Chapter & Colony Awards


It is the Fraternity’s goal to recognize and promote the achievements of our chapters, colonies, alumni, and advisors on a chapter, colony, regional, and international level.  The awards and recognition program allows chapters and colonies the opportunity to showcase their outstanding or improved performance over the past academic year in each of the Fraternity’s core competencies.

To be eligible for awards, chapters or colonies must be current on all bills to the Fraternity as of June 1. “Current” is defined as having no bills outstanding more than 30 days. IHQ will send an update regarding your eligibility status upon receipt of the packet. A final decision regarding your applications will be communicated to your “A”, “D” and “BB” in June. Chapters and colonies on any level of Corrective Action during an academic year are not eligible for any Composite Awards corresponding to that year.

Delta Chi awards chapter and composite awards based on operational, academic and personal excellence within two divisions, Red and Buff, based on the number of chapters and the percentage of the Greek population on their campus. The Red Division includes campuses with 15 or more fraternity chapters or higher than a 30% fraternity population. The Buff Division consists of campuses with less than 15 chapters or below 30% fraternity membership. The chapters within each division are reevaluated each year.


Chapter and colony award packet submissions are managed through MYDCHI Forms. Please log into your MYDCHI account in order to access FORMS. There, you may submit credentials for the available awards.

Award packets are due (in full) by May 15 of each year.

Once all applications are received, the Fraternity staff objectively evaluates each and every application before recognizing the efforts of our chapters and colonies based upon Delta Chi’s eight core competencies for success: Advising and Governance, Alumni Relations, Financial Management, Housing, Involvement, Manpower, Membership Education, and Scholarship.

Recipients and determination of all Delta Chi Awards will be announced during Convention (or in the month of August during non-Convention years).


There are two categories of awards given for each core competency. The Excellence category denotes a complete mastery of that competency; winners in this category fulfill the many components of each area and often go above and beyond to reach new heights of operations. The Achievement category recognizes chapters and colonies that have made significant improvements in this area of operations.


Advising & Governance awards chapters and colonies that excel in the areas of Alumni Board of Trustees, “BB” Involvement, Faculty Advisor, by-laws, judicial board, and business meetings.  The soundness of the chapter or colony’s operational procedures are an important part of the selection process.


The Alumni Relations recognizes chapters and colonies that shine in the areas of alumni newsletter, the “E” position, alumni events, chapter website and contact records.  These chapters are making significant steps to engage alumni.


The Housing competency addresses the areas of the House Corporation, cleanliness and upkeep of the facility, long-term planning & saving, and delegation of responsibilities among the members.  These award winners have a facility that makes them competitive forces on their respective campuses.


The Involvement area recognizes chapters and colonies that excel in campus involvement & leadership, philanthropy participation, community service initiatives, campus relations, and intramural participation.  These award winners are a visible presence on their campuses and are making a good name for Delta Chi!


Recognition in Manpower is based upon both recruitment and retention within a chapter or colony.  These groups exhibit excellent execution in recruitment planning and practices, and also effectively engage and retain their members through their collegiate experience.


Membership Education awards chapters that go above and beyond in the areas of associate member programming, risk management education, and on-going education.  Recipients of this award also take advantage of many opportunities for further development on their campus and through Delta Chi such as Delta Chi’s “A”s’ Academy, Emerging Leaders Academy, Regional Leadership Conferences, Convention, and other campus/partner programs (such as the NIC’s UIFI).


Recognition in Scholarship is focused on answering the call of our preamble to assist in the acquisition of a sound education. These chapters and colonies are addressing scholarship programming, by-laws enforcement, and academic performance with their members.


The Fraternity’s highest awards that a chapter or colony may receive.  Recipients are selected through a combination of objective and subjective analyses.  A chapter must complete a narrative and all eight core competency award applications to be eligible for any composite award.


Originally called the “Commendable Achievement Award,” this award recognized substantial achievements by chapters. It was later renamed the “Certificate of Achievement” and at the 2012 Convention was renamed again in recognition of Raymond D. Galbreth’s 34 years of service to Delta Chi as Executive Director. It is now granted to groups who reach the third-tier of accomplishment (behind the Award of Excellence and President’s Cup). Both chapters and colonies who submitted a composite award narrative in their awards packet are eligible for selection.  There is no limit on number of recipients in each division (red and buff).

Recipient groups will receive a framed certificate with an embossed coat of arms, bearing the signature of the Executive Director.


The President’s Most Improved Trophy subjectively recognizes significant improvement during the academic year. This award was originally given to whichever chapter came in 2nd place in competition for the President’s Cup. However this did not mean that the chapter had actually made significant improvements. The award was redesigned in the early ’80s when the Red and Buff divisions were developed. Both chapters and colonies are eligible to win the President’s Most Improved Trophy.  There may be no more than one award winner in each division (Red and Buff), selected by the “AA”.

Recipient groups will receive a crystal display trophy with engraved nameplate.


The Award of Excellence was developed in the early ‘80s as a way to recognize Delta Chi’s most high performing chapters. The President’s Cup is selected from among the Award of Excellence recipients. The award of excellence objectively recognizes a chapter for overall outstanding performance and a majority of Delta Chi’s core competencies.  A worthy recipient chapter may receive excellence in five or more core competencies. Both chapters and colonies are eligible to win the Award of Excellence.  There may be no more than six award winners in each division (Red and Buff).

Recipient groups will receive a red velvet shadow box with an engraved metal plate.


The most esteemed and prestigious of the Chapter Composite Awards, the President’s Cup is awarded to the top chapters in each of the two divisions for overall superior performance and programming. The President’s Cup was originally issued to only one Delta Chi chapter until the early ‘80s. During this time, smaller chapters that felt they could not compete with large chapters for awards ushered in the development of the two divisions: Red and Buff. Both chapters and colonies are eligible to win the President’s Cup.  There may be no more than four award winners in each division (Red and Buff), selected by the “AA”.

Recipient groups will receive a gold-plated, customized trophy.