The Delta Chi International Headquarters

3845 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208
9 am - 5pm EST
Closed Weekends/Holidays
Tours Available During Business Hours

International Headquarters Staff


Executive Director & CEO
Senior Director of Field Operations

Operations Team

Director of Finance

Director of Education and Leadership Programs

Jake Tomlin, M.Ed.

Director of Fraternity Services

Director of Member Safety

Director of Fraternity Growth

Director of Meetings & Events

Director of Communications & Publications

Membership Coordinator

Field Staff

Senior Leadership Consultant

Senior Leadership Consultant

Senior Leadership Consultant

Senior Leadership Consultant

Senior Leadership Consultant

Leadership Consultant

The Delta Chi Educational Foundation

314 Church St, Iowa City, IA 52245

Justin Sherman

Chief Administrative Officer

Claudia Jansenius

Foundation Administrator

Peter Lane

Director of Development

Jason Sisk

Annual Giving Coordinator

The Delta Chi Board of Regents

The Board of Regents shall consist of 13 voting positions: nine Regents as elected by the Regions, the Executive Committee (“AA”, “CC”, “DD”), and the Retiring “AA”. The Board of Regents (Board) between Conventions shall be the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity. Subject to the provisions of Delta Chi Law, the Board shall have full and complete legislative powers. These powers shall include granting and revoking charters in accordance with Delta Chi Law, adopting the annual budget, making other policy determinations, and such other powers as are granted by Delta Chi Law.

"AA" International President

"CC" International Secretary


Tom Carroll

"DD" International Treasurer


Ron Martin

Retiring "AA" Past International President


Miles Washburn

Region I


Shaun Hollenbeck

Region II


Josh "Spiff" Klein

Region III


Grant Herrin

Region IV


Mark Sexton

Region V


Max Harper

Region VI


Suraj Maraboyina

Region VII


Jack Rodican

Region VIII


Ben Dundas

Region IX


Gene Dorris