Christopher Evan Walker, Gorham State ’16

By November 14, 2016Notes


It is with profound sadness that I share with you today’s news of the death this weekend of Christopher Evan Walker, Gorham State ’16. Please keep the passing of our young brother in your hearts and thoughts in the coming days.  As you choose to express your thoughts and feelings on the passing of Brother Walker, please show respect to Christopher’s family and friends and choose your words wisely and graciously.

Thought the chapter is not currently active, we would ask the Gorham State chapter’s alumni to wear the Badge of the Fraternity draped in deep black for at least the next 60 days during those occasions when they would wear the Badge.  Other chapters’ and colonies’ members and alumni may choose to show their respect for the passing of Brother Walker by draping their badges or pins in deep black.

Thank you, Brothers, for your collective thoughts, prayers, and observance of the passing of Brother Walker.

Yours, In the Bond,

KEITH R. SHRIVER, Florida ’79
Executive Director & CEO