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Delta Chi believes that a lifelong endeavor is about continual growth, both in brotherhood and throughout the course of our members’ entire lives. We believe in the benefits of assisting our brothers through developing their abilities to lead, supporting their continuing education, and giving them a network of like-minded, upstanding men to which they belong.

We rely on our alumni to continue supporting the success of our chapters. Service directly to Delta Chi requires giving of yourself, whether your time, your talent, or your other resources. Without such contributions from our alumni, there will be no assurance of a future for our Fraternity. The fulfillment of one’s lifelong endeavor will enable future generations of young men to experience personal growth through brotherhood.


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Help us locate those brothers who have lost contact with the Fraternity

Delta Chi is dedicated to maintaining relationships with their members and alumni. Search for lost brothers here to update their contact information to help them reconnect with Delta Chi.