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About Us

The Delta Chi Educational Foundation was incorporated in 1954 as a 501(c)(3), a non-profit educational foundation that can accept tax deductible donations for the benefit of young men in the fraternity. We seek to challenge our brotherhood to a life-long commitment to the fraternal ideals and values, building personal enrichment for posterity.

Foundation Leadership

As of August, 2016

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

James M. Marascio, President & Chairman 

Donald E. LaPlante, Vice President 

Lyle E. Sprinkle, Secretary

John S. Zigler, Treasurer

Rod Arnold, Member at Large



Jason Butler

Michael L. Carroll

Bobby L. Dewrell

Andrew R. Haggerty

Robert D. Hendershot

Steven R. Michels

John G. Tunila

J. Donald Turk

Miles C. Washburn

Patrick F. Weber

Chad M. Wolett

Director Emeriti

Directors Emeriti

Marsh W. White, Penn State ’20 (deceased)

Joseph F. Lacchia, Mich St & NYU ’25 (deceased)

George W. Obear, DePauw ’30 (deceased)

Fredrick B. Hammert, Oklahoma ’60 (deceased)



David Scott, Legal Advisor

Donald E. LaPlante, Parliamentarian



Keith Shriver, Chief Administrative Officer 

Christian Wargo, Project Manager 

Claudia Jansenius, Office Assistant 

Audit Committee

Audit Committee

Michael L. Carroll – Chairman

Lee P. Berlin
James F. Storey

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising & Development Committee

Patrick J. Alderdice
Steven P. Bossart
Jason Butler
Eliano Younes

Investment Advisory Committee

Investment Advisory Committee

Peter C. Chandler – Chairman

Adam Betz
Michael Hebert
Steven R. Michels

Membership Committee

Board Membership Committee

Rod Arnold – Chairman

Michael L. Carroll
Patrick F. Weber
Chad M. Wolett

Programs Committee

Foundation Programs Committee

Donald E. LaPlante – Chairman

Michael L. Carroll
Patrick J. Phelan
Michael Tumolo
Lyle E. Sprinkle

Young Alumni Giving Committee

Undergraduate & Young Alumni Giving Committee

Jason Sisk – Chairman

Andrew R. Haggerty
Patrick F. Weber
Christian A. Wargo
Daniel K. Thompson
Patrick A. DeLarosa
Travis J. Covey

2016-2017 Board of Directors
New Founders at the 2016 Convention
The Foundation strives to offer opportunities for a variety of donor supported programs and activities. We are proud that our educational resources and programs for the chapters and colonies have grown. This is because of our loyal donors supporting the mission and vision.
We hope you will join us in supporting the Foundation’s educational efforts. By donating to the programs and scholarships of the Foundation, you will have the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the future leaders of tomorrow.

– DCEF Board of Directors