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Thank you for taking the time to investigate the resources we have developed for our alumni as they continue to be involved with Delta Chi in various ways. Whether as a support alumnus for an undergraduate chapter, as a member of an alumni chapter, as an active financial contributor to the programming of the Fraternity, or as a successful member living up to your oath as a brother in your daily life, all forms of involvement are greatly appreciated. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to resources or information you would like to see posted here, please send an e-mail to the Headquarters Office. We look forward to your feedback.

Delta Chi Alumni Chapters

Delta Chi alumni chapters are recognized, voting groups consisting of alumni from various chapters and colonies organized in a particular geographic area or city. They provide an opportunity for area alumni to be involved with Delta Chi, and to socialize and network with brothers even if they live hundreds of miles from their initiating chapter or colony.

Check out the Alumni Chapter Page for more information.

Support Alumni Resources

For those brothers who have taken an active role as advisors and mentors to our undergraduate chapters, here is a list of resources that may aid in your efforts. You are encouraged to use these resources to assemble a “notebook” or manual to pass down to future brothers who will follow in your footsteps. Please keep the materials up-to-date as financial and date sensitive materials will be updated.

Prominent Delta Chi Alumni

Here is a brief list of Delta Chi brothers that have distinguished themselves in their personal or professional endeavors. If you know of any brother who might have been too humble to call attention to his significant accomplishments, please let us know.

Life Loyal Delta Chi Program

I want you to know of an exciting Delta Chi program, one designed to properly recognize those Delta Chis that have made a strong commitment to the advancement of our Fraternity and its ideals. It’s the Life Loyal Delta Chi program, and we’d like to invite you to join us!

Keep Your Contact Information Current

To ensure proper delivery of your Quarterly and other alumni information, please make sure to update your address, phone number, e-mail address and other contact information any time it changes. The more accurate our database is, the less money will be wasted mailing materials to bad addresses by Delta Chi, by area alumni chapters and by your local chapter/colony that all get addresses for local alumni newsletters and invitations from us.

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