Shop Delta Chi

Delta Chi Store is the official merchandise shop of the Delta Chi Fraternity. In an effort to offer a central resource for all chapters and alumni to order general and customized Delta Chi gear, the Delta Chi Fraternity has partnered with online retailer Advanced-Online to provide a one-stop-shop experience.

Supply Orders

The Delta Chi International Headquarters Staff currently provides services to chapters and colonies of filling supply orders. Chapter and colony orders may only be placed by a current officer (ideally the “D”). When an order is submitted, all information will be varied by Delta Chi Staff prior to filling the order.

Classic Merchandise

You can still order classic Delta Chi merchandise through International Headquarters! While we outsource apparel and other popular items, we still hold a stock of inventory at Headquarters that we are happy to sell and distribute.

The Delta Chi Fraternity is the exclusive owner of Delta Chi trademarks, and it is our legal duty to protect them. In order to preserve the heritage of our name and to maintain ownership of our trademarks, we have a licensing program in place to monitor their use.

Any group or individual that wishes to trade on the goodwill associated with our marks, and benefit commercially from utilization of those marks, must become licensed in order to do so. A vendor is not required to become licensed in order to resell products produced by a licensed manufacturer, so long as they do not further embellish the product or expand on the use of the insignia. The trademarks include: the organization’s name, nicknames, Greek letters, Coat of Arms, Badge, symbols, and other insignia. Any and all commercial use of these marks (or any marks that are confusingly similar) must be granted through a license agreement.

The Delta Chi Fraternity recognizes certain vendors as “Authorized Licensed Vendors” of products or merchandise bearing the Fraternity’s name or symbols. These vendors work in cooperation with the Fraternity’s professional staff to develop and market Delta Chi products and services that reflect our Fraternity’s values.

Delta Chi partners with Affinity Consultants to administer licenses, and we are always looking for new quality vendors to add to our program.  If you are interested in becoming licensed to sell Delta Chi products, you can find more information here.