Delta Chi believes that a lifelong endeavor is about continual growth, both in brotherhood and throughout the course of our members’ entire lives. We believe in the benefits of assisting our brothers through developing their abilities to lead, supporting their continuing education, and giving them a network of like-minded, upstanding men to which they belong.

We rely on our alumni to continue supporting the success of our chapters. Service directly to Delta Chi requires giving of yourself, whether your time, your talent, or your other resources. Without such contributions from our alumni, there will be no assurance of a future for our Fraternity. The fulfillment of one’s lifelong endeavor will enable future generations of young men to experience personal growth through brotherhood.

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  • Serve a Chapter or Colony as an Advisor

    “BB” (Chapter Advisor)

    The role of “BB” is one of mentoring, advising, fellowship and liaison between student members and alumni. This position is required by Delta Chi Law to be a two-year term to be served by a Delta Chi alumnus and is elected on non-Convention years.


    Alumni Board of Trustees

    The Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) is an advisory and supervisory group of five or more dedicated individuals who, as a team, wish to enhance the experience of Delta Chi. A primary responsibility of the ABT is to oversee the chapter’s financial operations. In addition, the ABT can give advice in areas such as public relations, recruitment, leadership training, scholarship and new member education.


    House Corporation

    Every chapter that has or plans to have housing should have a house corporation to manage its housing affairs. The house corporation must have an owner’s interest in any real property acquired for the chapter and should be the lessee on any rental property. In addition to the involvement of parents, faculty members, local businessmen, and of course alumni, the composition of a house corporation should have a blend of experience and age.


    Faculty Advisor

    The role of the faculty advisor of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of programming coordination, liaison to the university, and member of a chapter/colony academic advising committee. This position is suggested to be a one-semester/quarter term and is best elected during the end of the prior semester/quarter. Some institutions require fraternities to have a faculty advisor to be a recognized student organization.


    Volunteer within a Region

    Vice Regent

    To assist a Regent in carrying out his duties, one or more Vice Regents may be appointed by a Regent for a period from the date of appointment until the next June 15. A Vice Regent may conduct official business on behalf of the Regent of the Region the Vice Regent was appointed to represent, with the consent of said Regent. A Vice Regent need not be a resident of the Region he represents.


    A Regent shall be elected by the chapters and colonies of each Region. A Regent, in order to be eligible for election and service as such, shall be an alumnus living within a Region that he is to represent. The Board of Regents between Conventions shall be the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity. Subject to the provisions of Delta Chi Law, the Board shall have full and complete legislative powers. These powers shall include granting and revoking charters in accordance with Delta Chi Law, adopting the annual budget, making other policy determinations, and such other powers as are granted by Delta Chi Law. No member of the Board of Regents shall serve concurrently as the “BB” or as a member of the Alumni Board of Trustees of a chapter.

    Join an International Committee

    Delta Chi Law

    All amendments to Delta Chi Law, shall be referred to this Committee for consideration. All amendments to Delta Chi Law shall be put in proper form by the Committee. The Committee may at any time review Delta Chi Law, and prepare such amendments as shall be necessary for proper form, context, grammar, and items of similar import having no substantial effect upon the substance and intent of Delta Chi Law.


    The Housing Committee shall recommend to the Board policies for the use of funds provided by the Fraternity from the Housing Fund. It shall be the duty of the Committee to implement these policies and to administer the Housing Fund. In addition, the Committee may recommend to the Board policies and programs regarding housing issues, financial or otherwise. A financial report of the Housing Fund shall be submitted to the chapters with the semi-annual financial report of the Fraternity.


    The Ritual Committee shall respond to any questions directed to the Committee regarding the performance of the Ritual or the Associate Member Ceremony and shall review and place in proper form any proposed amendment to the Ritual or Associate Member Ceremony. The Committee shall forward any proposed amendment to the Ritual or Associate Member Ceremony to the Board for consideration with its recommendation. The Committee shall monitor the performance of the Ritual and Associate Member Ceremony by the chapters and colonies to maintain uniformity throughout the Fraternity. Committee members, insofar as they are capable, shall assist chapter and colonies in the performance of the Ritual and Associate Member Ceremony and exemplifications. The Committee shall administer and supervise any other ceremony of the Fraternity as the Board may establish.


    The Service Committee shall promote service to the community, assist in organizing a fraternity-wide annual week of service, organize community service events in conjunction with Fraternity events and provide campus and community service ideas to chapters for regional and campus events.


    both undergraduate and alumni Brothers are needed to serve on this committee and provide suggestions on Delta Chi media and create content for fraternity publications. This committee meets via conference call.

    Foundation Committees

    The Delta Chi Educational Foundation was incorporated in 1954 as a 501(c)(3), a non-profit educational foundation that can accept tax deductible donations for the benefit of young men in the fraternity. We seek to challenge our brotherhood to a life-long commitment to the fraternal ideals and values, building personal enrichment for posterity.