endowed by an anonymous donor who generously gave to the Educational Foundation. This award was designed to recognize the superior accomplishments of a Delta Chi who successfully completed his undergraduate degree and went on to pursue further education.



    This achievement is awarded to one man each year. The recipient receives a certificate in recognition of this honor and a monetary reward.



    • Must be enrolled in a master’s degree program or higher
    • Must be in the top 5% of their class
    • Must be enrolled in a graduate program in medicine, business, engineering or sciences
    • Must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.50 or better
    • Must have served as an elected officer of his undergraduate chapter
    • Must have been involved in other extracurricular activities as an undergraduate

    Application Procedure:

    • Submit proof of graduate enrollment
    • Submit undergraduate transcripts
    • Provide a short statement as to why he should receive the scholarship
    • Must submit three letters of recommendation, no undergraduate references accepted
    • Include a head and shoulders photo
    • Submit online application by March 31st.
  • The Duane and Mary Meyer Scholarship recognizes the commitment and service an undergraduate or graduate student member to his academics, community, and Fraternity.


    • Undergraduate or graduate student.
    • Merit of academic achievement
    • Proven service to the Fraternity
    • Outstanding service to the community
    • Financial need

    Application Procedure:

    • Submit copy of unofficial transcript
    • Write a letter not to exceed two pages detailing why you are deserving of the scholarship highlighting the four items listed above.
    • Submit online application by March 31st.
  • The Washburn Scholarship is awarded annually to the brothers that best exemplify what it means to be a Delta Chi. Community involvement, work responsibilities, Chapter involvement as well as current grades and financial situations are all considered in the evaluation process.


    There are two awards available, comprised of a $500.00 scholarship made out to both the student and the university/college and a plaque to remember it by.


    • Undergraduate student 
    • Member in good standing with Delta Chi
    • Brother must be an “active” member of his Chapter

    Application Procedure:

    • Submit online application by March 31st.


Services & Projects

  • Chapter Scholarship Account (CSA)

    The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is charged to assist in the acquisition of a sound education and we believe that success in the fraternity first begins with success in the classroom. One of the ways we accomplish this is through the use of the Foundation’s endowed Chapter Scholarship Accounts.

    CSA Goals

    CSA’s are tax-deductible programs created for the betterment of educational benefits to the chapters and colonies, such as academic scholarships and leadership training. The main goals of a CSA are promoting incentives to improve academics and assist student members to increase their leadership skills. Each chapter’s CSA can be unique in the way it assists in benefiting its members. Through the alumni Board of Trustees, each chapter can customize a program base on the needs of the individual

    Types of Support

    Several existing chapters support their undergraduate students with financial incentives for obtaining good grades each semester, help keep chapter houses full.  While others help send members to training seminars like UIFI, Delta Chi’s Leadership College, and Regional Leadership Conferences to name a few. Many of the programs combine the two elements into an effective system that promotes academics, teaches effective techniques in chapter management and helps develop personal leadership skills.

    Specific Motivational Awards

    While a general program is highly effective, some alumni also request a program that addresses a specific motivational award. For example, in 2012 the Foundation created the Ray D. Galbreth Leadership Fund to support the educational components of the Fraternity. We encourage any individual alumnus who desires to establish an account for a different criteria or award to contact the Foundation office. Just image the longevity and strength a chapter can have and more importantly, what it can accomplish, when it incorporates both elements of quality academics and skilled leadership. Make having an effective CSA a priority with your chapter.

    What Can a CSA do?

    • CSA’s can provide monetary awards and recognition for academic achievement.
    • They can provide grants to cover the educational portion of travel and accommodation expenses incurred when attending approved programs.
    • They can provide scholarships to members as approved by the ABT and DCEF.
    • They can provide an opportunity to award graduate students educational grants.
    • They can consider other awards, scholarships, and grants.

    Examples of Academic Based Scholarships include:

    • Most improved GPA
    • Top 5 members with highest GPA’s living in the Chapter House
    • All members with a GPA of 3.0 or better
    • Delta Chi Sweetheart  (with requirement of a 3.0 or better GPA)

    Examples of Leadership training (may include registration and travel)

    • Over the years the IRS has modified and adopted different rules regarding the educational percentage of many of the normal routine fraternal programs.  It is in your best interest to have our attorney advise you before you commit funds for any program or leadership seminar.   Some programs may be ruled 100% educational and therefore an scholarship could cover 100% of the associated costs, while others will only have a percentage of the costs available.

    All programs and seminars must be approved by our attorney for the properly approved educational percentage before any scholarship can be given out.

    Alumni Chapters and or associations, and even Regions have the ability to create a CSA. Several chapters and colonies use their CSAs to their fullest. Each chapter’s ABT or Housing Corporation can use its CSA differently. Check out how the Michigan State, Embry-Riddle and others used their Chapter Scholarship Accounts and to view their scholarship recipients.



    “Educational – Chapter Housing Initiative”

    A tax-favored “bricks and mortar” program approved by the IRS to benefit fraternity housing. A convenient way to collect Tax-Deductible contributions to offset building and maintenance expenses associated with a college fraternity house. All costs associated with the “educational component”of the building can qualify for grants.Who Needs E-Chi ?  All Chapters and Colonies!

    E-Chi Accounts are beneficial to Chapters in various stages of building

    Chapters and colonies looking to initially build a chapter house can utilize an E-Chi Account to accumulate tax-free donations to be applied towards the future construction project. This also applies to all types of renovation projects.

    • Chapters with a house that have no plans to remodel or renovate can utilize an E-Chi Account to set aside funds for the future needs.
    • Chapters can utilize this program to reduce their mortgage balance faster with tax-deductible donations.
    • Chapters and colonies who need an educational library, computer room or to remodel bedroom space for studying will find this account most beneficial.
    • Chapters needing to upgrade or install fire safety systems and /or internet wiring can utilize an E-Chi account.
    • Housing Corporations can become their own “Mortgage Bank” with sufficient fund.

    MarquetteTypical Costs Reimbursed via E-Chi Housing Account Grants

    Study rooms, libraries, computer rooms, drafting and educational work rooms, leadership training rooms, and educational storage rooms in the fraternity house, as well as a  percentage of the design and construction costs for those areas.


    Housing Account Agreements

    If you are interested in exploring the establishment of an E-Chi Housing Account for your Chapter, please contact the Delta Chi Educational Foundation office.

  • “A”s’ Academy

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    “A”‘s Academy Program

    In January, “A”s from every Delta Chi chapters and colonies gather together for an annual leadership and management seminar for a three day academy at the Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in Southern Indiana. It is the Fraternity’s premier leadership and management program that provides all “A”s’ with the resources and increased confidence to lead their chapter/colony more effectively. The curriculum contains a variety of programming that focuses on the five core skills of leadership and management: delegation, communication, confrontation, motivation, and representation. All this is provided free of charge for all “A”s attending (including full travel reimbursement, lodging and no registration fees).

    This is an outstanding program that will benefit the members and chapters of Delta Chi for years to come. Many of the attendees from previous Academies reported a significant increase in leadership and organization skills, project implementation abilities and a general reenergizing towards their office. The program continues to improve and achieves better results each year.

    “I really think when you look at the total package of “A”s’ Academy from the location to the staff and facilitators to the programming, it is up there as one of the premiere president’s or leadership academies out there right now. We didn’t let them get away with the easy answers and the surface level questions. We really raised our level of expectation for these men and they showed that they were ready to meet the challenge. I just facilitated at UIFI (Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute) and we had a student there who had attended “A”s’ Academy. He really stood out as a leader who could drive the conversation and who could challenge those around him while also developing an even stronger position on what Delta Chi means to him. It was obvious that his experience at “A”s’ Academy had put him on a higher plain than those around him.”

    -Noah Borton, Co-Lead Facilitator, Eastern Michigan University Coordinator for Greek Life, Sigma Nu Fraternity

  • Raymond D. Galbreth Leadership Fund

    Raymond D. Galbreth supported Delta Chi for more than thirty years as a volunteer and as the Fraternity’s longest-serving full-time Executive Director. His passion was to empower young men to become professional and societal leaders.  Success of Delta Chi depends on the knowledge of its undergraduate leaders and their adherence to the values of our Fraternity.

    In recognition of Raymond D. Galbreth’s vision, his friends and colleagues established an endowment fund at The Delta Chi Educational Foundation in 2012 to increase the capacity of existing leadership development programs and to support future initiatives.

    The purpose of the Account is to provide for financial assistance to the Delta Chi Fraternity to support the educational purposes of the Fraternity’s Leadership Consultant program and other educational programs of the Fraternity.

    A committee composed of the Executive Director of the Delta Chi Fraternity, the President of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation and Raymond D. Galbreth, or a member of the Board of Regents of the Delta Chi Fraternity as chosen by the “AA” of the Fraternity if Galbreth is unable to participate, may apply to the Foundation for grants subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

    Those interested in making a donation to support the Raymond D. Galbreth Leadership Fund, click here (please indicate that your gift is for this Fund within the “donor designation section”) or by mailing a check to: The Delta Chi Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 2113, Iowa City, IA  52244-2113 (in memo section of check please indicate that your contribution is for this Fund).

  • Click here for Planned Giving options. These include: bequests, estate planning, gifts, and wills.

    Learn more here.

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    Please consult an attorney, tax professional or investment professional. The information on this site is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. The information expressed above is general in nature and it’s applicability will vary based upon individual circumstances.

Balfour Fellowship Application

The Foundation for Fraternal Excellence has announced the 2019 Balfour Fellowship Application is now open.  See their announcement below.

2019 Balfour Fellowship Application Now Open
For more than two decades, the Balfour Fellowships have provided financial assistance to exceptional fraternity/sorority members pursing graduate and advanced degrees.
These interfraternal scholarships are named in honor of Lloyd G. Balfour, a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity who devoted his life to advancing the interfraternal community through leadership and service across North America–a legacy that embodies the FFE’s commitment to “Community.”
Fellowship recipients are chosen based on interfraternal service, campus and community involvement, enhancement of fraternal ideals and scholastic achievement.
The 2019 Balfour Fellowship Application is now live and closes April 1, 2019. Please note, this timeline is earlier than in previous years. 
  • Applicants must be enrolled or intending to enroll full-time in an accredited graduate or professional school and in good standing with his or her inter/national organization.
  • Selection is based on interfraternal service, campus and community involvement, enhancement of fraternity ideals and scholastic achievement.
  • Undergraduate applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.80 or above, and graduate or professional degree applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above.
  • November 1, 2018: Applications open
  • April 1, 2019: Applications due
  • May 31, 2019: Applicants notified
  • July 1 2019: Supporting materials due
  • Aug 1, 2019: Checks cut and mailed
  • Share this scholarship opportunity with current seniors and graduate students.
  • Consider including this opportunity when you promote your fraternal foundation’s scholarship opportunities.
Foundation for Fraternal Excellence, 865 West Carmel Drive, Suite 116,Suite 390, Carmel, IN 46032