JC McGeary

John Charles McGeary

Membership Coordinator
Colorado State ’18

About Me

John Charles McGeary, Colorado State ’18, grew up in Blaine, Minnesota. John Charles loved sports and was a wrestler throughout high school. Upon moving to Colorado, where he attended Colorado State University and studied Economics, he sought that same brotherhood and camaraderie that sports provided him growing up. This led him to become a Founding Father of the Colorado State Colony.

While an active member of the Colony he served as AMC, “E”, and Greek Week Chair. He also had the opportunity to be a delegate at 2016 Convention and attend a Regional Leadership Conference. These experiences led him to start thinking about a career with Delta Chi. Ultimately, his passion and some influence from alumni convinced him to apply to be a Leadership Consultant.

As a Leadership Consultant he served on the recruitment team at Virginia Tech and assisted in the revitalization project at Colorado State. He also coached over 40 additional chapters. John Charles’ favorite aspect of the job was coaching groups and seeing their growth and progress through the semester and full academic year.

Brother McGeary now serves as the Fraternity’s Membership Coordinator, where he assists chapters in enrolling their members and with chapter billing. He also analyzes membership trends to assist chapter coaches in providing the most efficient resources to chapters.

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