Alumni Rededication Ceremony

Being a brother of Delta Chi is not just something you do during your undergraduate years. Delta Chi is for life. Your life changes after leaving college and so does your involvement with the Fraternity. This transition from student member to alumnus member is explained through our alumni ceremony just as the transition from associate (pledge) to member was explained during your initiation.

This ceremony is the third step towards full understanding of the values of Delta Chi and your new role as a supporter and mentor for future generations of Delta Chi brothers (the fourth and final step is the Memorial Ceremony). Delta Chi is something you can stay involved with on many different levels well after you have left college. Only with alumni support can we guarantee future generations the opportunity to be Delta Chi brothers.

Your undergraduate chapter/colony should hold alumni ceremonies at least once a year, ideally once a semester, for brothers who are graduating and alumni. To be eligible to go through the ceremony, you must either be graduating within six months of the ceremony or have left college with no plans to return. The fee for going through the ceremony is $33, which contributes to Delta Chi’s alumni programming. You also receive an alumnus lapel pin, membership card and window decal to serve as constant reminders of your renewed dedication to the Fraternity.

Alumni ceremonies are also held at Regional Leadership Conferences and International Conventions, and on occasion by alumni chapters. You are encouraged to contact your undergraduate chapter to see when it is holding its next alumni ceremony. Or, if you live far from your chapter, you can also contact a chapter/colony nearby and they should be able to help you.

The alumni ceremony is NOT to be confused with an alumni initiation: full Ritual initiation of a man who is not in college. Chapters and colonies regularly initiate fathers, uncles and older brothers of current members to increase their alumni base and share the experience with loved ones. Local businessmen, faculty members, and other worthy men can also be alumni initiated into Delta Chi. The only requirements are that they cannot have been initiated into another college social fraternity, they live the values of Delta Chi, and they will meet the financial and paperwork requirements prior to initiation. If you have questions regarding alumni initiations, contact Headquarters Staff.