2016-2021 Strategic Plan


Delta Chi will create and cultivate a lifelong, values-based fraternal experience.


Our mission is to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education

Strategic Initiatives

  • Delta Chi will strive to create a lifelong experience that provides continuity and leadership to the fraternity and Value to the membership. By engaging alumni, Delta Chi will cultivate a lifelong opportunity by providing support to our undergraduate chapters and offering the alumnus an opportunity to experience brotherhood beyond the college years.

    • Increase general alumni attendance by 20% from the 2016 Convention to the 2018 Convention and then 20% from the 2018 Convention to the 2020 Convention
    • Increase “BB” attendance by 35% from the 2016 Convention to the 2018 Convention and then 35% from the 2018 Convention to the 2020 Convention.
    • Increase ABT and House Corporation Members attendance by 20% from the 2016 Convention to the 2018 Convention and then 20% from the 2018 Convention to the 2020 Convention.
    • Develop, collect and measure benchmarks to capture the engagement of our alumni and friends of the Fraternity by 2019 then utilize the data collected to create an Alumni Engagement Plan expanding services and support by 2020.
    • Develop programming and purpose for alumni chapters by 2018 with full implementation with existing chapters by 2019; followed by 20% growth in alumni chapters in 2020.
    • Develop a cultivation program for alumni volunteers by 2018.
      • Convention 101 for alumni 1st Timers
      • Continual and constant database
      • Updates of alumni
  • Education enables Delta Chi to unify its experience, impress our values, and prepare our members for life. Education introduces and frames our expectations and values; it engages our members in a lifelong Delta Chi Experience.

    • Develop training and a certification program for volunteer alumni positions by 2018 with 50% certified by 2021.
    • Develop a continuum of leadership training/academies for members by summer 2020.
    • Develop comprehensive officer and chairman training program geared toward chapter operations by 2018.
    • Members of Delta Chi will graduate at a rate higher that the institutional average of 2020.
  • Delta Chi provides an outstanding fraternal experience. We will grow so that we advance our values and promote our experience.

    • The Fraternity will increase the retention rate of associate members and student members in general by 10% in 2018.
    • Develop a fraternal growth plan that results in five charterings a year by 2020.
    • Present a strategic plan for growing, funding, and staffing fraternity housing from the National Housing Corporation by the 2016 Convention.
    • The Fraternity will increase the number of Associate Members by 10% by 2017 and 10% annually thereafter.
    • Increase the number of Faculty Initiates/Alumni Initiates by 25% for 2018, 30% for 2019, and 50% for 2020.
  • Fraternity is not only about connections between one another but our responsibility to connect and improve our communities and campuses as well. These responsibilities will recruit and retain better men who will continue to have a positive civic impact beyond college. Civic responsibility develops character and advances justice by creating duty and connection to positively impact the lives of others.

    • Develop and update civic responsibility resources for undergraduates and alumni by 2019
    • 10% annual increase of undergraduates participating in a campus or community organization by 2020
    • By 2020, 75% of all chapters adopt a local, service-based organization to support annually
    • 80% chapters/colonies participation with V Foundation by 2018 Convention, 100% participation with V Foundation by 2020 Convention
    • Raise $1.5 Million for the V Foundation between 2016 and 2020 Conventions
    • By 2021, 75% of undergraduate and alumni chapters colonies are participating in Delta Chi’s Week of Service.