Real Men Don’t Just Stand By

By May 3, 2017Member Safety

by Jerod Breit, Director of Member Safety

It’s the end of the semester, which means final exams and project-due-dates are upon us.  This is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of balancing the pursuit of a sound education with fraternal responsibilities…and likely the maximization of stress levels, sleeplessness, and worry.

But this is just a fact of college life, right? Another semester ends; another period of trials and tribulations to endure. “I can just push through it and move on,” you tell yourself.  Maybe it is that easy for you. But it may not be that easy for everyone. Not everyone’s life is the same; no one deals with the same stresses in the same ways.

I urge you to be supportive, observant, and patient with your brothers during this time. If you see something, say something.  Even if you don’t see the overt signs of stress, anxiety, or depression, just remember to simply ask your brothers how they are. We must be here for each other through both the good times and the harder times. Below is a link to some helpful and powerful material for dealing with and recognizing signs and symptoms of struggle in your brothers (or even yourself).

Remember, there are times when your brothers hurt. Real men don’t just stand by and watch. Educate yourself, assert yourself, and offer help.

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Jerod Breit is Delta Chi’s Director of Member Safety. A former law enforcement officer and a constant advocate for advancing justice, Jerod serves our membership as a change agent for helping our members better live our values on a consistent basis. You can seek his assistance and guidance at any time; contact him at