Alumni Chapters

  • Delta Chi alumni chapters are recognized, voting groups consisting of alumni from various chapters and colonies organized in a particular geographic area or city. They provide an opportunity for area alumni to be involved with Delta Chi, and to socialize and network with brothers even if they live hundreds of miles from their initiating chapter or colony. Alumni chapters range in size from ten to more than 100 members.

  • The range of events is vast, but there are a few general staples for a successful alumni chapter including:

    • monthly or bi-monthly meetings
    • sporting events (group ticket discounts are great)
    • golf outings and tournaments
    • picnics and family trips to amusement parks
    • “welcome” BBQs for alumni new to the area
    • résumé workshops and interviewing tips
    • Friday afternoon lunches
    • little league coaching or sponsorships
    • road trips to away games
    • community service and civic events
    • alumni ceremonies
    • events with nearby undergraduate chapters or other fraternity/sorority alumni chapters in the area

    The possibilities are truly endless.

  • Check the Chapter Directory for the list of current alumni chapters active within Delta Chi. If you cannot find one in your area, why not start one?

  • Constitution

    Article VII, Section 1, Subsection (2):
    (2) ALUMNI CHAPTERS–Alumni chapters may be established and maintained in such cities, towns, or areas as are deemed practicable. Upon application by a group of alumni, an alumni chapter requires approval of a majority vote by the Convention or, in the interim between Conventions by a majority vote of the Board of Regents.

    Article VII, Section 2, Subsections (1) and (5):
    (1) CHAPTER OFFICERS–The officers of each undergraduate and alumni chapter shall consist of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, and “F”.

    (5) OATH OF OFFICE–Each undergraduate and alumni chapter officer shall take the Oath of Office, as prescribed in Delta Chi Law, before assuming duties of his office.

    Article VII, Section 3, Subsection (3):
    (3) REVOCATION FOR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS–The charter of any alumni chapter that fails to pay its dues, fees, or other obligations to the Fraternity for a period of two consecutive fiscal years shall be automatically revoked.


    Article II, Section 6, Subsection (3):
    (3) ALUMNI CHAPTERS–Each alumni chapter will cast a number of votes based on the number of members in good-standing as follows: 1-15, one (1) vote; 16-30, two (2) votes; 31 or more, three (3) votes.

    Article VII, Section 1, Subsection (4), (5) and (7)(b):
    (4) PETITION FOR ALUMNI CHAPTER–A petition for a charter for an alumni chapter shall be filed with the Headquarters Office and be signed by at least ten (10) members of the Fraternity residing or doing business in the city, town, area, state, or province for which an alumni chapter is desired.


    (a) Alumni Chapter–A group petitioning for establishment of an alumni chapter shall be required to pay an installation dues as set forth in the Schedule of Dues of ($50).

    (b) Alumni Chapter–The title of each alumni chapter shall contain the name of the city, town, area, state, or province in which such alumni chapter is located.

    Article VII, Section 2, Subsection (2) and (5):

    (2) ELECTION OF OFFICERS–At least once each year, each undergraduate and alumni chapter shall hold an election of officers.

    (5) VACANCIES–In the event a vacancy occurs in any undergraduate or alumni chapter office, such vacancy shall be filled by a special election at the next regular meeting of the chapter or at a special meeting called for this purpose.

    Article VII, Section 7:

    7. POWERS AND DUTIES OF ALUMNI CHAPTER OFFICERS–The lettered officers of each alumni chapter in addition to those powers and duties set forth elsewhere in Delta Chi shall:

    (1) The “E”:
    (a) Report annually to the Headquarters Office on chapter conditions.
    (b) Prepare an “Alumni Contributions Section” for each issue of the Quarterly.
    (2) The “F”:
    (a) Notify members of luncheons and meetings.
    (b) Encourage full attendance at all alumni functions.


    Article IX, Section 3:
    3. ALUMNI CHAPTER FEES (1) INSTALLATION FEE–A group petitioning for establishment of an alumni chapter shall be required to pay an installation fee as set forth in the Schedule of Dues. ($150)

    (2) ANNUAL DUES–Each alumni chapter shall pay Annual Dues to the Fraternity as set forth in the Schedule of Dues. The installation fee shall be paid in lieu of Annual Dues for the first year. ($100)