“Chip” RiedingerDenison ’89Animator
Adam LevineColorado ’88Artist management
Al CarrellSMU ’50Radio personality
Alexander MoonSouthern California ’96Producer
Andrew ArmasIowa ’84On-line producer for Fox Sports, 2003 Emmy Winner
Benjamin SwalinColumbia ’28Founder and Former Director/Conductor of the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra, Author of “Hard-Circus Road : The Odyssey of the North Carolina Symphony”
Brandon RussellAppalachian State ‘99Carpenter Host on TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and “Drill Team”
Brett EnglandIndiana ’96Musician
Brian DeveauxSouthern California ’96Musician
Bruce CollierTexas, ’35Former Publicist Warner Brothers
Bruce JohnsonIowa ’87Actor/singer, “Sunset Blvd,” “Tokyo Can Can”
Bryan McBrienCentral Michigan ’96Universal Studios craftsman
Bryan St. PereIllinois ’90Drummer: Hum
Charles BursielSouthwest Texas State ’93Actor/performer
Chris SobchackAbracadabra ’92Musician
Clay SmithKansas City ’73Coordinating Producer “Access Hollywood”
Don McDiarmidStanford ’20Composer, Conductor, Trumpeter, Conducted at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Douglas DrakeFlorida ’86TV Colorist for Warner Brothers
Erik SteinMaryland ’92Publicist
Frank NugentColumbia, ’29Screenwriter, won 2 WGA awards and an Oscar nomination
Frank RobinsonAugusta ’92Musician
Frederick HansenNew Hampshire ’87Artist management
Greg BeckerNew Hampshire ’88Songwriter
Greg NigroCreighton ’92Musician
Howard GreerNebraska ’20Costume Designer
Hugh LampmanSMU ’56Commercial spokesman
Ian KennedyWashington State ’97Producer
James QuinnIndiana ’47ABC-TV Production Representative
James WallingfordMaryland ’92stage manager
Jason GlaserSouthern California ’92Trumpeter
Jeremy BeckTroy State ’97Musician
Joe HaneySMU ’50Retired Director of the Texas A&M Band
Joe HollinsheadArizona ’94Creative Executive for Worldwide Pants (David Letterman’s Production Company)
Joe RileyCentral Michigan ’96actor/makeup design
Joel MurachAbracadabra ’90Musician
John KohlWashington ’77Record promoter
John LewisIowa ’73Guitarist
John SloanPenn State ’49Musician
John WahlIllinois State ’95Musician
Jonathan BradnerHobart ’97Musician
Jonathan BriceTexas A&M ’99Musician
Jonathan HiamFredonia ’96Musician
Jonathan LucasSMU ’41Director and Choreographer. Former Director on “The Dean Martin Show”
Joshua QuarlesVirginia Commonwealth ’95Musician
Kelly KeeneSoutheast Missouri ’88Musician
Kenneth StilsonSoutheast Missouri ’84Artistic director
Kevin JamesDePauw ’83Music/Composer: “NYC Playground” – 2005 World Choral Music Symposium
Kirk PetruccelliPenn State ’86Production designer
Mark BondWhitewater ’82Magician
Mark RussellTexas ’89Musician
Mark TruxMiami ’94stand up comedian
Mark WilderOklahoma State ’90Musician
Marshall ButlerKansas State ’47Musician
Matt MillerArizona ’82actor/performer
Matt MillerArizona ’82actor/performer
Michael MorscheckIdaho ’96Musician
Michael PerkinsDenison ’98Musician
Mike TeufelArizona ’92Producer
Nelson SolerFullerton ’86Writer/Producer: “The Real Gilligan’s Island,” “The Bachelor”
Paul OrellaGeorgia Southern ’90Musician
Paul PorterSMU ’84special effects builder
Paul RoederDePauw ’98Artist management
Peter Van SteedenNYU ’25Musical Conductor: “The Fred Allen Show,” “Lucky Strike Hit Parade,” “Omnibus,” “Abbott & Costello,” “Break the Bank,” “The Jack Pearl Show,” “Duffy’s Tavern,” “Snoopnagle and Bud”
Peter WalkerWestern Ontario ’95Musician
Pierre VachoUCLA ’54TV, movie producer
Randolph WalkerRollins ’51Theatrical Actor: “Don Juan in Hell,” “The Heretic,” “Chalk Garden,” “Royal Family,” “A Lion in Winter,” “The King & I”
Richard AngillyUnion ’62Poet, Dancing Poetry
Richard GreensteinNew Hampshire ’94Artist management
Richard RiveraSouthern California ’89Artist management
Ross HimesAbracadabra ’24Ziegfeld Follies
Shay PrenticeWestern Michigan ’95Producer/director
Stephen KnightSouthern California ’73Musician
Steve KarmazinMichigan State ’81TV news/sports producer
Steven UrrutiaLong Beach ’94Musician
Thomas LeddyIndiana ’87Musician
Thomas SwaleKansas ’68Television Screenwriter: “Hart to Hart,” “The Fall Guy,” “The Love Boat,” “Lottery!,” “Glitter,” “Hotel”
Tim JohnsonMontevallo ’94Musician
Tim StepeckConnecticut ’86Set/art director, production designer
Todd HartleyArizona ’95Talk show host
William MerrillSouthern California ’94Producer
Al CarrellSMU ’50“Home Fix-It 101,” “Best Home Hints from the Super Handyman,” “The Super Handyman Homecare Almanac,” “Super Handyman Al Carrell’s 1000 Questions About Home Repair & Maintenance,” “Super Handyman’s Do-It-Quick but Do-It-Right Home Repair Hints”
Bob HarrellDePauw ’91“Big Top”
Cary PooleCary Poole“History of Railroading in Western North Carolina,” Dean of Students at Texas Wesleyan University
Charles HuffSouthern California ’58“Commodity Speculation for Beginners”
Chris MooneyNew Hampshire ’91“Remembering Sarah,” “Deviant Ways,” “World Without End,” “Kendo,” “Republican War on Science”
Dr. Tim WehrIowa Alumnus“Chasing Three-Legged Chickens – Stories, Jokes and a Few Fibs That Will Change Your Life!”
Edward AllenWashington ’09“North Pacific,” “The Rollicking Pacific”; Former US Commissioner of International Fisheries
Frank DickinsonIllinois ’21Creator Dickinson National Football Rating System, Author “A Balance Sheet of the Nation’s Economy,” “The Changing Position of Philanthropy in the American Economy”
G.P. HambrechtChicago ’03Wrote a Large Collection about Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln – “His Spirt Lives,” Wisconsin State Assemblyman (Republican)
George StalkMichigan ’73“Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win?,” “Competing Against Time”
Gregory O’BrienSouthern California ’67“Lenin Lives!”
Harold FosterOsgoode Hall ’09“Prince Valiant”, a Syndicated Sunday Comic, “The Young Knight”
Herb KleinUSC ’40Former Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Copley newspapers, Author of “Making It Perfectly Clear: An Inside Account of Nixon’s Love-Hate Relationship with the Media,” Former President Nixon’s Press Secretary
Irv ValentaIllinois ’35“Hmm’s, Ha-ha’s and Could-be’s,” “The Singular History of the Golf Tee”
James HarmonDePauw ’64“Codicology of the Court School of Charlemogne”
James OgdenDePauw 1894Former President, Indiana Law School, Author- “Ogden’s Negotiable Instruments, 1909,22,31,” “Ogden’s Manual, 1918,31”
James StewartDePauw ’73Pulitzer Prize Winner, Former “Page-One” Editor at “The Wall Street Journal”, “Blood Sport,” “DisneyWar,” “Den of Thieves,” “Blind Eye,” “Heart of a Soldier,” Chair of DePauw’s Board of Trustees
John MartinDePauw ’37Speech Writer for John F Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphry, Former Ambassador to the Dominican Republic
Kevin KosarKent State ’92“Failing Grades: The Federal Politics of Education Standards”
Leon MentzerIllinois State Alumnus“Just When You Think You’re All Alone,” Voted Best New Christian Writer 2005, Named one of the Top 100 Inspirational Writers in the nation by Writer’s Digest 74th Annual Writing Competition
Louis MoneArizona ’62“Private Practice: A Professional Business”
Matt ToweryGeorgia ’81“Mean Business,” “Powerchicks: How Women Will Dominate America,” “The Road Taken: A Factual Examination of the United States’ Military and Economic Postion in Today’s World”
Merlin HunterIllinois, ’16“Outlines of Public Finance,” “Background of Economics,” “The Development of Corporate Taxation in the State of New York,” “Principles of Public Finance”
Nick ThomopoulosIllinois, ’53I was a professor (now professor emeritus) at Illinois Institute of Technology for forty years; Assembly Line Systems: Hayden Books; Applied Forecasting Methods: Prentice Hall; Strategic Inventory Management and Planning: Hitchcock; Production, Inventory and the Supply Chain; Atlantic; Fundamentals of Queuing Systems: Springer; Essentials of Monte Carlo Simulation: Springer; Assembly Line Planning and Control: Springer; Demand Forecasting for Inventory Control: Springer; Elements of Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics: Springer; 100 Years: From Greece to Chicago and Back: Xlibris
Paul TaubmanTaubman Paul Taubman“Higher Education and Earnings: College as an Investment and a Screening Device,” “Kinometrics: Determinants of Socioeconomic Success within and between Families,” “College Bound: A Survival Guide for Those About to Enter Higher Education”
Ralph LutzStanford ’06“The German Revolution, 1918-19,” “Fall of the German Empires (2nd Vol),” “The Treaty of St. Germain (w/ Nina Almond),” “Bibliography of the Paris Peace,” ” Conference (w/ Nina Almond),” Editor of “The Causes of the German Collapse in 1918”
Raymond WheelerKansas ’12“The Science of Psychology,” “Readings in Psychology,” “Laws of Human Nature,” “Principles of Mental Development (with F. Theodore Perkins)”
Richard PeckDePauw ’562001 Newbery Award Winner, “Anonymously Yours,” “Are You in the House Alone?,” “Bel-Air Bambi” and “The Mall Rats,” 2002 Winner National Humanities Medal
Robert CameronMiami ’34“Above New York: A Collection of Historical and Original Aerial Photographs of New York City,” “Above San Francisco: A New Collection of Historical and Original Aerial Photographs”
Robert DavisNYU ’04“Mopping Up Bolshevism,” “Diary with Denekine,” “Unfeathered Eagle of Austria,” “Poem of Old French Farm,” “Human Contacts”
Robert PeckRollins ’53“Arly’s Run,” “Cowboy Ghost,” “A Day No Pigs Would Die,” “Hallapoosa”
Russel NyeWisonsin ’35Pulitzer and Knopp Prize Winner, “Fettered Freedom:Civil Liberties and the Slavery Con,” “George Bancroft: Brahmin Rebel,” “Midwestern Progressive Politics 1870-1958,” Modern Essays
Scott LeighMissouri State ’90“Unemployed, Now What?”
Tom HaneyKansas State ’70“Accused by the State”, Delta Chi Fraternity Legal Advisor
Wells TwomblyConnecticut ’56“Blanda, Alive and Kicking,” “Oakland’s Raiders, Fireworks, and Fury,” “200 years of sport in America: A pageant of a nation at play”
William TownsendKentucky ’13“Abraham Lincoln, Defendant,” “Lincolnn the Litigant,” “Lincoln and Liquor,” “Lincoln and the Bluegrass,” “The Lion of White Hall”
William WatsonCentral Missouri ’81“Advanced Computer Programs in BASIC,” “Ready-to-Run Programs in BASIC”
Alan HornUnion ’65President and Chief Operating Officer of Warner Brothers Studios, Former President/COO of 20th Century Fox, Former Chairman of Embassy Communications, Co-Founder of Castle Rock Entertainment, One of 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment by Enterainment Weekly
Alex LewiCornell ’22Former President – Macy’s
Arthur BettsChicago-Kent ’13Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Chicago Stock Exchange
Bruce MohsSMU ’55Owner of Mohs Auto Factory and Museum
Carl RixGeorgetown ’03Former Vice President and Director Kolmar Laboratories, Inc.
Charles BarkerStanford ’15Former Vice-President and Treasurer Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Charles BrinckerhoffColumbia ’23Former President Anaconda Copper
Charles GerstenbergNYU ’04Former Chairman Prentice-Hall
Charles MarshallIllinois ’51Vice-Chairman AT&T
Charles McConnellDePauw ’61Senior Vice President of Arcy MacManus Masius in New York
Chauncey CookTexas ’30Former Executive Vice President of Operations General Foods Corporation
Chuck WoodsTruman State ’86VP and CFO of Engineering, Operations & Technology at Boeing
Clarence LongIndiana ’39Accountant (Who’s Who 1986)
Clark BeiseMinnesota ’22Former President Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association
Dan ThomsonSouthern California ’51President – Cooper Lighting
Dave KolanderMinnesota ’58Retired Vice President of 3 M
David TiltonStanford ’49President Financial Corporation , Santa Barbara, Trustee, Chairman of California Real Estate Investment Trust, Savings and Loan Association Executive
Donald MclarnanUSC ’30Banker and Corporate Executive
Dr. George TillerKansas ’63Women’s Heath Care Advocate – Wichita, KS
Dr. John MelvinOhio State ’55Noted Doctor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Edmund Pugh Jr.Stanford ’41Businessman
Edward KangasKansas ’66Former Vice President Deloitte & Touche
Edward MillerCornell ’37Civil Engineer (Who’s Who 1986), Former President: Hill Electronics Inc., Albert Pick Co. Inc, Hobb Electric Supply Co.
Erie LeafStanford ’10Former President National Bank of Commonwealth of California
Floyd CarlisleCornell ’03Former President Niagara Hudson Power Corp. and Consolidated Gas Company of New York
Forest SiefkinChicago ’19Former Vice President International Harvester Company
Forrest HoglundKansas ’56Chairman and CEO – Arctic Resources Company
Frank MasonOhio State ’15Former Vice President National Broadcast Corp. (NBC), Order of the Purple Heart
Frank McKowneBuffalo ’10Former President of Hotels Statler Company, Inc; Former President of the New York Convention and Visitors Bureau
George AchenbachPenn State AlumnusFormer Vice President of Purchasing for Johnson and Johnson
George MorrowRutgers ’43Oil and Gas Executive (Who’s Who 1986), Former President Natural Gas Pipeline Co.
George OswaldIllinois ’36Advertising Executive (Who’s Who 1986)
George SmithMichigan 1899Former General Solicitor Union Pacific Railway
Gordon JonesSouthern California ’51Retired Vice President of Hearst Publications
Harold EmmonsMichigan 1899Former Director Chemical Research Corporation; Former Police Commissioner, Detroit, Michigan
Hughston McBainMichigan ’24Former Chairman of the Board Marshall Fields and Company
Hurshell “Chip” BaggettAppalachian State ’94CEO and Executive Director of the Buncombe County Medical Society
J.T. Arenberg Jr.Illinois ’47Former Partner, Arthur Andersen and Company
James (Jim) FrownfelterStanford ’10Chairman (formerly Vice President and Senior Vice President of Space Systems ), Asia Broadcast Satellite Limited
James SheltonStanford ’10Former President Security-First National Bank, Los Angeles
Jefferson ColemanAlabama ’29Former President of the National Association of College Stores
Jerry DozierAuburn ’69Vice President of Merrill Lynch
Jim HarringMichigan State ’48Corporate Vice President of Motorola
Jim SteffanOhio State ’22Former CEO Chicago Steel and Wire
John CalhounIowa ’63Former Vice President of Quaker Oats
John KellyArizona ’50President and CEO of Kelly Financial Services
John McKinlayChicago-Kent 1899Former President Marshall Fields and Company
Jonathan SchofieldConnecticut ’62“Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Board of Directors
Joseph AbbottGeorgetown ’11Former President American Sugar Refining Company
Joseph KewleyOhio State ’06Former Vice President General Electric
Joseph TemplePurdue ’51Exec. Vice President – Dow Chemical
Jubal PartenTexas ’17Former President Pan American Sulfur Company
Lawrence ClarksonDePauw ’60Corporate Vice President Boeing
Louis WareKentucky ’17Former President and Director International Minerals and Chemical Corp.
M.J. Van Loben SelsStanford ’32Former President Butte Gas and Oil Compay
Marcelian GautreauxLSU ’50Sr. Vice President member of Board, Ethyl Corp.
Mark PutneyIowa ’51Former Chief Operations Officer Midwest Resources, Inc.; Former President Association of Edison Illuminating Companies; President/CEO of Iowa Resources Inc.
Marvin GadeIowa ’52Vice Chairman of Kimberly Clark Corp.
Melville WierOhio State ’53Developed “Mr. Clean” cleaning solution for Proctor and Gamble
Melvin FisherPurdue ’45“The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunter”
Miller PoppletonOhio State ’28Former Owner Hood-Rexall Drug Company
Neal BeckerCornell ’05Former President Intertype Corporation, Chairman Cornell University Board of Trustees, Director Bank of Manhattan, Author “Road Rules and Laws of Automobiles”
Orvin JuddNYU ’04Former Vice President and Trustee Kings County Savings Bank; Former Trustee of Colgate and New York Universities
Patrick ConstantineGorham State ’76Chief Operations Officer Member Insurance Group
Paul BenedumOhio State ’27Former President and Director – Benedum-Trees Oil Company, Bentex Oil Corporation, Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Peter GrimmCornell ’11Former President William A. White and Sons
Ralph MaloneTexas ’14Former Director Wyatt Metal and Boiler Works
Raymond BurnsOhio State ’08Former President W.J. Burns International Detective Agency
Richard IazzettaSan Diego ’86Senior Vice President, UPN Network Sales
Robert BartleySMU ’31Former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, Former Vice President of the Yankee Network, Former Director of War Activities for the National Association of Broadcasters, 1965 Marconi Memorial Gold Medal of Achievement by the Wireless Operators Association
Roger SteffanOhio State ’13Former Vice President National City Bank of New York, Chief of White House Operations
Rolland HamiltonChicago-Kent ’04Former President American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation
Roswell SnowGeorgetown ’09Former Executive Vice President Canada Dry, Inc.
Samuel GinnAuburn ’59Former Chief Operations Officer Pactel, Chairman of the Board of Vodafone AirTouch
Seth KlarmanCornell ’79President of The Baupost Group, L.L.C., author of “Margin of Safety”, National Chairman of “Facing History and Ourselves”
Sherwood FawcettOhio State ’41Former CEO Battlee Memorial Institute
Steve MichelsMarquette ’87Co-owner of Michels Corporation
Sven DodingtonStanford ’34Former Vice President International Telephone and Telegraph
Thaddeus BentonGeorgetown ’21Former President Boomhower Inc.
Thomas ChisholmSMU ’47Former Vice Chairman of MONY Financial Services
Thomas GlasgowMichigan State ’68Former Chief Operations Officer McDonalds Corp.
Timothy CrownKansas ’86Founder of Insight Distribution Network
Verne DrewsIowa State ’51Vice President of Nabisco
Vernon FosterChicago-Kent ’02Former Vice President and Director Central Railroad
Wallace NicholsDePauw ’89Founder of Ocean Revolution, an International Program Designed to Inspire and Empower Young People to Protect our Cceans.
Warner PomereneOhio State ’15Former Director of Moore Enameling & Manufacturing Company
William ColeMichigan State ’58Senior Vice President of Shearson Lehman Brothers
William HayesSenior Vice President of Texas Instruments
William McCormickNortheast Missouri (FAC)Owner – Capital GBS Communications
B.W. MerrillIndiana (FAC)Former Dean Indiana University College of Music
C.S. PottsTexas ’09Former Dean Southern Methodist University School of Law
Charles ThompsonChicago-Kent, ’03Former Dean University of Illinois College of Commerce
Clarence KeelIowa ’28Former Dean of Admissions Westminster College
Cloyd MarvinStanford ’15Former President George Washington University
David KendrickIdaho ’35Former Dean of the College of Business Administration: University of Idaho
Donald CottrellOhio State ’23Former Dean Ohio State University College of Education
Dr. Asa GreenLivingston (ASC)Former President of Livingston University
Dr. Emil SpeesSouthern Illinois ’57Educator and published author – field of Higher Education
Dr. Kenneth BrastedFlorida ’35First President of the University of Dallas
Dr. Stephen SpurrFlorida ’38President of the University of Texas at Austin
Dr. William MeehanJacksonville State ’72President of Jacksonville State University
E.R. BartlettDePauw ’29Former Dean DePauw University School of Religious Education
E.R. RiesenArizona ’25Former Dean University of Arizona College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Edward ClarkUnion ’51Fulbright Scholar
Ellwood NanceRollins (FAC)Former President University of Tampa, “Faith of our Fighters”
Ervin WoodLivingston, ’69Vice-President of Student Affairs Livingston University
Frank KingStanford ’19Captain of crew, President of the student body, Montgomery Ward
Frank SommersNYU 1893Former Dean New York University School of Law
Fred LeinbachIowa State ’26Former President South Dakota State College
Frederick WoodwardCornell 1894Former Vice President University of Chicago
George RightmireOhio State (ASC)Former President Ohio State University
Herrick YoungIndiana ’25President of Western College for Women in Oxford Ohio
Hugh FeganGeorgetown ’07Former Assistant Dean Georgetown Law
Huntley DupreeOhio State ’16Jr. Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio State
James DosterAlabama ’26Dean University of Alabama Schoold of Education
Justin MillerStanford ’11Former Dean Duke University School of Law
Lawrence NelsonConnecticut ’53Educator (Who’s Who 1986), Former Dean Purdue University – Fort Wayne Campus
Lloyd SeatzIdaho ’40Former Professor at the University of Tennessee, Former Department Head
Louis SchwellenbachWashington ’16Former Dean Gonzaga Law School, U.S. Senator, Idaho, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Marion KirkwoodStanford, ’09Former Dean Stanford Law School, Former President Asscoiation of American Law Schools, “Cases of Conveyances”
Mark DrewsMichigan State ’82Fulbright Scholar
Marshall EwellMichigan (ASC)Former Dean Kent Law School
Newton FieroCornellFormer Dean Union College Law School
Noah Langdale Jr.Alabama ’41Former President Georgia State University
Pendleton HowardTexas ’17Former Dean, Idaho School of Law
Peyton RhodesVirginia ’20Former President Emeritus Rhodes College
Richard ManatIowa State ’53Professor and head of the department at Iowa State (Who’s Who in 1986)
Richard McKaigBall State ’66Dean of Students – Indiana University
Robert DevoeNebraska ’09Former President University of Nebraska Board of Regents
Robert SproulAbracadabra AlumnusPresident Emeritus University of California
S. W. ReavesOklahoma (ASC)Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Oklahoma
Tom StarlinAlabama ’34Former President of the Student Presidents of the Southern Colleges, President of the Student Body at the University of Alabama in 1934
Walter HartungNYU ’28President of the Academy of Aeronautics
William HoustonOhio State ’20Former President Rice Institue
William SpencerChicago, ’13Former Dean University of Chicago School of Commerce
Anthony TurkMinnesota ’90Actor – “Tears of a Clown”, “Dodge Alley”
Ashton KutcherIowa 2000Actor: “That 70’s Show”, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Punk’d”
B Mike McGrealSouthern California ’28former motion picture executive (Warner Brothers, Houston Color Film Laboratories, 20th Century Fox, B.M.C. Corporation)
Brian HuntFullerton ’88motion picture finance director
Darren MooresWestern Illinois ’94Actor/performer: “The Longest Yard”
David WalmsleyCornell ’89Home video director for A&E TV
Dick Winslow (Richard Johnson)Southern California ’37Actor/musician: Tom Sawyer, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Benny Goodman Story, King Creole, Bye Bye Birdie, Airport, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Funny Lady, Movie Movie, First Monday in October
Eddie FitchSouthern California ’31movie stunt man
Eddy Van GuyseIndiana ’72Actor – “Breaking Away”
Fred ClarkStandford ’35Movies: The Unsuspected, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Solid Gold Cadillac, Auntie Mame, Bells are Ringin, Move Over Darling – TV: The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Double Life of Harry Phyfe – Broadway: Mister Roberts, Romanoff and Juliet, Never Too Late
G.D. SpradlinOklahoma, ’41Actor and Director, “Lords of Discipline”, “Apocolypse Now”, “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, “Canadian Bacon”, “Tora, Tora, Tora”
Jack WilliamsSouthern California ’41Stunt man/actor: The Alamo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Sons of Katie Elder, Night Passage, Merrill’s Marauders, The Far Country, The Scalphunters
James CrossOhio State ’89Cameraman
John BenderIowa ’78videographer for The Golf Channel
John MorleyOsgoode Hall, ’33Actor, Movie: “Operation Petticoat”
Karl HerlingerUCLA ’36Hollywood make up artist (The Miracle of the Bells)
Kenneth JohnsonUSC ’38Actor “Stand-in for Fre McMurray”
Kevin CostnerFullerton, ’77Actor: The Guardian,The Tortilla Curtain, Rumor Has It, The Upside of Anger, Open Range, Dragonfly, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Thirteen Days, For Love of the Game, Message in a Bottle, The Postman, Tin Cup, Waterworld, The War, Wyatt Earp, A Perfect World, The Bodyguard, JFK, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Dances with Wolves, Revenge, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, No Way Out, The Untouchables, and more
Kirk FoggFullerton ’81TV game show host “Legends of the Hidden Temple”
Kurt SchmaljohnNorthwest Missouri ’92Actor – “Pranksters”
Lance FinkOregon State ’93screenwriter
Lynwood SpinksAuburn ’74Movie Producer: Cutthroat Island, Johnny Mnuemonic, Wagons East, Cliffhanger
Michael CutlerAbracadabra ’82studio executive
Ralph MorganNYU Law ’05co-founder and first Presient of the Screen Actors Guild, The Master of the House, Anthony Adverse, Rasputin and the Empress, The Magnificent Obsession, The Life of Emil Zola, Wells Fargo, The Mad Doctor, Jack London, Song of the Thin Man, Geronimo, Heart of the Rockies, Gold Fever
Rick ArredondoAbracadabra ’83TV producer: “Pizza My Heart”, “Atomic Twister”
Rowland KerrLong Beach AlumnusActor: “The Debut”, “Not Quite an Angel”, “Personal Vendetta”
Stuart BerkowitzFlorida ’94production coordinator for E! Entertainment TV
Thomas GraeffUCLA ’52Actor in “Teenagers From Outer Space”
Thomas McCareyUSC, ’17Hollywood Director: “Duck Soup”, “An Affair to Remember”, “Make way for Tomorrow”, “Good Sam”, “Once Upon a Honeymoon”
Todd ZuvichChicago ’97film/TV producer
Walter GreazaMinnesota ’18The Edge of Night, The Kate Smith Hour, The Philip Morris Playhouse, Our Gal Sunday, Young Doctor Malone, 13 Rue Madeleine, Northside 777, Larceny, It Happened to Jane
William AldrichNebraska ’16MGM in Hollywood
Albert JefferisMichigan ‘1893U.S. Representative from Nebraska 2nd District, 1919-23 (Republican)
Albert RutherfordPennsylvania ’04Former Representative from Pennsylvania
Alexander CampbellIndiana ’30Former US Assistant Attorney General
Amos SneadMontevallo 2002Deputy Press Secretary, Committee on Energy and Commerce
Andrei PopoviciGeorgetown ’28Former Secretary of the Roumanian Legation
Arnold ZanderWisconsin ’28Former President International Labor Union
Arthur BartelsMichigan 1895Former State Representative, Colorado
Arthur BrownCornell 1897Former US Army Judge Advocate General
Benjamin HarrisonMichigan (ASC)23rd President of the United States from 1889 to 1893
Bernard KearneyUnion ’14served in the U.S. Army during World War I, Fulton County District Attorney, 1931-42, U.S. Representative from New York, 1943-59 (30th District 1943-45, 31st District 1945-53, 32nd District 1953-59) (Republican)
Bill ZeliffConnecticut ’59Candidate in primary for New Hampshire state senate, 1984, delegate to Republican National Convention from New Hampshire, 1988, U.S. Representative from New Hampshire 1st District, 1991-97, candidate in primary for Governor of New Hampshire, 1996 (Republican)
Bob StumpArizona State ’51Late U.S. Representative from Arizona (Republican)
C.O. LundquistMinnesota ’03Former US Assistant Attorney General
Cammie HadenAbracadabra ’25California Democratic State Central Committee, Presidential Elector for California, 1944, delegate to Democratic National Convention from California (Democrat)
Charles CameronCornell 1898U.S. Consul in Tacna, 1919-20, Pernambuco, 1920-23, Tokyo, 1923-25, Sao Paulo, 1927-29, U.S. Consul General in Sao Paulo, 1931-32, Tokyo, 1938
Charles FairbanksMichigan AlumnusUS Senator, Indiana, Vice-President of the US under Theodore Roosevelt
Charles HitchArizona ’31Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Former President of University of California
Charles ManattIowa State ’58Chairman Democratic National Committee, former President California Banker’s Association, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees at George Washington University.
Charles MurphyNYU ’03Member of the New York Legislature
Charles ParsonsMichigan 1893Circuit judge of the first district of Hawaii
Charles WatersPennsylvania ’16Formers Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania
Chas RussellNY Law ’06Former State Senator, New York
Christian SorensonNebraska ’13Former Attorney General, Nebraska
Christopher JohnsonKentucky ’77Former Assistant Attorney General for Commonwealth of Kentucky, Former Legal Council, Kentucky State Police, Former Assistant General Council, Justice Cabinet, Former General Council, Justice Cabinet
Claude RenoDickinson ’05Former State Representative, Pennsylvania, Former Superior Court Judge
Claude SwansonVirginia AlumnusU.S. Representative, Virginia, U.S. Senator, Former Governor of Virginia, Former Secretary of the Navy
Clel GeorgettaWisconsin ’26member of the Nevada Republican State Central Committee from 1935-1942, District Court judge for one term, serving from 1959-1963
Clinton HortonCornell 1899Member of New York state senate 48th District, 1915-16, Justice of New York Supreme Court 8th District, 1925-33 (Republican)
Craig ThomasWyoming AlumnusSenator from Wyoming (Republican)
Dale WarnerMichigan State ’62Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Michigan, 1964, member of Michigan state house of representatives 56th District, 1967-74 (Republican)
Dan MillerFormer U.S. Representative from Florida
Daniel ReedCornell 1898U.S. Representative from New York, 1919-59 (43rd District 1919-45, 45th District 1945-53, 43rd District 1953-59)
David LeeSyracuse ’07Delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1924 (alternate), 1928, 1932, 1936, Justice of New York Supreme Court 6th District, 1926, chair of Broome County Democratic Party, 1939
David StewartChicago ’17Former US Senator
David ThompsonSouthern California ’52U.S. 9th District Court Judge
Donald LukensOhio State ’54U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1967-71, 1987-90 (24th District 1967-71, 8th District 1987-90), member of Ohio state senate, 1975 (Republican)
Douglas HolsclawArizona ’25Former Member of the Arizona House of Representatives (7 Terms) and the Arizona State Senate (4 Terms) – Served as Chairman of the Health Committee, Instrumental in the Establishment of the Medical School at the University of Arizona in 1963
Douglas PattisonMichigan 1896Former State Representative, Illinois
Doyle CarltonChicago ’12Former State Senator, Florida, Governor of Florida
Earl McGrathGeorgetown ’28Former US Commissioner of Education
Edward KenneyNYU ’08recorder’s court judge in New Jersey, 1919, U.S. Representative from New Jersey 9th District, 1933-38 (Democrat)
Edward O’MalleyBuffaloNew York Supreme Court
Edward SteinChicago, ’15Former Speaker of the House, Indiana, First person to have served two consecutive terms as Speaker of the Indiana House
Eric Von HausswolffPenn State ’26Former Director , Bureau Parks, Pennsylvania
Ernest “Stubby” CampGeorgetown ’12US Comissioner of Customs
Fletcher BowronUSC ’12Mayor of Los Angeles, California from September 26, 1938 until June 30, 1953
Forest HarnessGeorgetown ’17US Army First Lieutenant, Purple Heart, Captain of Reserve, Special Assistant to US Attorney General 31-35, Republican 76,77,78,79,80 Congress, Chairman Federal Communication Commission, Sergeant at Arms of US Senate 53-55,
Frank BowmanWest Virginia ’05Mayor of Morgantown, W.Va., 1916, U.S. Representative from West Virginia 2nd District, 1925-33 (Republican)
Frank MooreBuffalo ’21Former Lieutenant-Governor, New York
Frank WozencraftTexas ’14Presidential Elector for Texas, 1916, mayor of Dallas, Tex., 1919-21, delegate to Democratic National Convention from Texas, 1924 Attorney for RCA (Democrat)
Fred CarpenterMinnesota 1898Former Private Secretary to President Taft, Author “Versus from Many Seas”
Frederick BelenMichigan State ’37Former US Assistant Postmaster General
Frederick BradleyCornell ’20US Representative 76,77,78,79,80 Congress, Member of Board to Coast Guard Academy, Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries
Frederick DevlinBuffalo ’25Former US Assistant Attorney General
Frederick NaveNorthwestern 1897Former Supreme Court Justice, Arizona
Freeman EaglesonOhio State ’06Former State Representative, Ohio
Gabriel MoyerDickinson 1898Delegate to the Republican State Convention in 1897 and 1901, member of the House of Representatives, sessions of 1905 and 1907
George CortelyouGeorgetown 1895Chairman Republican National Committee (1904-07), Secretary of the Treasury, Assistant Secretary to President McKinley, Postmaster General, President of Consolidated Gas
George CraigArizona ’32Former Governor, Indiana, Former Representative from Arizona
George McllraithOsgoode Hall ’31Member of Parliament representing the City of Ottawa
George PaddockVirginia ’06Former Representative from Illinois, 1941-1943
George SmithMinnesota 1893State Representative, Minnesota, U.S. Representative
George WallaceAlabama-GraduateFormer Governor of Alabama
George WytheTexas ’14Former Director of American Republics Division, US Department of Commerce, Author of “History of the 90th Division, USA”
Gilmore FailorArizona ’33Former US Narcotics Agent
Harold StephensCornell ’09Former U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Justice, Former Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Author of “Administrative Tribunals and Rules Evidence”
Harry ChamberlainSouthern CaliforniaCalifornia State Senate
Harry ClabaughGeorgetownFormer Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, District of Columbia
Henry (Scoop) JacksonWashington ’34U.S. Representative from Washington 2nd District, 1941-53, U.S. Senator from Washington, 1953-83, Chairman of Democratic National Committee, 1960-61, candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1972
Henry HartsfieldAuburn ’54Space shuttle commander, 483 hours in space
Henry Osborne Jr.Virginia ’06Former State Representative, Maryland
J. FortGeorgetown ’11Former General Solicitor, American Association of Railways
J.J. McBrayerKentucky ’18Kentucky State Legislator
James BarnesMichigan State ’64Deputy administrator of the E.P.A.
James DolliverChicago ’22US Army World War I, Republican to the 79,80,81,82,83,84 Congress, Legal Counsel for International Cooperation Administration in the Middle East 57-59
James DuffPennsylvania ’07attorney general of Pennsylvania 1943-1947, Governor of Pennsylvania 1947-1951, member of the Pennsylvania Pardon Board, elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1950
James HamiltonNYU ’04School Teacher, New York State Senate 22nd district 15-16, Secretary of State of New York 23-24 (Democrat)
James HortonMichigan ’10Former Chief Examiner, Federal Trade Commission
James MurrayNYU ’00Democrat to Senate 36,42,48,54, Co-chairman of Labor Relations
James O’ MalleyCornell ’01Former Supreme Court Justice, New York
James PopeChicago ’09Former Mayor of Boise, U.S. Senator
James PowersAlabama ’69Pennsylvania?s Director of Homeland Security
James WebbSouthern California ’67Former Secretary of the Navy, US Naval Academy, Class of 1968 #36100, Captain in US Marine Corps, Several commendations including the silver star
John “Jack” CampbellMinnesota ’11Delegate to Republican National Convention from Montana, 1932, 1936 (alternate)
John BrickerOhio State ’16U.S. Army in World War I, Ohio State Attorney General 33-37, Governor of Ohio 39-45, Candidate for Vice President of the U.S. 1944, US Senator 47-59 (Republican).
John ClaybergMichigan AlumnusFormer Supreme Court Justice, Montana
John CooperOsgoode Halll 1896President of Canadian Red Cross, Editor of the Canadian Courier
John DeckerPenn State ’25Former State Representative, Pennsylvania
John DockweilerSouthern CaliforniaHarvard Law, Democrat to the 73,74,75 Congress, District Attorney of Los Angeles County 40-43
John HardingMichigan ‘1899Member of Ohio state senate, 1902, U.S. Representative from Ohio 3rd District, 1907-09
John HickmanTexas ’10Chief Justice of the Court of Civil Appeals
John MarshallWest Virginia ’04Assistant Attorney General
John MicaFlorida ’67U.S. Representative from Florida (Republican)
John QuinnNYU ’01Former State Senator, New York
Jorge BoydPenn ’07Attorney General of Panama and Judge on Supreme Court of Panama
Joseph ChamberlainMichigan ’00Former State Representative, Ohio
Julian GillespieTexas ’15Former US Dipolomat/Negotiator, Negotiated trade treaty with Turkey and US at Angora in 1929
Lansdale SasscarDickinson ’14State Senator, Maryland, U.S. Representative
Larry CraigIdaho ’67Idaho Senator 74-80, Republican 97,98,99,00 Congress
Lawrence MurrayGeorgetown AlumnusComptroller of the Currency of the US 1908-1913
Leon PowersChicago ’14Former State Representative, Iowa
Leonard ScheeleMichigan ’30Former Surgeon General of the United States
Leslie CravenStanford ’09Former Federal Coordinator of Transportation
Louis JohnsonVirginia ’12member of West Virginia state house of delegates, 1917, delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1924, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1949-50 (Democrat)
Marsh TaylorUnion ’05New York Supreme Court
Marshall McCombStanford ’17Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles
Marvin JonesTexas ’07Former US Representative, Former Chief Justice, US Court of Claims
Matthew NeelyWest Virginia ’04Served in the U.S. Army during the Spanish-American War, lawyer, mayor of Fairmont, W.Va., 1908-10, U.S. Representative from West Virginia 1st District, 1913-21, 1945-47, U.S. Senator from West Virginia, 1923-29, 1931-41, 1949-58, delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1952, 1956, Governor of West Virginia, 1941-45 (Democrat)
Michael McTigueUnion ’01Judge of City Court of Saratoga Springs, NY
Nathaniel ElsbergNYU 1892Member of New York state senate 15th District, 1899-1906, delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1904, 1924, 1928
Newton HoverstockKansas ’38Former President of the Houston Chamber of Commerce
Oliver AldrichTexas ’08Former State Representative, Texas
Oliver BovikChicago-Kent ’19Former Assistant Attorney General, Illinois, Delegate to Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1952
Oscar KiesslingWisconsin ’23Former Speical Industrial Advisor, US Tariff Commission
Ota LightfootChicago ’03Former Assistant States Attorney for Cook Count, Investigated and Prosecuted the 1919 World Series Gambling Scandal
Otis BowenIndiana ’39former governor of Indiana and Secretary of Health and Human Services
Otto EmmeSouthern Cal ’16State Legislator in California
Paul BeardsleeKansas ’33Former Assistant Secretary of Defense
Ralph ChurchNorthwestern ‘ 09Illinois State House of Representatives, 6th distrcit (17-32), US Representative from Illinois, 35-41,43-50
Reuben HaskellCornell ’98Spanish-American War, National Guard, Republican to the 64,65,66, Transit Commissioner State of New York
Richard ShelbyAlabama ’57Senator from Alabama (Republican)
Robert McLaughlinIdaho ’46Ran for Senate
Robert Todd LincolnMichigan AlumnusSon of President Abraham Lincoln, Secretary of War
Rodney LoveOhio State ’30Democrat to the 89 Congress, Elected to Common Pleas court 68-80, Ohio Supreme Court
Roger MillsMichigan AlumnusUS Representative, Texas, US Senator
Samuel JohnsonSMU ’51U.S. Representative from Texas
Sidney TaliaferroGeorgetown ’13Commissioner of Washington, DC
Thomas HealyGeorgetown ’17Assistant Dean, Georgetown University, expert on national defense
Thomas MichalskiMichigan ’56City Planner (Who’s Who 1986)
Thomas SettleVirginia ’10Former Secretary National Park and Planning Commission
Thomas WrightOklahoma ’34Member of the Oklahoma legislature as a student
Victor ElliotMichigan AlumnusFormer Supreme Court Justice, Colorado
Walter BeebeChicago-Kent 1896Former State Representative, Illinois
William BennetAlbany Law ’92New York State Assembly 01-02, Republican elected to 59,60,61,64 Congress, American delegate to the 17th International Congress Against Alcoholism in Copenhagen, Vive-President Edward Hines associated lumber, coal, and railroad organizations.
William DayMichigan ’00Former Federal Judge, Ohio, First ever Delta Chi Federal Judge
William GraceGeorgetown ’05US Consul at Sheffield, England
William Jackson, Jr.Virginia ’08U.S. District Attorney for the Canal Zone, 1914-15 (Democrat)
William Jennings BryanGeorgetown AlumnusFamous orator, presidential candidate, “The Great Commoner”
William KelleyUSC ’12Former United States District Attorney
William LearyMinnesota 1894Star Quarterback in 1894, Judge of Hennepin County, Minneapolis
William McCreaCornell ’00Former State Representative, Utah
William McFarlaneChicago ’21First Lieutenant World War I, Democrat 73, 74, 75 Congress,Special Assistant to Attorney General 46-51,
William MooreOsgoode Hall 1897Member of Parliament – Dominion
William MorganMichigan ’08Former Attorney General, Wisconsin
William SessionsKansas ’51Former Director of the FBI from 1987-1993
William StrattonArizona ’34U.S. Representative from Illinois at-large, 1941-43, 1947-49, Illinois state treasurer, 1943-45, 1951-53, candidate in primary for secretary of state of Illinois, 1944, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, candidate for secretary of state of Michigan, 1948, delegate to Republican National Convention from Illinois, 1952, 1956, 1960, Governor of Illinois, 1953-61, candidate for Republican nomination for Vice President, 1960 (Republican)
Woodrow HornPenn State ’39Candidate for U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 15th District, 1960 (Republican)
Arch JenkinsStanford ’40Editor of Stanford Daily
Chuck GoudieMichigan State ’77TV investigative reporter, 1998 winner of the national Edward R. Murrow Award
Floyd HarrisonGeorgetown ’12Former Treasurer, The Washington Post
Henry BlakeNorthwestern 1893Former Editor, Chicago’s Evening Post
John ColemanWestern Michigan ’76Editor of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine
Otis WieseWisconsin ’26Former Vice President, Director and Editor of McCall Magazine, Publisher of World Book Encyclopedia Science series
Reavis WincklerUSC ’40Editor of Daily Trojan
Richard HarknessKansas ’28Former radio and TV correspondent for NBC
Richard PryneUCLA ’40Editor of Daily Bruin
Robert JacksonSMU ’56Pulitzer Prize for news photography showing Jack Ruby firing the fatal shot into Lee Harvey Oswald
Robert MartmanStanford ’38Former Reporter, Los Angeles Times
Albert HaightBuffalo (ASC)Former Court of Appeals Justice, New York
Almon LytleBuffalo ’03Former Supreme Court Justice, New York
Arthur CathcartStanford 1896Professor of Law, member of Delta Upsilon
Arthur LaPradeStanford ’42Former Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court, Former Attorney General of Arizona
B.K. RobertsFlorida ’28Former Supreme Court Justice, Florida
Bruce BlakeMichigan ’05Former Supreme Court Justice, Washington
C.F. RathbunChicago-Kent ’04Former Special District Attorney Chicago
Calvin BarryWindsor ‘8019sOntario District Crown Attorney
Carl MaherMichigan ’07Former District Justice, Iowa
Carlton FisherNYU ’21Former Supreme Court Justice, New York
Charles ElliotMinnesotaFormer Supreme Court Justice, Minnesota
Charles LoringMinnesota 1898Former Chief Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
Charles PlaxtonOsgoode Hall ’13Supreme Court of Ontario
Clarence CraigUSC ’11Former Superior Court Justice, California
Cyrus DietzNorthwestern ’02Former Supreme Court Justice, Illinois
Dalton WellsOsgoode Hall ’22Former Supreme Court Justice, Ontario Court of Appeals
Daniel KenefickBuffaloFormer Supreme Court Justice, New York
Daniel ReedCornell ‘1898Lawyer in Dunkirk, New York, 1900-1903, attorney for New York State Excise Department, 1903-1907, football coach at Cornell University, 1909-1918, member, Special Food Conservation Mission to France and England, 1918-1919, member of Congress, 43rd New York District, 1919-1959, member House Ways and Means Committee, 1933-1959, chairman, 1953-1954, chairman of Subcommittee on Social Security, 1948, and delegate to Interparliamentary Union, 1938, 1948-1950, 1952.
Edward EberleOsgoode Hall ’55Justice – Supreme Court of Ontario
Edward HatchBuffaloFormer Supreme Court Justice, New York
Edwin JaggardMinnesotaFormer Supreme Court Justice, Minnesota
Ellwood ChappellNebraska ’16Justice Nebraska State Supreme Court 1943-
Fletcher BrownUSC ’11Former Supreme Court Justice, California
Frank FordOsgoode Hall 1895Former Justice of Appeal, Alberta Surpreme Court
Frank RathjeNW ’07President of the American Bar Association
Frank SmithPennsylvania ’08President Judge and Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia
Glenn FairbrookWashington ’14Former President, Washington State Bar Association
Gordon SimpsonTexas ’15Texas Supreme Court
Gordon ThompsonSouthern California ’51Chief Judge – US District Court
Hall LuskGeorgetown ’07Former Chief Justice Oregon Supreme Court
Harley CrosbyCornell 1897Supreme Court of the state of New York
Harold KellyBuffalo ’27Supreme Court for the eighth judicial district of New York
Harry LamsonBuffalo ’00Former Associate Judge of the City Court, Buffalo
Henry FletcherMinnesota ’03Professor of Law
Herman Wells
Hon. James WilkersonDePauw 1889Former Federal District Judge, Sentenced Al Capone, Former State Representative Illinois
Howard AmeliNYU ’05Lawyer, member of Tiger Inn – the top eating club at Princeton
Ira ThompsonAbracadabra ’09Former Supreme Court Justice, California
James Cammack Jr.Kentucky, ’24Former Court of Appeals Chief Justice, Kentucky
James Gordon Jr.Pennsylvania ’10Former Judge, Pennsylvania
John DeaneOsgoode Hall ‘6019sIBM Canada’s former lawyer
John MooreOsgoode Hall ’06Former Senior Justice of the County Court Ontario
John ParkMichigan 1893Former Circuit Court Justice, Missouri
Kenneth ChantryStanford ’26Los Angeles Superior Court
Malcolm MacDonaldOsgoode Hall ’05Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia
Matthew RosenbaumHobart ’86Supreme Court justice for the Seventh Judicial District of New York State
Myron WestoverMichigan 1895Former Superior Court Justice, California
Norris BakkeChicago ’19Former Supreme Court Justice, Colorado
Patrick GalliganOsgoode Hall ’50Justice – Supreme Court of Ontario
Patrick MaloneUnion ’65Lawyer
Robert RutherfordOsgoode Halll ’50Justice-Supreme Court of Ontario
Robert VanceAlabama ’50Judge – US Court of Appeals
Sidney ClunisOsgoode Hall ’35First Judge called to the Bar of Ontario under Monarch King Edward VII
Thomas NashTexas ’24County Judge of Dallas County, Texas
Thomas WhiteSouthern California ’11Former Supreme Court Justice, California
William ChristiansonChicago ’20Supreme Court of Minnesota, judge at the Nuremberg trials
Winfield BardwellMinnesota ’04Judge, member of Theta Delta Chi
“Bud” Mortimer – Howard SpragueS.M.U. ’33Captain of the football team, West Point #8622, LTC, Football Hall of Fame
Alex VraciuDePauw ’41Top fighter pilot, received Navy Cross, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses
Alexander MacMillanSouthern Illinois AlumnusGraduate of West Point ’20, Colonel in the Army
Alfred AdamsIowa ’45Graduated from Annapolis, #19400, class of ’47, retired a Lieutenant
Bruce OliverCornell ’46Graduated from Annapolis, #19119, class of ’47, resigned in 1953 as a Lieutenant
Charles AielloArizona ’57Captain, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross
Charles MizellAlabama ’41US Military Academy class of ’42 #12748, Colonel, multiple Bronze Stars and Legion of Merit
David McCrackenLehigh ’64First Lieutenant, 75 missions in Viietnam
Donald GruentherOklahoma ’44US Military Academy class of ’44 #14017, Colonel, Bronze Star and Legion of Merit
Edmund SearbyAbracadabra ’18US Military Academy class of ’18 #6073, Brigadier General, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart
Gary MearsIowa ’58Brigadier General, US Air Force
George Bell Jr.US Military Academy class of 1880 #2869, Distinguished Service Medal, Brigadier General
George StalkPurdue ’49Distinguished Flying Cross in Vietnam
Harold DonleyKansas ’50Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret.)
Henry HosmanIllinois ’59Captain, Bronze star and 3 Vietnamese medals, including the Vietnamese Medal of Honor 1st Class
Herbert DentWest Virginia ’04US Army World War I, circuit judge in West Virginia for the 19th Judicial Circuit, 1932-44
Jack BlancoLSU ’44Member of Flying Tigers in World War II
Jack LawrenceCornellGraduated from Naval Academy
James GeyerPurdue ’43Annapolis
James Greenwald Jr.Michigan ’24US Naval Academy class of ’26 #8154, Commander
James WelchStanford ’48Major General, US Army
Jerry BensonSouthern Illinois ’65Lieutenant
John PerdueHouston ’631st Lieutenant, two awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross
Kenneth GottschallPenn State ’68Distinguished Flying Cross
Larry TibbettsDePauw ’56Major General in the United States Air Force, Former President and CEO of the Uniformed Services Benefit Association (USBA)
Otto LangeMinnesota ’13US Military Academy class of ’16 #5592, Brigadier General, Silver Star
Otto WalterNebraska ’13Served in the U.S. Navy during World War I, delegate to Democratic National Convention from Nebraska, 1924, 1928 (Democrat)
Quincy CampbellMiami ’44Graduated from Annapolis, #18024, class of ’46, resigned as a Lieutenant Commander
Raymond VasquezNYU ’45Graduated from Annapolis, #198691, class of ’48, died March 1949
Richard WildrickUCLA ’45Graduated from West Point #15414, class of ’46, rank of Colonel
Robert DayMichigan State ’40US Army World War II
Roscoe CrossKentucky ’25Rhodes Scholar, Colonel in US Army, Legion of Merit, Law professor
William EvansIllinois ’46Graduated from Annapolis, #19041, class of ’47, resigned in 1949 as a Lieutenant
AJ PrellerCornell ’99Former Director of player personnel for the Texas Rangers baseball team. General Manager of the San Diego Padres Major League Baseball club
Alex StepanovichOhio State ’04Former OSU football star, NFL player
Alfred CobbSyracuse ’17Professional Football Player (Akron Pros, Cleveland Bulldogs)
Arnold UmbachAuburn (Faculty)Wrestling Coach at Auburn for 27 years, Hall of Fame Member
Arthur FowlerAlabama ’41Golden Gloves Boxing Champion
Ben FranklinSouthern Cal ’36NCAA Baseball Player
Benny GarciaArizona State ’56US Olympic Team – Javelin
Bill HardingStanford ’321932 US Olympic Rifle Team
Bill HeathSouthern California ’61Former Professional Baseball Player
Bill PidtoCornell ’87Sports commentator
Billy ThomIowa ’23World light-heavy weight champion, coach of Olympic team in 1936
Bob AntonIndiana ’41NCAA Wrestling champion in 128 pound division
Boni PetcoffOhio State ’24Former Professional Football Player
Brian HaywardCornell ’82Former NHL goalie, Broadcaster for Disney Sports Enterprises
Bronko SmilanichArizona 40Former Professional Football Player
Bruce GardnerSouthern California ’60All-American Baseball Player
Bruno BanducciStanford ’43Former NFL player
Byron GoodridgeArizonaNCAA Baseball Player
Casmir WituckiIndiana ’50Former Professional Football Player
Charles TaylorStanford ‘ 43Football All-American
Charles WilsonIdaho ’35NCAA Football Player
Cheevers BerryGeorgetown ’04Former Football Coach, University of North Carolina
Chris ElloSan Diego ’83Sports radio personality
Chuck KasselIllinoisFormer Professional Football Player
Clyde CoffmanKansas ’33Member of 1932 Olympic Track Team
Clyde LylePurdue ’29Member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
Conner EmersonTexas ’31Former Pro Football Player
Craig CraigFlorida ’56All-American swimmer (diving)
Dan McMullenNebraska ’29Former Professional Football Player
Darrell HolmanStanford ’37NCAA Baseball Player
Dave WhitsellIndiana ’58Former Professional Football Player
David SmithMississippi State ’68All-American skeet, NSSA World Champion
Dennis WirgowskiPurdue ’71Former Professional Football Player
Dick TomlinsonKansas 50Former Professional Football Player
Don GaskillUSCNCAA Baseball Player
Don LashIndiana ’37Sullivan Memorial Award Winner in 1938, NCAA cross country and track star, 12 national titles,
Don LeeArizona ’56Former Professional Baseball Player
Don RitterIndiana ’46Former Professional Basketball Player
Don ThorpIllinois ’85Former Professional Football Player
Don TonryIllinois ’59Won NCAA all-around best gymnast
Donald ThorpIllinois ’86Chicago Bears Player
Francis AndrewsPenn State ’36NCAA Football Player
Frank “Dutch” SommerPenn ’10Head football coach – Michigan State
Frank LubinUCLA ’31Former All-American and Olympic Games Basketball Player
Frank MalletteSouthern CaliforniaAll-American football
Frank O’NeillSyracuse ’04Football coach at Colgate and Rutgers
Frank PiekarskiPennsylvania ’05Former Football All-American
Fred AbelWashington ’25Former Professional Football Player (Milwaukee Badgers, 1926)
Fred WiltIndiana ’43Sullivan Memorial Award in 1950, Indiana University Hall of Fame and the National Track & Field Hall of Fame, Olympic Runner
Frederick AsbeckMichigan ’29Professional Baseball Player
Garland ShepherdStanford ’10Intercollegiate high jump record
George BatemanDePauw ’36NCAA Baseball Player
George BoosMinnesota ’27Professional Hockey Player
Gus ZarnasOhio State ’38All American Football Player
Guy MortonAlabama ’53Former Professional Baseball Player
Hamp PoolStanford ’40Former Professional Football Player
Hardie LewisOklahoma ’33NCAA wrestling champion
Harold NicholsIowa State FAC1939 NCAA Wrestling Champion, wrestling Hall of Fame
Harold PetzNebraska ’32All-American in Track
Harold WheelerPurdue ’28Member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
Harrison WeeksMichigan ’02All American Football Player
Harry Bomers Jr.Michigan State ’60Commissioner of the North American Basketball League
Harry HuffKansas ’09Former Track Coach, University of Missouri
Henry StantonArizona ’42Former Professional Football Player
Homer GeoffrionCornell ’35Captain of the lacrosse team
Homer HargissKansas (FAC)Former Track Coach University of Kansas
Italo RossiPurdue ’42Former Professional Football Player
Ivan FuquaIndiana ’34NCAA Track Star: held 500-yard dash world record, member of the 1932 Olympic Team
Jack BarbeeIdaho ’35NCAA Football Player
Jack ClarkFlorida ’37NCAA Baseball Player
Jack DelRioUSC ’85Former NFL player and current coach
James HuckerCornell ’37Track Star
James MooreIdahoNCAA Football Player
James MurphyNorthwest Missouri ’86NY Giants Player
Jerry ColangeloKansas ’61NCAA Basketball Player
Jim BrowningMichigan State ’60Olympic skater
Jim MorrisArizona ’34NCAA Baseball Player
Joe CormierSouthern California ’86Professional Football Player (Los Angeles Raiders, 1987)
Joel EvansSouthern California ’36NCAA Baseball Player
John “Chick” FoxSouthern Cal ’20Captain of the football team in 1917
John BurnsEastern Illinois ’69Pro Baseball Player – Atlanta Braves
John ClinninChicago-Kent ’11Former President National Boxing Association
John CooperIdahoNCAA Football Player
John DagenhardOhio State ’39Former Professional Baseball Player
John DrishIllinois ’41Former Professional Basketball Player
John GroverWashington U. ’08President of the Missouri Valley A.A.U.
John HeldtIowa ’22Professional Football Player (Coumbus Tigers)
John HouserAlabama ’35NCAA Baseball Player
John RudometkinSouthern California ’62Former Professional Basketball Player
John TobinChicago ’05Former Football Coach, Tulane University
Jonathan DanielsCornell ’99President of Baseball Operations/General Manager for the Texas Rangers baseball team
Joseph HaganKentucky ’38Captain of the football team
Kent HadleySouthern California ’56Former Professional Baseball Player
Kyle WachholtzSoutern California ’96Professional Football Player
La Verle PrattIdaho ’67Former Professional Football Player
Larry DavisArizona ’36NCAA Track Star
Larry HimesSouthern California ’64Former General Manager for the Chicago Cubs
Larry OlsonoskiMinnesota ’48Former Professional Football Player
Lawrie WallaceOsgoode Hall ’24Member of Canada’s 1924 Olympic rowing team
Lee PitlockSouthern Illinois ’69Drafted to play Pro Baseball – San Francisco Giants
Leo NomelliniMinnesota ’50NFL Hall of Fame Member
Les BeldingIowa ’22Professional Football Player (Rock Island Independents, 1925)
Lloyd SchillerIdaho ’52NCAA Baseball Player. Successful High School Football and Basketball coach and teacher. The Lloyd Schiller Gymnasium is named after Lloyd in Mountain Home, Idaho.
Lynden BowringSouthern California ’12Yachtsman
Marion ColtrinArizona ’37NCAA Baseball Player
Marshall ReynoldsPennsylvania ’05Former Football All-American
Martin GentryArizonaCaptain of the football team in 1927
Mike SiwekWestern Michigan ’70Former Professional Football Player
Nick SebekIndiana ’50Former Professional Football Player
Nolan HarrisonIndiana ’90NFL Hall of Fame Member
Norberto Davidds-GarridoUSC ’96Pro Football Player
Oliver SavatskyMiami (OH) ’35Former Professional Football Player
Otto SchnellbacherKansas ’45Former All-American Football Player at the University of Kansas, All-Conference Basketball Player at the University of Kansas, Former Professional Football Player (New York Giants) and Basketball Player, member of University of Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, Served in the military 1944-45
Pat GillickSouthern Cal ’58General Manager for the Philadelphia Phillies
Paul McFarlandDePauw ’36NCAA Baseball Player
Paul PardonnerPurdue ’34Former Pro Football Player
R. CampbellPenn State ’30Intercollegiate wrestling champion
Raleigh FrancisOklahomaNCAA Football Player
Raymond LloydValdosta ’90Professional Wrestler with World Championship Wrestling as “Glacier”
Raymond PierceKansas ’26Professional Baseball Player
Richard BeyerCornell ’33Former Football Coach, Cornell University
Richard DavisIndiana ’37NCAA Football Player
Richard GenoveseIllinois ’67US Luge Champion
Rick WeltsWashington ’75President and COO, Phoenix Suns (NBA)
Robert CampbellIndiana ’68All-American wrestler
Robert KesslerPurdue ’36NCAA Basketball Player, captain of the Purdue team
Robert WhiteIndiana ’43Captain of football team
Rod DedeauxFormer USC coach and college baseball’s “Coach of the Century”
Rolland KurtzPurdue ’33Heavyweight Golden Gloves boxing champion in 1932
Ron MixSouthern California ’60NFL Hall of Fame Member
Samuel RobertsonBuffalo 1897President of the Buffalo Bison baseball club in the International League
Sanford RodgersArizona ’67Former Professional Football Player
Scott StudwellIllinois ’76Former Professional Football Player
Sean SalisburySouthern Californi ’85Former NFL player and ESPN analyst
Shshriar PourdaneshReno ’93Former Pro Football Player
Simon PauxtisPennsylvania ’10Former Professional Football Player, All-America Football Player
Stonko PavkoIdaho ’38Former Professional Football Player
Sylvester ShonkaNebraska ’11All American Football Player
Ted PetoskeyMichigan ’32Former Football All-American
Tom JoaquinStanford ’28Championship in javelin throw
Tom SatrianoSouthern California ’62Former Professional Baseball Player
Tommy DeckardIndiana ’38Track star, Olympic team in 1936, world record in stepplechase
Vernon RulisonDePauw ’37NCAA Football Player
Victor DorrisOhio State ’38Former Head Coach and Director of Football at Ohio State University
W.B. HimrodSouthern California ’11Track and Field Star
Walt PetersonSouthern California ’65NCAA Baseball Player
Walter EversIllinois ’42Former Professional Baseball Player
Wayne D. AndersonIdaho ’53Wayne played football, basketball and baseball for the University of Idaho, and served as the head basketball coach at the University of Idaho. Inducted into the idaho Hall of Fame and the University of Idaho Athletic Hall of Fame.
Wayne SandefurPurdue ’36NCAA Football Player
William OwensStanford ’14President of the NCAA

If you know of any brother who might have been too humble to call attention to his significant accomplishments, please let us know!