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“Lifelong Endeavor”

It marks a significant achievement in our lifelong endeavor when a Brother or Friend of the Delta Chi Fraternity makes a lifelong commitment to supporting the leaders of tomorrow through the Fraternity and the Foundation.

It is with our sincerest gratitude that we acknowledge these driven members of our family by publishing their names in the following lists. Their enduring commitment to a lifetime of giving allows for a brighter future.

Thank you for your continued support of Delta Chi.

Lifetime Giving Status

Last Updated 2/26/2017
An asterisk (*) represents deceased.

New Founders

Upon reaching the milestone of NEW FOUNDER, three (3) identical charcoal portraits will be commissioned. One portrait is presented to the donor’s family, one given to the donor’s chapter, and the final portrait is displayed in the International Headquarters in Iowa City. Additionally, donors who reach this giving level will also receive a key-shaped lapel pin that can be worn at any time and a New Founder’s Medallion, to be worn at International Conventions and other formal affairs. The medallion is the same as the international officers (“AA”, “CC” or “DD”) and Order of the White Carnation, except a purple ribbon is used to dictate the New Founder level of giving.
  • Roy R. Payne, Jr.

    Roy R. Payne, Jr.

    Cornell 1952

    Steven R. Michels

    Steven R. Michels

    Marquette 1987
  • *Clayton T. Roberts

    *Clayton T. Roberts

    Florida 1931


  • *Fredrick B. Hammert

    *Fredrick B. Hammert

    Oklahoma 1960

    David K. Weber

    David K. Weber

    Cornell 1968
    • *Bernhard C. Shaffer

      *Bernhard C. Shaffer

      Penn State 1925
    • *Gene A. Johnson

      *Gene A. Johnson

      Oklahoma State 1958
    • Fei Phil Yang

      Fei Phil Yang

      Abracadabra 1980
    • *James D. Dodson

      *James D. Dodson

      Oklahoma 1958
    • *George W. Obear

      *George W. Obear

      DePauw 1930
    • Robert D. Hendershot

      Robert D. Hendershot

      Purdue 1972
    • *E. Duane Meyer

      *E. Duane Meyer

      Hobart 1958
    • Patrick F. Weber

      Patrick F. Weber

      Oklahoma 1987
    • Miles C. Washburn

      Miles C. Washburn

      Massachusetts 1987
    • *Joseph F. Lacchia

      *Joseph F. Lacchia

      Michigan State 1925
    • Michael L. Carroll

      Michael L. Carroll

      Auburn 1971
    • Lee P. Berlin

      Lee P. Berlin

      Cornell 1958
    • William B. Vollbracht

      William B. Vollbracht

      Kansas 1960
    • Lyle E. Sprinkle

      Lyle E. Sprinkle

      Georgia Tech 1996
    • David G. Falconer

      David G. Falconer

      Michigan 1962
    • Edward Fusco

      Edward Fusco

      Embry-Riddle 1973
    • K. Spence Price

      K. Spence Price

      Embry-Riddle 1971
    • John S. Ziegler

      John S. Ziegler

      Louisiana Tech ’01
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Hoglund, Forrest EKansas1956
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Alderdice, Patrick JBall State1992
    Arnold, RodTexas A&M1988
    Crown, Timothy AKansas1986
    Flick, Philip HIllinois1953
    Heckman, Gregory AIllinois1984
    Isett, Donald GKansas1928
    Linn, LaVon PNebraska1938
    Mellen, JonIdaho1960
    Zwickey, Francis LMichigan State1924
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Bohlman, Paul WOhio State1970
    Cloutier, David CEmbry-Riddle1992
    Cole, Robert EMichigan1962
    Cook, Earl  
    Elfervig MD, John LarsLouisiana Tech 
    Gandelot Jr., Howard KMichigan1964
    Gerdes, JoeMiami1938
    Johnson, Victor TPurdue1932
    LaPlante, Donald ESouthern California 
    Marascio, James MichaelBryant1993
    Mica, John LFlorida1967
    Monk, Marcus GaryAuburn1965
    Plotkin, Joel FMaryland1989
    Tunila, John GConnecticut1981
    White, Marsh WPenn State 
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Benson, Carl APurdue1932
    Blankenship, Brian DavidGeorgia Tech1998
    Borelli, Raymond FIllinois1958
    Bradley III, Francis RTexas1989
    Fabozzi, Ralph JEmbry-Riddle1973
    Hauser Esq., Gregory FrancisMichigan State1975
    Hellems, Harper KMichigan1962
    Hunter, James PEmbry-Riddle1975
    Johnson, Monte L.Ohio State1969
    Kendig, Lane HomerMichigan1962
    Kennedy, James MMichigan1963
    Koenig Jr., Herbert EMichigan1963
    Maher, Daniel CMichigan1976
    McGuire, Charles BMichigan1965
    Moriarty, Michael JOshkosh1971
    Phelan, Patrick JEmbry-Riddle1972
    Scafe, Ronald WMichigan1977
    Sparling, G StevenWestern Michigan1988
    Thorp, Donald KIllinois1985
    Tiedemann, Waldemar DEmbry-Riddle1977
    Wilkerson, W DeanLouisiana Tech1992
    Wolett, Chad MarcArizona State1994
    Wymer, Steven SIllinois1985
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Baker, Deryl RayMississippi State2001
    Beinke, Jonathan EricGeorgia Tech1994
    Broad, John WarrenMichigan1960
    Brooks, Fred RAbracadabra1940
    Cazel, John MerelIllinois1956
    Cheng, Robert  
    Christel, Eric CurtGeorgia Tech1994
    Deville, Daniel RayLouisiana Tech2002
    Dewrell, Bobby LeFrankTroy State1995
    Drew, Earl HazenIllinois1929
    Farley Jr., Donald TCornell1955
    Field, Anthony RobertSacramento2004
    Galbreth Sr., Raymond DouglasMissouri1969
    Goff, Stacey WMississippi State1987
    Hatmaker Jr PE, John WMississippi State1979
    Holmes, John WMichigan1965
    Jenkins, John AMichigan1957
    Joyce, Joseph VictorGeorgia Tech1994
    Koziel, Michael GMichigan1973
    Maizel, Richard WCornell1968
    Mancuso, Charles AFlorida State1984
    Moskos, Michael JDePauw1985
    Otto, Aaron AlanKansas State1998
    Park, Edward JunkuGeorgia Tech1997
    Peters, Barry JWestern Michigan1989
    Richhart, James WMichigan1964
    Sackrison, Jane  
    Sattler, Jonathan KAppalachian State1987
    Solondz, Marc AIndiana1987
    Sousa, Kenneth JesseBryant 
    Strasma, Norman EDePauw1955
    Tanner, L EugeneIndiana1955
    Trust, George S. and Marcella S. Graves 
    Turk, J DonaldFlorida1968
    VanBuren, Ryan EdwardMississippi State1996
    Wilson ASID, Robert AIllinois1958
    Wood Esq., Barry CharlesMichigan1961
    Woolbright, Michael VLong Beach1986
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Ament, Warren WMichigan1960
    Andrews Jr, Clyde HIllinois1930
    Ascher, James JKansas1952
    Asmar, Mitchell MMississippi State1973
    Baird, Stephen EarlMichigan1964
    Barbour, Philip LCornell1920
    Baulch, Howard SS.M.U.1976
    Bix, Peter MEmbry-Riddle1980
    Boudreau, Michael KeithGeorgia Tech1993
    Brehmer, Carl RArizona State1960
    Butler, Jason NeilCentral Missouri1999
    Carpenter, David ShanMississippi State1992
    Carroll, Phillip JasonMississippi State2000
    Clarkson, Lawrence WilliamDePauw1960
    Cook, Chauncey W WTexas1930
    Corson, John KEmbry-Riddle1991
    Curtin, Timothy JMichigan1964
    Damle, Ratheen ChintamaniTexas2001
    Eggertsen, John HaleMichigan1968
    Entzminger, David JIdaho1976
    Espich, Dale EDePauw1951
    Foretich II, Charles JMississippi State1986
    Gies Jr., Larry WIllinois1988
    Goldstein, Steve & Valerie 
    Haggerty, Andrew ReedNew Mexico State2003
    Hall, George MartinGeorgia Tech1993
    Henley, William LMississippi State1992
    Henslee, Steven LOklahoma State1975
    Hoerrner, Louis MarkKennesaw2010
    Holsclaw, Douglas SArizona1925
    Hughes, Daniel RMichigan1974
    Jackson, Henry MWashington1934
    Jochims, Jeffrey TIllinois1989
    Kaiser PhD, Gregory JMichigan1961
    Knaus, Alan LeeMichigan1966
    Kretovich, Duncan JMichigan1966
    LaGore, Richard KWestern Michigan1964
    Lahr, Leland ADePauw1952
    Levinson, John TMichigan1973
    LoCicero, Brian PMarquette1988
    Long, Jeffrey WIllinois1974
    Lynn, Lyle AIowa1934
    Mahne, Jamie LloydMississippi State1996
    Majchrzak, Paul RMichigan1975
    Manuel, Robert WarrenMississippi State1998
    Mitchell, Julie E.  
    Morrey, Frank JohnMichigan1964
    Murphy, Joseph FrancisNorthern Illinois1999
    Niemann, Alan POklahoma State1982
    Picciani, Paul LouisConnecticut1989
    Reeder, Kenneth RDenison1974
    Russell, Kendall CMichigan1977
    Snook, Keith BrinkmannLouisiana Tech1996
    Stakenas, Robert GMichigan1955
    Stinson, John LMichigan1975
    Stovall, Thomas MMississippi State1967
    Sweeney, Donald DavidMichigan1994
    Tallman, William RussellEmbry-Riddle1995
    Thompson, EugeneIdaho1946
    Underwood DDS, Jimmie JKansas1951
    Voris, Frank KIllinois1961
    Whitman, Paul PatrickMississippi State1997
    Wiarda Ph.D., HowardMichigan1961
    Wicks, Stephen WilliamGeorgia Tech2001
    Yull III, William FWhitewater1982
    Zergiebel, Charles LPurdue1953
    Zolot, Stuart MPenn State1975
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Bermensolo, Alan TIdaho1976
    Boehlje, Boyd WayneIowa State1961
    Brown, Marquez LamarIowa2001
    Christensen, Scott GIllinois1984
    Clapp, Roger CMississippi State1989
    Cole, BradSouthern Illinois1993
    Dooley, Andrew LeeMississippi State1998
    Edmunds, Thomas EGeorgia1978
    Elliott, Arthur GMichigan State1938
    Farmer CPA CMA, Geoffrey LOhio State1971
    Gioffredi, John MIowa State1978
    Goczalk, Anthony CEmbry-Riddle1977
    Holmes, Jason MatthewMississippi State1999
    Johnson, Christopher WKentucky1977
    Jue, Patrick Wai YuenMississippi State1995
    Kauders, Richard FCornell1969
    Klinefelter, Scott ThomasNorthern Iowa1976
    Luders, Brian FrederickGeorgia Tech 
    Martin, Ronald JNew Haven1987
    Mason, Matthew ScottGeorgia Tech2001
    Matt III, Joseph JMichigan1972
    McCallum, Edward FKansas1956
    Melvin MD, John LewisOhio State1955
    Neirinck, Joseph CBall State1963
    Paulsen, Richard HenryEmbry-Riddle1997
    Plumly Jr., Francis LPenn State1946
    Pucin, Michael JackIllinois1931
    Riddett Jr, Robert GLehigh1974
    Ruppel, Phillip ASouthern Illinois1965
    Schoenherr, Jeffrey AMichigan1991
    Schramka, Mark PatrickNorthwestern 
    Shelby, John MSacramento1986
    Shriver, Keith RFlorida1979
    Shubert, L ElliotKansas City1966
    Smith, Stephen WArizona1966
    Tate, John FIdaho1964
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Abolt, Mark AIllinois1981
    Ahlberg, Albin CChicago-Kent1920
    Alex, James SOregon State1974
    Allgauer, Harry GPurdue1952
    Arenberg Jr, J TIllinois1947
    Arens, John TPenn State1937
    Bannan, James AlanMichigan State1966
    Beardsley, Kevin JosephKettering-B2001
    Boyd, Smith DLivingston1974
    Braun, Paul EdwardOklahoma1959
    Brogan, John CIllinois1936
    Campbell, Van AIdaho1978
    Caplan, Gordon RCornell1988
    Chenoweth MD, Richard GlennIllinois1958
    Chisholm, Thomas HS.M.U.1947
    Christman, Oliver LPenn State1920
    Conrad, Carlton JamesMiami1964
    Conrad, Sean WilliamGorham State1997
    Covey, Travis JohnNew Mexico State2003
    Crawford, Brian MarshallGeorgia Tech1992
    Crawford, Craig BradleyIllinois1997
    Davis, Ivan WIllinois1925
    DeLong, Charles CIllinois1926
    Dorner, John DIllinois State1991
    Drews, David WilliamGeorgia Tech 
    Duggan, James MIllinois1991
    Edenfield, John AllenGeorgia Tech2006
    Freeman, Travis WIllinois1947
    Fromm, Peter ASacramento1969
    Geary CAE, Michael VaughanFlorida1990
    Geiger Jr, Richard HIllinois1978
    Gilmore, Solon BKansas1946
    Glaser Jr, William AustinLehigh 
    Glasgow Jr, Thomas WMichigan State1968
    Goltermann, Carl HIllinois1950
    Graham, James GIllinois1981
    Granat Jr, FrankWashington1951
    Graves Jr, Frank LTexas1955
    Hainline, Jeffrey WIllinois1977
    Hale, David FJacksonville State1970
    Henson, Stephen DLouisiana Tech 
    Hogan, Thomas EIllinois1981
    Honig, O CharlesTexas1940
    Hopkins, George LIowa State1961
    Horowitz, Thomas SMichigan State1987
    Hoy, Luther WilliamPenn State1938
    Humphrey, William EPurdue1985
    Jones Jr, Gordon LSouthern California1951
    Kaiser, Robert EOhio State1951
    Kerstetter, Eric LaurenAuburn2000
    Kessler, Alvin BLSU1950
    Kirklin, Edward  
    Korch III, Peter PJohnstown1984
    Kreider, Matthew DouglasMississippi State2000
    Kubica, Jock KEmbry-Riddle1974
    Lambacher, David  
    Leasure IV, William CarltonGeorgia Tech1993
    Levine, David SIllinois1984
    Leyerle, Albert HOhio State1954
    Lies, Kenneth MIllinois1981
    Long, Shane PatrickGeorgia Tech1999
    Looney, Michael TimothyGeorgia Tech1992
    Luders, Brandon DouglasGeorgia Tech2006
    Majestic, Michael EWashington State1990
    Mansueti, Christopher DMichigan State1982
    Mansueti, Joan  
    Marshall, CharlesIllinois1951
    Marsho, Richard SIllinois1962
    Mathews, Raymond AIllinois1976
    McAlister, Roger KDePauw1975
    McCarty, Timothy JIllinois1989
    Merlin, William FFlorida1980
    Missimer, Harold APenn State1966
    Mohler, Max EdwardIndiana1960
    Monroe, Thomas OMichigan State1947
    Moye USMC, Joseph EdwardAppalachian State1998
    O’Brien, Michael EmileMississippi State2002
    Odell, William LIllinois1980
    Page, James DAlabama1953
    Perkins, William JerryOklahoma State1968
    Petit MD, Donald WStanford1936
    Powell, Mark AndrewGeorgia Tech2006
    Prohaska Jr., Matthew GregoryGeorgia Tech2006
    Putney, Mark WIowa1951
    Riedling, Timothy ShawnLouisville1989
    Rose, Milton JIllinois1929
    Russell, Stephen LeoGeorgia Tech2002
    Ryan, Gavin MMiami1982
    Schmidt Jr., John BIllinois1982
    Schmitt, Edward W.American1995
    Schoenherr, Richard AllenMichigan 
    Schulte, John HSoutheast Missouri1980
    Sheikh, Mahmood Ur-RahmanIdaho2001
    Sides, Bryce AIllinois1956
    Smith Jr, Ralph WS.M.U.1932
    Snapp, William RayMississippi State1998
    Snyder, Kenneth MIllinois1930
    Stanford, Ernest MichaelOklahoma State1970
    Storey, James FJacksonville State1963
    Sweet, W DeanOhio State1949
    Tatum, Thaddeus AS.M.U.1968
    Tucker, Neil EKansas State1973
    Uhlorn, Jesse JosephIdaho2002
    Unks PhD, GeraldIllinois1958
    Valder Jr, Charles BAugusta1982
    Washburn, Elizabeth C.  
    Welles USMCR, Jeffrey LOhio State1975
    Westfall, Steve DIdaho1975
    Westmoreland, Earl FMississippi State1973
    Williams, William A.J.Gannon1983
    Woods, Jeffrey LMissouri1989
    Young Jr, Luther MAuburn1969
    Zung, MichaelTexas1992
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Adams, Bruce AlfredLSU2007
    Alexander, James R.  
    Anderson, Robert ETexas1968
    Anderson, Stephen FEastern Illinois1972
    Andrews, Jimmy DeeGeorgia Tech1992
    Arenberg MD, Douglas AIllinois1986
    Aschom, Kenneth AMichigan State1976
    Audlehelm, Larry PIowa1971
    Austin, Steven HOklahoma State1975
    Avery, Kirk MonroeGeorgia Tech 
    Banvard AIA, Navy FOhio State1980
    Barnes, Matthew ThomasEmbry-Riddle1995
    Beavers, Charles EdwardLouisville1985
    Bedsole Jr, James TS.M.U.1941
    Behny, Hugh ESouthern California1947
    Behr USAF(Ret.), Stephen EMississippi State1973
    Bell, Kevin ReedGeorgia Tech2009
    Benson, Carl RichardS.M.U.1960
    Black, Shaun KevinGeorgia Tech2004
    Blaha, Michael CIllinois1984
    Bohannon, Paul MOklahoma State1972
    Boone, Jeffrey TSacramento1986
    Borelli, Mark RIllinois1981
    Bossart, Steven PKent State1990
    Brink, Kenneth HCornell1971
    Broadie, Eric JermaineFlorida1999
    Brooks, Phillip AlanKettering-B2002
    Buel, Kenneth AIllinois1957
    Bunyan III, William PKansas1961
    Caperton Jr, John FS.M.U.1949
    Carlson, David RIllinois1984
    Carrigan, Daniel RIllinois1986
    Carroll III, Thomas LeeHayward1998
    Chananie, Douglas AdamEast Carolina2007
    Cheatham, Charles A.Louisiana Tech1988
    Chung, Chi HoonGeorgia Tech1998
    Clark, John  
    Clarke, Robert  
    Clayton, Ronald DIllinois1954
    Cole, Kelvin RCentral Missouri1970
    Coleman, JeffersonAlabama1929
    Conklin, David ScottNorthwest Missouri1988
    Connell, Frederick HAlabama1965
    Cook, Robin ErrolIllinois2004
    Cooper III, Doyle ErwinEmbry-Riddle1995
    Copeland, John GIndiana1949
    Corlew, Michael TMississippi State1973
    Coullard, Jeremy BSyracuse1969
    Cox, James AIllinois1979
    Cox Jr., John CS.M.U.1942
    Crawford, Christopher SwainIllinois1995
    Crawford, James FSyracuse1969
    Cryderman, Keith RKansas State1963
    Czapla DDS, Marc EIllinois1983
    Davis, James ReedAppalachian State2002
    Dean Esq, John MiltonOsgoode Hall1967
    DeFazio, Joseph JFredonia1992
    Deley, Anthony LIllinois1985
    DeMarco, Joseph AFlorida1956
    Denton II, Gerald DMississippi State1986
    Di Santo, Daniel WilliamIllinois2004
    DiBernardi, Berardino JCalifornia Univ-PA1976
    Dickerson MD FACEP, Michael MArizona1978
    DiGiacomo II, Joseph PaulIllinois2003
    Donnelly, Justin CorneliusKent State2002
    Dundas, Benjamin DavidSouth Florida2009
    Dwight Jr, Nelson WKansas City1969
    Dykes Jr, James FEmbry-Riddle1978
    Eason, Robert JLehigh1975
    Edds, Robert KTri-State1972
    Edwards, David RGeorgia Southern1986
    Eller, Barry AFlorida1971
    Elliott, Zachary SamuelGeorgia Tech1999
    English, James EWestern Michigan1989
    Fawcett, Sherwood LOhio State1941
    Ferrara, James VMichigan State1981
    Fielder MD, Dennis LeeFlorida1966
    Fitzgerald, MarkConnecticut1979
    Fletchall, Stanley WMissouri Western1976
    Flynn MD, Martin EMichigan State1979
    Gaebe, James RIllinois1959
    Galvin, John MillerIndiana1954
    Garfrerick, Andrew AlanGeorgia Tech2009
    Garvey, James MConnecticut1984
    Garvey Sr, John CS.M.U.1963
    Gault, David RIllinois State1981
    Geiselhart, David PIllinois1987
    Gentile, Alexander JosephGeorgia Tech2008
    Giacomuzzi, Paul JEmbry-Riddle1978
    Gitzendanner, Michael JonTri-State1999
    Godsy, Brian DHuntsville1981
    Goebel, Mark CDePauw1978
    Goecker, MaxBall State1988
    Goel, Ankur VishalGeorgia Tech2003
    Golaszewski, Thomas GIllinois1985
    Goldberg, Steven HConnecticut1989
    Golden, Scott EIllinois1984
    Graff, Michael EdwardGeorgia Tech2001
    Gunther, Russell J PIowa State1989
    Hacker, Ronald FMiami1963
    Hadley, Warren EIowa State1961
    Haeberle, Warren KMarquette1978
    Hanway, Kent AIdaho1985
    Harlor, David LDePauw1978
    Hedderich, John CPurdue1960
    Heeren, Brian CIndiana1986
    Herchenrider, Milton WPenn State1948
    Herkimer, Lawrence RS.M.U.1948
    Hluszczyk, Roman DanielEmbry-Riddle1999
    Hong, CharlieArizona1995
    Horn, Michael ClaireOshkosh1968
    Horn, Paul DeanArizona1964
    Hornyak, Jeffrey SEmbry-Riddle1990
    Hosman USA Ret, Henry RIllinois1959
    Hurt, John EIndiana1935
    Iftiger, Allen PSouthern California1990
    Johnson, Bobby JoeMississippi State1963
    Johnson, R CharltonSouthern California1940
    Jones, Kevin PhilipIdaho2000
    Jones, Ronald WIdaho1985
    Karnuta, Daniel MPenn State1985
    Kater Jr, Guilford COhio State1951
    Kell, Kevin JIllinois1973
    Kensil, Dwight HEastern Illinois1980
    Kessler, Robert LPurdue1936
    Killingsworth, Steven MatthewKansas State2002
    Kinkelaar, Michael JIllinois1979
    Kitchell, Neal EDePauw1972
    Klein, Herbert GSouthern California1940
    Klein, Robert FrancisJohnstown1974
    Knapp, Stephen WesleeGeorgia Tech1998
    Koelsch, Eric WIdaho1974
    Kruger, Richard RTri-State 
    Kwiatek, Jarrett ThomasTexas2000
    LaBouy Jr, Robert PWashington1966
    Lancaster, Andrew MacArthorMississippi State1997
    Landis, Donald HPenn State1962
    Landstrom, Mark EOregon State1983
    Larson Jr, Eric MIllinois1935
    Law, Mark A.Iowa1997
    Lawder, Keith BenjaminGeorgia Tech2004
    Leach, James FPenn State1991
    Leahy, Timothy JIllinois1982
    Leinbach, Joseph KleinCornell1957
    Levin, Steven FIllinois State1985
    Lewis, Jeffrey I.D.Connecticut1983
    Lindemann PharmD, John A.S.Illinois1950
    Loseman, Edward ALong Beach1972
    Lu, CharlesGeorgia Tech2013
    Lukens, Donald EOhio State1954
    Lyngaas, Stuart KWhitewater1973
    MacGregor, Charles WMichigan1929
    Mack, George ESouthern California 
    Marois, Christopher PFlorida1988
    Maroney, Dennis JConnecticut1989
    Mason, Von EPurdue1960
    McCoig, Kenneth TaylorEmbry-Riddle2002
    McComb, James GMichigan1961
    McCoy Jr, Ronald DAugusta1984
    McGough Jr, William MAlabama1970
    McKaig, Richard NBall State1966
    McMurtrey, Timothy WIdaho1980
    McNamee II, James WMiami1962
    McNorton, ClaudeAuburn 
    Meckes, R. DouglasAuburn1971
    Merrick, Kenneth LDePauw1948
    Miendersma, Dennis LEmbry-Riddle1972
    Miller II, Vernon RPurdue1985
    Monroe, William RMichigan State1943
    Moore, David MIdaho1968
    Moore Jr., T JeffJacksonville State1971
    Morehead, David JDePauw1953
    Moreno, Anthony COklahoma State1988
    Mork, William JohnS.M.U.1965
    Morrison, Kevin KLong Beach1975
    Morrissey, Michael KevinFullerton1982
    Mouw, ArmandFlorida1949
    Murray, Geoffrey CEmbry-Riddle1987
    Murray, James MichaelLouisiana Tech1995
    Myers, Harold CPenn State1936
    Nadler, Michael DCornell1956
    Nash, Russell KConnecticut1975
    Nelson, David EArizona1981
    Nelson, Eric WNYU1937
    Norton, Herbert WayneMontevallo1982
    Norton, Roy TCornell1953
    Nothnagel, Larry KTruman State1979
    Oberholtzer Jr, Roland WPenn State1936
    Oustalet Jr, Arthur MLSU1944
    Paiste III, D PPenn State1931
    Paul, Arloe WIowa State1933
    Peranio, Kevin F.Texas1998
    Pierce, Daniel JohnIdaho1999
    Pilas, Theodore AnthonyMontclair1996
    Pinkham, Stanley KCentral Missouri1978
    Pitchford, Kevin BWest Virginia Tech1986
    Poundstone, Lawrence RAbracadabra1934
    Poyer, Robert KBall State1973
    Prior, Richard PFullerton1987
    Rahe, Charles PSouthern Illinois1965
    Rakestraw, Jeffrey MatthewsHuntsville1992
    Reavis, Drew MaconNorth Carolina State1995
    Reed, Scott AIllinois1981
    Regan, Michael ENew Haven1983
    Reisz, Paul WAbracadabra1982
    Roberts, Easton RSouthern California1934
    Rockwell, Thomas AIowa1981
    Ross, William PaulPurdue1952
    Ruemmler Jr, Clifford POklahoma1987
    Russo, Jon MConnecticut1989
    Saigal, RajivGeorgia Tech2000
    Schau, George ESouthern Illinois1976
    Schimming, David W.Georgia Tech1992
    Schroeder, John RIllinois1969
    Schussler, Edward GDePauw1965
    Sedgwick USA(Ret.), Clyde NOregon State1957
    Seelinger, Brian MatthewAmerican1998
    Senn, Michael EEmbry-Riddle1991
    Sheahan Sr, James PMissouri1979
    Shepard, Kenneth LLong Beach1977
    Shigematsu, Corey CharlesSouthern California1997
    Shockley, Steven GeraldGeorgia Tech1992
    Simmons USAF, Kevin HLouisiana Tech1987
    Smith, Zane BIowa1966
    Snook, Stuart DouglasLouisiana Tech1993
    Snook, Terry DenisLouisiana Tech 
    Snyder, Daniel WIllinois1950
    Spangler, John FPenn State1958
    Spiczka, Laura  
    Steinberg, David MClemson1992
    Stopp USN, David MichaelGeorgia Tech2001
    Stout, Michael GDePauw1978
    Stowers, Ronald GFlorida State1981
    Strahan, Daryl JohnIllinois1960
    Strombeck, Paul ECentral Missouri1970
    Suhrheinrich, Richard FWayne State1958
    Tharp RPh, RCPH, David MGeorgia1972
    Thiems, Stephen EIllinois1965
    Thokey, James WTexas1941
    Thompson, Joseph MIllinois1934
    Thornton, Samuel APenn State1966
    Thrailkill, Robert WFlorida1974
    Timberlake, Charles E.Miami1954
    Trammel, Matthew RogerEmbry-Riddle2002
    Tully, Richard LOhio State1957
    Tuomala, David MMinnesota1990
    Unterbrink, Trent JustinTri-State1998
    van Loben Sels, M JStanford1932
    Vice, Jon EAlabama1970
    Vieira, Gary RNortheastern1976
    Viola III, Thomas FNew Haven1982
    Vondrick, Glen DArizona1978
    Walker, Jason MichaelArizona State2005
    Waltz, Keith ABall State1982
    Waples, Matthew ChristopherGeorgia Tech2015
    Warner, John RDePauw1943
    Weir, Steven TGorham State1975
    Weiss, Keenan BodreeTexas Tech2012
    Welsh, Michael JIllinois State 
    White, John PTexas Tech 
    Williams, Stantley B.Alabama1960
    Winkler, Theodore BPenn State1939
    Winter, Kenneth JEastern Illinois1975
    Wolniewicz, Matthew JMissouri State1988
    Wood, Elliott Richard JonesGeorgia Tech2007
    Woodward, John DS.M.U.1932
    Wright, David BEmbry-Riddle1978
    Yim, Michael Soo-HuckGeorgia Tech1993
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Abel, Douglas HWashington1955
    Abernathy, Roger ETexas1950
    Accetta, Alex ALong Beach1975
    Ackerson, Steven RNorthern Iowa1976
    Adams, Craig HDePauw1990
    Adams, Daniel JeffreyMississippi State1998
    Adams, Steven LNorthern Iowa1981
    Adolphi PhD, Ronald LWashington1968
    Agger, Calvin KIllinois1949
    Albano USAF(Ret.), Anthony WFlorida1975
    Albright, Jeffrey HChico1987
    Almand, James WylieFlorida1972
    Amstadter MD, Robert LUCLA1957
    Anastasio, Martin RConnecticut1963
    Anderson, Charles FIowa State1949
    Anderson, James ArnoldWashington State 
    Andrasko, Gary SAlabama1975
    Anton, Sid EdwardMichigan State1950
    Anton EdD, Tod ASouthern California1951
    Arenberg, Timothy PIllinois1979
    Armstrong, John DDePauw1940
    Ashley Jr, John MTexas1943
    Askew USA(Ret.), Vernon EOklahoma State1956
    Ault, Dennis ABall State1972
    Avery, Jordan GregoryGeorgia Tech2014
    Bagley, Edgar SUCLA1935
    Bailitz, John MichaelIllinois1995
    Baldwin, William MStanford1963
    Ball, Jon WIllinois1976
    Barnett Jr., Morris MorrisOregon State1941
    Bartlett, James RDePauw1966
    Bauch MI,OSF, Basil TPurdue 
    Beams, Glen JIndiana1938
    Beardsley, Robert AIowa1983
    Beck, John CAuburn1977
    Becker, Albert BWashington1964
    Becker, David BDePauw1975
    Becker, Garth DPenn State1953
    Bedell, George DMichigan State1941
    Beerman, Ronald ScottMiami1996
    Bell, Jeffrey CArizona1980
    Benbow, Robert FIllinois1961
    Bence, Robert LPurdue1928
    Bennett, David LMichigan State1982
    Bennett, James AMississippi State1976
    Bennett, Richard WIdaho1967
    Bennett, Robert FIdaho1976
    Bennett, Robert BCentral Michigan1990
    Berg, Douglas RIllinois1983
    Bergman, Kenneth AIowa1951
    Betzoldt, Jeffrey KColorado1985
    Beukenkamp, Christopher JohnGeorgia Tech1997
    Bevirt, Joseph LMissouri1953
    Beyer, Vernon FMiami1959
    Bianchi, Stephen MNortheastern1979
    Bibus, Nathan ThomasIowa State1997
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    Bingham, JimiSouthern California1979
    Bizzell DMD, Steven JLouisville1988
    Black, AlexKentucky1929
    Blackburn, Gerald WTexas1936
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    Bobo, Arlie RFlorida1970
    Bock, Lowren AOhio State1955
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    Born Jr, Phillip EIdaho1977
    Branch, Robert LeeLSU1949
    Braun MD, Michael GordonIllinois1994
    Brightman DVM, Alan HKansas1967
    Brown, Garrett NeilIdaho1999
    Brown, Harry ReeceDePauw1930
    Brown, Thomas GAppalachian State1990
    Brue, Chad AlexanderColorado1995
    Bryant Jr, J RoyceAlabama1957
    Bryden, Joel HSan Diego1979
    Buchanan, Richard HIowa State1958
    Buck, Gary SIllinois State1979
    Buffham, Walter ScottOklahoma State1985
    Burkell, John PaulBehrend1996
    Burkell, Michael  
    Burkhart, Gleim SMiami1934
    Burney, Donald MOhio State1952
    Busta, Milan GOhio State1946
    Byers III, John RCornell1954
    Caffrey, Kevin RobertGannon2006
    Cain, JeffFlorida1975
    Campbell, Robert DavidIdaho1996
    Capps, Brian ECentral Missouri1978
    Capps, Edward GAppalachian State1986
    Caraway, Todd GriffinFlorida1994
    Carmichael, Clark LIowa State1958
    Carneal, Thomas WNorthwest Missouri 
    Carp, Craig AllenBeaufort2015
    Carpenter PhD, John MPenn State1957
    Carper, Timothy JIdaho1979
    Cartwright, Kenneth JOklahoma1986
    Cash, Ryan PatrickGeorgia Tech2008
    Cass, Robert GOklahoma State1984
    Castillo, Alvaro JoseLong Beach1997
    Caulkins USN (Ret), Gary WCal Poly1968
    Cavalli, Paul GWestern Michigan1972
    Cazel, Gregory MIllinois1984
    Champ, Charles AMichigan State1954
    Charles, Ed SOhio State1934
    Chenoweth, Richard IAuburn1972
    Chesley, George IMichigan State1964
    Christ, Wayne AIowa State1979
    Christman Jr, Arthur CPenn State1944
    Claflin, Matthew J.Louisiana Tech1999
    Clapper, David MMichigan State1970
    Cleage Jr, Ralph TAuburn1970
    Clements, J LeeEmbry-Riddle1980
    Clements, William MWashington1958
    Clemmons, Gordon LS.M.U.1941
    Code, Thomas EIowa State1953
    Cole MD, Charles MIowa1937
    Cole, Leland DeanKansas1961
    Coleman, Gary RobertMarquette 
    Coleman, John ECornell1929
    Colton, J FerrellArizona1937
    Comaford, Carter MStanford1958
    Comings, Everett LWashington1960
    Connally, FrederickTexas1925
    Conroy, John CMichigan1950
    Cook, Linda S.  
    Cooper, Arthur RaySacramento1968
    Coppola, Albert AConnecticut1955
    Corbett, Steven AValdosta1977
    Cornelius, Rhes HArizona1924
    Costner, Kevin MFullerton1977
    Courant, David ROregon State1969
    Cousley, JohnPenn State1939
    Cove, Jeffrey ASouthern California1968
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    Cox, Paul ASacramento1987
    Cram Jr MD, O RKansas1940
    Cripe, Michael JDePauw1963
    Crutchfield, E BryantAuburn1959
    Cuffel, Dennis KIndiana1986
    Cummins, Clark HMinnesota1956
    Curriden, Daniel ELehigh1990
    Curry, Parnell SSouthern California1949
    D’Ambrosio, Anthony RYoungstown1970
    D’Angelo Jr, HoraceMichigan State1957
    Dabney Jr, William YS.M.U.1944
    Dabran, Mark SCentral Michigan1984
    Dade USAF(Ret ), Robert WAuburn1968
    Dalgetty, David DrewIdaho2000
    Dallet, Drew MKent State1993
    Daniels USAF(Ret.), John FIllinois1961
    Davidson, Leslie JOklahoma State1966
    Davis, Steven GCentral Missouri1986
    Davison, Owen RDePauw1937
    Davy, Michael RaymondMankato2001
    Day, Russell RussellTexas1950
    De Line, D DickMichigan1950
    De Nardi, Joseph MMiami1927
    Dean, Frank SWashington1958
    Dean, Gary MEastern Illinois1974
    DeBari, David LFlorida1984
    DeCicco, Daniel JosephGeorgia Tech2001
    Deer, Loren ADePauw1934
    Deering, John JColumbia1929
    DeGraff, Richard BFlorida1971
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    DeLee Jr., J ScottS.M.U.1943
    Dent, David RDePauw1963
    Deppert, Paul WDePauw1947
    Derwort, John EdwardEastern Illinois1968
    Desens, Stephen MMinnesota1970
    Deys, Gary JonHobart1966
    Dickens, David MDePauw1987
    Dickson, Stanley BMichigan State1947
    Diefenbach, William RConnecticut1983
    Dietz, Arthur HWashington1956
    Dinneen, James MLehigh1964
    Dittmore, William AMichigan State1965
    Dixon, ScottIllinois1976
    Dobey, James KAbracadabra1940
    Domke, Christopher JIllinois1986
    Dorney, Matthew ThomasEmbry-Riddle1997
    Doty, David SMinnesota1952
    Douglas, Andrew JOregon State1977
    Douglass, Keith MKansas City1979
    Douville, Christopher JSacramento1986
    Dover, Kenneth EMissouri1980
    Dow, Dana LGorham State1973
    Dramm, John EIllinois1950
    Driemeier, Donald HDePauw1960
    Driscoll CPCU, Russell HFlorida1957
    Dryden, Jack CKansas1953
    Dulaney, Edwin WMississippi State1968
    Duncan, Cabe TrentGeorgia Tech2005
    Dunn, John TPenn State1937
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    Eason, James DLehigh1984
    Eberle, John EdwardOsgoode Hall1955
    Eddins, Quinn EugeneMarquette1994
    Edgerly, Robert EPenn State1943
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    Ehrhart, Matthew SIllinois1983
    Ellingsworth, Rich PCornell1970
    Elliott QC, Harold HOsgoode Hall1955
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    Enright, Donald EOregon State1965
    Eskew, Gary GeneIdaho1968
    Evans, Charles MPenn State1932
    Evans, Joshua PatrickMassachusetts2010
    Fackler, Neil EDenison1976
    Fagre, Roland AIowa State1943
    Farmer, David Richard  
    Farrell, Byron LeePurdue1962
    Farrell, Walter JStanford1951
    Farris, John DanielTroy State 
    Faubert, Dale JChico1989
    Feder, David MarkIllinois1985
    Feldman, William MIllinois1975
    Ferguson, Ernest  
    Field Jr, B FiskeDePauw1947
    Fifer, Mark AndrewSouth Florida2010
    Fioravanti, PieroWhitewater1992
    Fish, Timothy MichaelEmbry-Riddle2004
    Fleck, LindsayS.M.U.1952
    Flynn, George MIllinois1977
    Force, Ronald WIowa State1963
    Frame, Robert RPenn State1953
    Frattin, Daniel RobertEmbry-Riddle1996
    Friestad, James EIllinois1978
    Fuqua, Donald DLivingston1973
    Gable, Tom SMichigan State1947
    Gallagher, David REmbry-Riddle1978
    Garrett Jr., James TFullerton1968
    Garrison, Ronald DGeorgia1972
    Geiger, Russell EOhio State1947
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    Gibson, Scott SWashington1982
    Giddings, Tommy RMississippi State1967
    Gillespie, David AIllinois1927
    Gilligan, Andrew CArizona1977
    Glancy, Donald RayDePauw1949
    Gnirrep, Glenn T.  
    Godshalk, Ralph LPenn State1920
    Goldstein, Steven DIowa1982
    Goodwin, Tommy LAlabama1969
    Gordon, Thomas EIllinois1974
    Gorney, Matthew AllenKansas State2006
    Gotshall, Raymond EOhio State1952
    Gottschalk, AdrianTexas A&M1998
    Goudie Jr., Charles WMichigan State1977
    Gradisher, Joseph FMichigan1979
    Graham-Gilliat, Jean E.  
    Graves, Tyson NoalIdaho1999
    Gray, J NickMissouri1956
    Greedy, Michael LeeFullerton1967
    Gregorovich, Thomas J.Purdue1962
    Griffin, Robert LincolnGeorgia Tech2009
    Grindel, Raymond KarlCentral Missouri2001
    Grosman, Stephen MarcVirginia Tech1994
    Grossman, JackRowan1992
    Grutzmacher, KirkeKansas1952
    Guerino, Michael ACalifornia Univ-PA1979
    Gunn, Aaron JasonGeorgia Tech1997
    Gunzel, David StuartTexas 
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    Guth, Glenn JIllinois1973
    Guzman, Enrique MBowling Green2000
    Gwiasda, Robert ScottIllinois1992
    Hairston, John MMississippi State1987
    Hale, John MIowa1972
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    Hamlin, John CFlorida1987
    Hammert Jr, Walter SOklahoma 
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    Haney Jr, Thomas DKansas State1970
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    Harlor, T LyleDePauw1948
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    Harris CLU, CHFC, RodneyLivingston1969
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    Harvey, Michael TEmbry-Riddle1972
    Hastings, Albert FArizona1929
    Hatch, R PAbracadabra1950
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    Hirsch, Edward HHobart1956
    Hise, Richard PIowa State1955
    Hitchins, HaroldS.M.U.1943
    Hoadley, John EDePauw1950
    Hodgson, James RIllinois1971
    Hoeffer, Paul CWisconsin1990
    Hoff, Richard EIllinois1977
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    Hogan, Stephen MIllinois1984
    Holden Esq., Thomas MOsgoode Hall1950
    Holland Jr MD, James MDePauw1954
    Hollenback, Jack TWashington1967
    Holman, Harry ParlSouthern California1957
    Holmes, Julian RTri-State 
    Holmes, William DIllinois1951
    Holzgrafe MD, Robert E.DePauw1946
    Horch PhD, John WIowa State1959
    Horn, Lester KOhio State1945
    Hoskins, Max LIdaho1968
    Housholder, KennethS.M.U.1942
    Howard, Benjamin AdairGeorgia Tech2007
    Howard, CarlDePauw1942
    Howard, William  
    Howell, Marvin EMichigan State1951
    Humphrey, Arthur FrankMontclair 
    Humphries, Charles CFlorida1949
    Hunt, David RMississippi State1964
    Hutcheon PhD, Wallace SPenn State1954
    Hutchinson, Phillip MMarquette1990
    Hutchison Jr., Paul WMississippi State1972
    Huxtable Jr, Melvin JKansas1948
    Hynes, Marc GAbracadabra1967
    IFF Foundtion Inc, IFF Foundation Inc 
    Ikehara, Chris SCal Poly1992
    Irish, NedUnion1962
    Isaac, E EdwardDePauw1929
    Isaac, Stanley  
    Isaacs, John DKansas1976
    Itoh, HiroshiWayne State1961
    Jackovich, Martina  
    Janowski, William RS.M.U.1957
    Jantac, FrankIllinois1930
    Jasper, Paul GIndiana1932
    Jeakins, Daniel LIllinois1971
    Jensen MD, Andrew OS.M.U.1941
    Jessup, Fred LIdaho2005
    Johansen, Stephen CHobart1964
    Johns, Frederick BLehigh1990
    Johnson, Peter ShawOshkosh1974
    Johnson, Robert KeithIndiana1961
    Johnson, Scott EAuburn1981
    Johnston, Billy BKansas City1972
    Johnston, Michael COklahoma State1978
    Jones III, Robert EugeneVirginia Tech1992
    Jue, Clark GarrettSouthern California1994
    Kahn, Terence PSouthern California1965
    Kahoun, John AChicago-Kent1928
    Kallander, William ClaytonOld Dominion1996
    Kangas, Edward AKansas1966
    Kasamis, Michael EPurdue1981
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    Kelchner, George CPenn State1964
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    Keller, Ken and Mary  
    Kelly III, Bertram FTroy State1989
    Kelly, Boyd DavidEmbry-Riddle1992
    Kennedy, William AlanNew Mexico State2003
    Kent, David FrederickOsgoode Hall1958
    Kilfoil, Sean FGorham State1987
    Kim, Kap S.Florida1957
    King, William CarlWestern Michigan1966
    Kingsbury, JeffBall State1991
    Kinnan, David EmeryPenn State1968
    Klarman, Seth ACornell1979
    Klutzke, Kenneth RPurdue1978
    Knapp, Stephen FoxallGeorgia Tech 
    Knauss Jr, Earl LKansas1955
    Knoblauch, William CSacramento1968
    Koebbe Jr., August JSoutheast Missouri1978
    Koelsch, David CIdaho1969
    Koltz, B G AdamIowa State1965
    Kooistra, William JIowa State1979
    Krane, David CharlesIndiana1994
    Krauss, Franklin BPennsylvania1922
    Krugman, Brandon LeeMarquette2003
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    Kureshi, Nadeem APenn State1985
    LaCour, David WLSU1991
    Lafever, Michael DFlorida1981
    Larson, Roger LeeIowa State1965
    Lavendusky, Wayne AHouston1965
    Leavitt, Alfred LOregon State1957
    Leets, Peter J.Indiana1969
    Leibman, Christopher WilliamIllinois1996
    Leigh, Scott HMissouri State1990
    Lemaire, Leon LConnecticut1957
    Leonhardt, Frederick WayneFlorida1971
    Lerch, Glen BWisconsin1926
    Lin, Paul YoungAbracadabra1964
    Lind, Ivan LEmbry-Riddle1973
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    Lintner, Richard JMichigan State1947
    LoCicero, Kevin MMarquette1990
    Locklin, John HenryPenn State1963
    Loftis, Randall GSoutheast Missouri1982
    Look USAF(Ret ), Horace HSouthern Illinois1963
    Love, Brian DavidGeorgia Tech1997
    Luginbill, Mark JIllinois1974
    Luken, Raymond WIllinois1950
    Lushbaugh, John ROhio State1949
    Lutes, Richard ADePauw1972
    Luttier Esq., Mark TFlorida1977
    Lyons, Jonathan SproleGeorgia Tech1999
    Mabbutt, James MSacramento1986
    MacFall, Russell CNYU1922
    MacNellis, David EEmbry-Riddle1990
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    Maher, George MIllinois1977
    Maldonado, Argelio AFlorida1970
    Mallon, Robert FEmbry-Riddle1993
    Malouf, Bert Robert BSouthern California1971
    Manatt, Charles TIowa State1958
    Manatt, Rowland RIowa State1921
    Manning, Leonard MAugusta1981
    Manning, Raymond ELSU1942
    Mariscal, RichardArizona State1960
    Marshall, William DIdaho1939
    Martin, Gerald JConnecticut1962
    Martinez, Miguel AntonioMichigan State1982
    Mattinson, William EdwinOhio State1954
    Maurer, Donald SPenn State1920
    Mauro, John MichaelChico1994
    May, Ronald JFlorida1974
    Mazur Jr, JohnEmbry-Riddle1976
    McAllister, Newman EKansas City1964
    McCann, Earl EConnecticut1958
    McCarty, Richard HDePauw1951
    McCauley, Carl LeeGeorgia Tech1991
    McConnell, Charles WarrenDePauw1961
    McCowan, Steven RandallEmbry-Riddle1998
    McCune, Kenneth RFullerton1969
    McDaniels, John EOklahoma1958
    McFarland, Michael BOklahoma State1986
    McGill, Brent LayneTexas2000
    McGinness, George LPenn State1929
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    McGuffey Jr, C WadeGeorgia1973
    McIntyre Jr, Arthur BAbracadabra1951
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    McLemore, Douglas OMiami1969
    McPherson, John HAppalachian State1991
    Meredith, Joseph GPenn State1957
    Messerman, Joseph DPenn State1954
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    Meyers, Bryant AndrewGeorgia Tech1993
    Mica, Daniel AFlorida 
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    Moll, Kenneth JohnMichigan1998
    Monaco, Paul AConnecticut1959
    Mone, Louis CArizona1962
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    Mowrer, Clifton EPenn State1921
    Muntz, JackAuburn1961
    Muratore, Robert PLehigh1979
    Murkett, Timothy PConnecticut1989
    Murray, Eugene WayneDavis 
    Nachamie, Andrew SPenn State1984
    Naeser, Charles RWisconsin1931
    Nalley, John ROhio State1951
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    Nazdrowicz, Henry TYoungstown1973
    Neal, Thomas ShannonAppalachian State1985
    Neel, Henry HStanford1934
    Nelli-Herman, Verna  
    Nelson Jr, Dolph FinkAuburn1969
    Nelson, Kenneth WKansas1972
    Nelson Jr, Martin OWashington1971
    Nelson III, Richard EKansas1971
    Nelson, Thomas EmmettMarquette 
    Nelson DDS, Wayne GMichigan1989
    Neuman, Dale JOregon State1966
    Nevin, John CFullerton1969
    Nichols, Marc AlanIowa State1968
    Nininger, Jerry DFullerton1969
    Noe, Phillip LynFlorida1992
    Noel, Richard BradleyEmbry-Riddle2002
    Nolan, Evan GraffAmerican2001
    Norris, Jon LConnecticut1963
    Novak, Robert LouisIllinois2002
    O’Berry, Gregory AIllinois1982
    O’Connor, Harold WSouthern California1955
    O’Connor, Harry WColumbia1933
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    Oakley, Fanning TWashington State1953
    Obear, James HDePauw1927
    Olson, James DTri-State1973
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    Oppelt, Richard CCornell1975
    Oreta, Alexis Victor IbanezSouth Florida2006
    Otten, Gregory YeiserAmerican1996
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    Owens, Taylor ReedGeorgia Tech2007
    Padron, Kori DominicFlorida2010
    Paine, Matthew HendrickIndiana1997
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    Paugh, Jonathan ChristopherTexas1998
    Paulsell PE, C DonIllinois1965
    Paye, William CMichigan State1980
    Peairs, William KOhio State1972
    Pearson, Conrad FAbracadabra1951
    Pearson, Harvey JStanford1931
    Peltier, Arthur JMichigan1949
    Pernice, Ralph LRollins1952
    Perry, John RayKansas City1957
    Perry, Joseph AlanAmerican1993
    Peters, Evan RWashington1927
    Petrecca, Vincent RConnecticut1962
    Petry, Kurt SBall State1982
    Philiotis, Gregory AIllinois1985
    Philiph, Jeffrey EIowa State1982
    Phillips II, Ronald WayneWestern Carolina1994
    Pickering, Wilbur LDePauw 
    Pickett, Joseph CTroy State1966
    Pinto, William AlanFlorida1969
    Plummer, James HPenn State1937
    Pohl, Herbert RS.M.U.1949
    Polack, Bennett Drew KouriAlberta2000
    Polakowski, John JMichigan State1983
    Porter, Daniel StevenGeorgia Tech2006
    Potter, Wayne HTruman State1991
    Powell II, Francis VIndiana1974
    Powell, George MIndiana1979
    Preller, Arthur JohnCornell1999
    Preu, Richard BRollins1952
    Price II, John HTroy State1974
    Prutzman, Paul JLehigh1966
    Puthoff, Brendan KennedyTexas2001
    Putnam, Karl BonawitTexas1970
    Racine, Charles EDePauw1959
    Rains, Gordon C.Southern Illinois1970
    Ranney, Myron EMichigan State1956
    Ray, Charles EdwardDePauw1958
    Reck, JacobGeorgetown1926
    Reilly, Richard CLehigh1967
    Reimer, William EPenn State1945
    Rider, Jack MelSouthern California1951
    Rimer, Michael DPenn State1986
    Risinger, PaulPurdue1930
    Rist, Donald AllanEmbry-Riddle1994
    Robbins, George SWisconsin1940
    Roberson, Christopher KreggFerrum2016
    Roberts, Burton WSouthern California1937
    Roberts, Christopher WEastern Illinois1983
    Roberts, John F.  
    Robinson, Stephen JamesDePauw2004
    Roh, Derek ScottAuburn1994
    Roob, Edward MDePauw1956
    Ross, Homer RStanford1935
    Rowells, Lynn GIllinois1948
    Ruedrich MD, David  
    Russell, Phillip PaulLouisiana Tech2011
    Ryals, Jack LeeFlorida1968
    Rymer, Thomas WGeorgia1970
    Sackrison, Arthur WIllinois1951
    Saez, Michael GordonEmbry-Riddle1996
    Saldana, Scott JosephIllinois1993
    Salinas, Marcus ATexas A&M1989
    Samore Jr., JohnSouthern California1967
    Samore III, JohnSouthern California1994
    Sampanes, John JWestern Michigan1964
    Sarigumba, Glenn AndrewGeorgia Tech1996
    Sauer, John WPurdue1971
    Schabacker, Robert DIowa1959
    Schaefer, Scott AIowa State1985
    Schaeffer, Farrington TIllinois1933
    Schanner, John GEmbry-Riddle1995
    Scherrer, Gregory ScottGeorgia Tech1999
    Schmedding, Gary NMissouri1961
    Schoeninger, Irvin WIllinois1928
    Scott, Christopher Robin 
    Scott, G WalterDePauw1937
    Seaton, George LIowa State1923
    Selfridge, Stephen PhilipGeorgia Tech2001
    Seman, Mark MYoungstown1973
    Semon, J DeanS.M.U.1982
    Seufert, Don AKansas1974
    Sexton, Mark GeradMissouri1992
    Shaffer, Donald WMichigan1953
    Shelton, William ROregon State1944
    Sherman, Justin PaulCentral Missouri2008
    Shiflett, Richard TAlabama1951
    Shirley, Jack WOklahoma1951
    Shoemaker, Jan PIowa State1967
    Shoop USN(Ret.), Robin DIowa1960
    Short, Mack DTri-State 
    Sickels, Eric GCornell1977
    Silver, Duncan JConnecticut1961
    Simonds, Stephen HKansas1968
    Sipes, Robin DaleLouisiana Tech1994
    Sisk , Jason EdwardNew Mexico State2003
    Sitar, Norman JamesMichigan State1945
    Slack, David SSouthern California1971
    Smaha Jr, John MichaelMemphis1993
    Smetana, Laurence DLos Angeles1967
    Smith, Andrew BuddGeorgia Tech1994
    Smith, Charles RayS.M.U.1944
    Smith, Dennis EIllinois1970
    Smith III, Frederick CMiami1964
    Smith, Jeffrey ScottKansas State1995
    Smith, Laurence AWashington1943
    Smith, Todd PIowa1990
    Snyder Jr., Alan HS.M.U.1944
    Soens, Edward AArizona1958
    Southard, Eric WarrenGeorgia Tech2007
    Sparrow, Robert TIllinois1976
    Spees, Emil RSouthern Illinois1957
    Spencer, Stephen BernetPenn State1954
    Spica, Michael AndrewMarquette2000
    Stalder, Fred COklahoma1942
    Stanfield, John WS.M.U.1928
    Stazel, Stephen TKansas1963
    Steelberg, Jeremy EPurdue1983
    Steiner, John DamonIdaho2005
    Stephens, Dennis EAuburn1962
    Steven II, Rodney LeeSouthern Illinois1994
    Stevens, Paul RTri-State1973
    Stevens, Richard CIllinois1954
    Stevens, Thomas LDePauw1952
    Stollmeyer, Michael APenn State1959
    Stopp, Charles WilliamPittsburgh 
    Stotlemeyer PE, Scott BMissouri1990
    Streed, Edward AUCLA1950
    Stripling, Donald LTri-State1970
    Studer, Richard JPurdue1956
    Stump USA(Ret ), Robert MWashington State1945
    Sturgeon, George COhio State1920
    Sturm, James PatrickFredonia 
    Sulentic, Thomas RIowa1970
    Sullivan, Philip JohnIdaho2003
    Sutton III, Arthur WGeorgia1972
    Sutton, Parker FNorthern Arizona1963
    Sweeney, Charles RCornell1942
    Talbert, Darren WKent State1991
    Tanner, Tyron FloydEmbry-Riddle1993
    Temple Jr., Joseph GPurdue1951
    Tenczar, Robert NFlorida1972
    Tesene, Roland HIowa State1935
    Tessler, Larry SAbracadabra1960
    Teyssier, Charles NPenn State1955
    Thompson, Daniel KennethFlorida2010
    Thomson, Dan TSouthern California1951
    Thornton, Thomas EMissouri1952
    Thurmon CLP USAF, John PCentral Missouri1989
    Tingleff, Paul HIllinois1961
    Tinker MD, John HPenn State1964
    Tlapak, Mark EdwardTexas1999
    Todd, Douglas PayneArizona State1951
    Toolis, Joseph MIllinois2005
    Toomer, John GFlorida1988
    Topley, Jeffrey SPenn State1980
    Topolski Jr., Robert JSoutheast Missouri1979
    Topping, Ronald TConnecticut1958
    Tracy, Kenneth DPenn State1964
    Trautman, James EIllinois1963
    Treschitta, Domenick PConnecticut1963
    Tribble, Zachary SawyerGeorgia Tech2008
    Trosper, C SOklahoma State1951
    Trost, Jay SEastern Illinois1972
    Turer, Scott RPenn State1989
    Turley, Keith LeonArizona State1948
    Turney, Russell JIllinois1931
    Udell, Alan JWisconsin1991
    Ulrich, Ralph EDePauw1936
    Umanetz Jr, AlexLehigh1953
    Umbs, Barry AllenMilwaukee1970
    Valder, Julia  
    Vance, Alexander MPennsylvania1932
    Vance, John TagueWyoming1992
    Varsanik Jr., Paul CNew Haven1991
    Vasconcells, Roger AKansas State1978
    Vernau, George JPenn State1967
    Vickrey, Michael DOklahoma1988
    Vinson OSB, Michael JoshuaNorthwest Missouri1998
    Vlahakis, Angelos JMichigan State1951
    Vogel CPA, DavidHobart1987
    Volling, Gilbert ScottIllinois1997
    Voris, FrankIllinois1929
    Voss, Harold NIllinois1951
    Vought, Kevin AlanWestern Michigan1996
    Wade, Charles RLong Beach1970
    Wade, Nicholson GPurdue1934
    Wahl Jr., Henry EIndiana1936
    Walters II, Robert DDePauw1980
    Ward, Donald JIllinois1973
    Ward, Robert LIllinois1969
    Wargo, Christian AlexanderCase Western Reserve2013
    Warlow, Arthur KPurdue1971
    Watson, Glenn ROklahoma1939
    Webb, Orrin FavreIdaho1940
    Webb, Richard BryanAuburn1965
    Webster, Brian ThomasIdaho2001
    Webster Esq., Geoffrey EOhio State1970
    Weeks, William AldenTexas1955
    Wehr, Timothy AlanIowa 
    Weiss, Glenn ALSU1984
    Welch, James PalmerPurdue1951
    Werntz III, Gilbert HGeorgia Southern1985
    Wertz, Jon DOklahoma State1976
    Weston, Arthur HPenn State1930
    Wetzel, Olin AIllinois1944
    Wheeler, Robert CPurdue1937
    Whitaker Jr, John RPenn State1948
    Whitley, Douglas ES.M.U.1971
    Whitley III, Milton AllenGeorgia Tech1998
    Wier, Melville BOhio State1953
    Wilcher, James MKansas City1988
    Wild II, Silas TCornell1929
    Wilkinson Jr, Charles AndrewsLSU1997
    Willey, Howard DaleKansas1963
    Williams, Mark ThomasGeorgia Tech1995
    Williamson, Andrew RobertGeorgia Tech2010
    Wilson, James AS.M.U.1937
    Wilson, Jonathan D.Texas State2005
    Wilson, Nick LynnIowa State1967
    Wilson II, Ralph OKentucky1951
    Wilson, Thomas EIllinois1981
    Wingo, K DaleAuburn1959
    Wisdom, David DIdaho1978
    Womack, Donald EArizona1950
    Womer, Norman KMiami1966
    Woodard, Michael  
    Woodling, Dennis TAuburn1983
    Woodruff Esq., Thomas MFlorida State1965
    Woodworth, Eric Van KirkOklahoma State1994
    Wright Jr, Charles WKansas1941
    Wright, Jerold EIllinois1961
    Wright, John DIllinois1925
    Wright, Theodore VGorham State1982
    Wyckoff, Claesen DMichigan State1969
    Yager, Steven MatthewWestern Michigan2003
    Yerger, Merton SPenn State1936
    Yoder, Alan LTri-State1970
    Zak DVM, Frank WMichigan State1938
    Zax, AdamColorado1984
    Zelazny, Ben AaronChico1992
    Zinn, Ryan KeithOhio State1996
    Zsolcsak, Stephen JLehigh1972
    Zvanya, Stephen JTri-State1975
  • NameAssociated ChapterGraduation Year
    Abel Jr, Don GWashington1939
    Achterhof, Drew CKettering-B2003
    Agnello, Michael HMichigan State1981
    Aiello, James PArizona1979
    Albert, John JMichigan State1949
    Aldape, Philip MIdaho1968
    Alday Jr, Phil HollandGeorgia Tech2000
    Alexander, Samuel JPenn State1966
    Alexy, Brian JamesGeorgia Tech2003
    Algeo, Thomas PPenn State1986
    Allen, Gerald EstleIowa State1955
    Allen, Robert SIndiana1958
    Allman III, James WilliamEmbry-Riddle1996
    Amons, Marc RichardGeorgia Tech2013
    Anderson, James MOklahoma1989
    Anderson, Jay REastern Illinois1979
    Anderson, Jon BPurdue1970
    Anderson Jr, Karl GDePauw1951
    Anderson, Kenneth RArizona1931
    Anderson, L HaroldStanford1924
    Andrews, EfrainWashington1966
    Andrews, Shad L.Oregon State2005
    Ankeny, Steven DavidTri-State2003
    Ansbacher, Jonathan ELehigh1987
    Apple, John McQueenOhio State1965
    Arcaro, Timothy LPenn State1986
    Arnett, Kirk PMississippi State1968
    Ashby, Chad MichaelEastern Illinois1994
    Ator, Jennifer  
    Aubry, Lloyd WStanford1948
    Austin, BobOklahoma1962
    Austin, William WIllinois1967
    Aveni, Joseph TArizona State1958
    Babbitt, John GNorthern Arizona
    Babcock, Charles WKansas1935
    Bachelder, Jon PMiami1964
    Badal, Herbert SaulIllinois1956
    Bagnall USN, Matthew CNorthern Arizona1990
    Bailitz, Owen PeterIllinois1998
    Baird, D GlennArizona1975
    Baker, William BartonLouisiana Tech2010
    Balser, Harold HMiami1944
    Balzac Jr, Ralph PCornell1953
    Bamburg, Jason RyanLouisiana Tech2016
    Banks MD, Michael APenn State1988
    Barber, Richard AKansas1932
    Barkman, Charles ThomasFlorida State
    Barnett, Miles EAuburn1956
    Barnum, Todd AJacksonville1984
    Battles, John WilliamStephen F. Austin2008
    Baughman, Ronald CMichigan State1967
    Baumler, Ronald HDenison1971
    Baxter, James OscarDePauw1939
    Bayers, Robert SkotVirginia Commonwealth1991
    Bazan, Paul FCreighton1990
    Beardslee, Paul CKansas1933
    Beeler, James DMiami1963
    Beemon, Dennis WTri-State1972
    Beesley, Lester EDePauw1950
    Bejines, Carlos HermanLong Beach1993
    Benedict, Scott MatthewGeorgia Tech1992
    Benedum, Paul GOhio State1927
    Bennett, Eric JConnecticut1988
    Bennett, Kyle MichaelBuffalo1992
    Benshoff, Allen BIndiana1960
    Bentle USA(Ret.), Ralph WIndiana1936
    Bentley III, Newell FrancisKettering-B2001
    Benton, Gerald EPenn State1964
    Berchtold, WilliamIllinois1927
    Berger, Alexander WStanford1937
    Bidwell PhD, Lawrence ROhio State1953
    Bigham, Gene EAbracadabra1934
    Billard, Jules BTexas1938
    Binkley, Wayne EarlIllinois1956
    Bishop, John AlanMiami1956
    Bizar, David CEmbry-Riddle1987
    Black, Robert JIowa1943
    Blackwood, James MOhio State1940
    Blakley, Robert DTexas1970
    Blank Jr, Stephen DennisEast Stroudsburg2007
    Bleggi, Douglas RoyPenn State1969
    Blosser, GaleStanford1935
    Blumenfeld, Thomas FredNorthern Illinois1995
    Blunk, Joseph WFlorida State1965
    Boehm, Jeffrey SPurdue1992
    Bolinger, Corbin EIndiana1952
    Bond, Jeffrey AllenIllinois1997
    Bonds Jr, William PWashington1966
    Booth, Jack EMichigan State1936
    Boothe, Dustin ChrisIdaho1995
    Boothman, Claud OS.M.U.1932
    Borcherding, LarryKansas1963
    Borkowski, Gary LIowa State1981
    Boucher, Francis JNebraska1925
    Bowman CCA, Darrell MIowa State1981
    Bowman, James PAbracadabra1930
    Bowman, John GIllinois1982
    Boyd, John SchuylerIdaho2010
    Boyer, William GTri-State1971
    Bracci, CarloAugusta 
    Brady, Clyde AFlorida1933
    Brady Jr, William JKansas1948
    Braggans, Harold MMinnesota1940
    Brandon, Mark ETexas1992
    Brandstatter, Robert JWestern Michigan1966
    Breeze, Edward JSouthern Illinois1965
    Brenner, James DKansas1967
    Briggs Jr, James SDePauw1959
    Bright, James MArizona1957
    Brill, Alan RichardDePauw1964
    Brockie, Robert ES.M.U.1977
    Brockway, Richard SCornell1939
    Broderick, J. JeffreyIllinois State1981
    Brodie, Donald CKansas 
    Browand, Thomas DOhio State1969
    Brower, Mark FDePauw1977
    Brown Jr., Joy EarlLong Beach1968
    Bryan, L ClarkFlorida1941
    Bucalo, Dennis AIllinois1979
    Bugbee, Ronald PaulConnecticut1966
    Bulkeley, Gerald CIllinois1930
    Burklund, Vernon DIdaho1948
    Burney, Michael SIdaho1970
    Burns, Robert BAppalachian State1990
    Burns, Sherman KEast Texas1976
    Burroughs, G GordonIllinois1931
    Burtness, William SStanford1954
    Bush, John DouglasIdaho1972
    Butkus, James ANorthwest Missouri1978
    Butner, David NAbracadabra1961
    Buttram, James AOklahoma State1976
    Byrd, Edward TLivingston1972
    Byren, Robert WLehigh1974
    Cagle, Stephen CMichigan State1982
    Cain Jr., Jimmie DMississippi State1988
    Cammack, James AIndiana1955
    Campagna, SalvatoreArizona1956
    Campbell, John BLake Forest1949
    Campbell, R PaulPenn State1930
    Cangelosi, TrevorTexas Tech2013
    Caputo, Dominic RPenn State1982
    Carlin, Charles EAlabama1957
    Carlin, Richard TDePauw1968
    Carlson, Donald APenn State1949
    Carpenter, Ralph EArizona1937
    Carr, David JDePauw1981
    Carson, Arnold BruceWashington1970
    Caruso, Robert MIllinois1984
    Case, Caleb BAbracadabra1952
    Cash, Ralph EllisMississippi State1966
    Casner, Mark LMiami1977
    Cassidy, Lloyd CIllinois1977
    Catalano, Daniel ScottCortland2008
    Catroppa, Albert JArizona State1955
    Cecchi, Mark JIllinois1985
    Cecere, John MIndiana1984
    Chamberlin, W CraigDePauw1951
    Chapel, William JOklahoma State1972
    Chapin Jr, Robert WAppalachian State1985
    Chessman, Gary AIllinois1966
    Chreist, Fred MDePauw1934
    Christensen, Owen CSan Diego1969
    Christianson, ClairIdaho1946
    Christoffersen, Donald DIowa State1978
    Chrzczonowski, Daniel JasonMichigan2001
    Chura, Richard JohnPenn State1964
    Churchill, John GIllinois1988
    Cieslikowski, Zeny RobertSouthern California1997
    Clark, Douglas WPenn State1979
    Clark, Gregory BIdaho1967
    Clark, Matthew DolandKennesaw2012
    Clark CFP, Randall DBall State1980
    Clark, William KPurdue1954
    Cleary, James MMissouri1961
    Clithero, David WTruman State1982
    Closs, Brian CCentral Michigan1984
    Clough, Timothy JGorham State1978
    Coats, Max EDePauw1953
    Cochran, Benjamin GDePauw1955
    Cochran, Robert JIowa State1963
    Code, Brian EOhio State1980
    Coffey, Gary RIllinois1953
    Cohn, Steven RLong Beach1974
    Coker, Connie K  
    Cole, Zachary AaronNorthern Illinois2003
    Collins, William TWashington1960
    Colwell, Bradley PGannon1970
    Condrey, Stephen EMontevallo1978
    Conroy, Richard ACornell1974
    Conser, Walter HAbracadabra1939
    Cooper, John EdwardLSU1944
    Cormier, Michael RGorham State1971
    Coulthard, Francis DIowa State1978
    Cowan MD, John LDePauw1963
    Cowell, Richard AOhio State1970
    Cowell, Roy AIllinois1979
    Cox, Jasper HDePauw1927
    Cox, Leonard JArizona1982
    Cox, Timothy DPurdue1987
    Coy, Jay EIndiana1984
    Craig, Robert MWashington1944
    Crandall, Kenneth CMinnesota1971
    Crane II, Ray TMissouri State1993
    Cravens MD, James HIllinois1941
    Creasman, James WArizona State1935
    Cressey, Lyle MIowa State1934
    Crippen, Glenn EIowa State1931
    Cross, Jacob ReillyEmbry-Riddle2002
    Croswell, John WPennsylvania1933
    Crowl Jr., George WKansas1941
    Crust, William BCentral Missouri1976
    Curtin, Richard FAbracadabra1960
    Curtis, Michael AndrewDePauw1993
    Curtis, Paul AIowa State1979
    Cusack, MichaelMassachusetts1974
    D’Aiuto Jr, VitoConnecticut1955
    D’Valentine, Mark LMichigan State1982
    Dahlgren, David CMinnesota1983
    Daniel, John WTruman State1986
    Davis, Daniel WilliamSoutheast Missouri2000
    Davis, David GIllinois1967
    Davis USAF, Forrest LeeKansas1949
    Davis, Robert EllisArizona1948
    Day, Geoffrey MDePauw1985
    Dean, Michael ChristopherTruman State2008
    Deeb DDS, EdwardSouthern California1955
    Degen, Philip GIowa State1977
    delaGuardia, Richard WilliamGeorgia Tech1995
    DelJuidice PE, Louis JohnLehigh1993
    Demby, James WalkerGeorgia Tech2009
    Dennis, Charles OPenn State1952
    Dennis, Melvin CarlOklahoma State1960
    Depew, Dennis DKansas1980
    Desmond, Christopher JonEastern Illinois1994
    Diak, Christopher JohnClemson1994
    Dichiser, Michael KennethKansas State1995
    Dieman, Charles AWisconsin1937
    Dineen, John BConnecticut1989
    Disend, Jeffrey EPenn State1969
    Dixon, Buddy ROklahoma State1951
    Dobbs, Walter BMichigan1951
    Domercq Jr, JohnAbracadabra0
    Donaldson Jr, Herschel LS.M.U.1974
    Dotlich II, Milan JamesPurdue1999
    Dramm, Eugene FIllinois1957
    Dresback, Michael KyleFlorida1995
    Drinkard, Alan FAuburn1971
    Duenow, Sally  
    Dueser, Lynn RichardIllinois1963
    Duggar CPA, Thomas EFlorida State1965
    Dunlap, Frank  
    Dunn IV, Cloyd TAuburn1989
    Dupont, Hewitt JackEmbry-Riddle0
    Durante, Charles PTri-State1973
    Durzo Sr., Frank JohnWisconsin1942
    East, Charles MartinAugusta2001
    Easterling, Henry COklahoma1942
    Eaton, William VipondCornell0
    Eberts, Floyd SPenn State1948
    Eckel, John EdwardOklahoma1929
    Edgar, Ryan ThomasSoutheast Missouri2008
    Edlund, L OrvilleIllinois1933
    Edwards, Richard L.North Carolina State0
    Egan, Richard OSouthern California1949
    Eggert, CarlWisconsin1931
    Eimers, Richard ASouthern California1966
    Eisenwinter, Allan G.Arizona1959
    Elliott, James HughPurdue1932
    Ellner, Greg EConnecticut1982
    Engel, Clarence EOhio State1948
    Erling, Jeremy RichardClemson1994
    Ertzbischoff, DennisWayne State1972
    Esposito, Anthony JConnecticut1965
    Evans, David BMiami1978
    Ezis, AndreOhio State1966
    Faber Jr, George APenn State1939
    Fagre, Stanley CIowa State1940
    Falconer, Stephen EMassachusetts1977
    Farrelly, Thomas MMarquette1987
    Farthing, Chad NathanIowa State1994
    Fear, Robert JJohnstown1976
    Feduik, Gregory MConnecticut1978
    Felhaber, Richard SMinnesota1928
    Fellows, Geo ROhio State1933
    Fenton Jr., Clayton CMichigan State1948
    Fielder, Dwayne CPenn State1971
    Fike, Bradford EIllinois1935
    Fisher, Connie NeilOklahoma State1955
    Fisher, Wesley FIllinois1929
    Fitzharris, John WOhio State1969
    Fitzpatrick, Neil FMassachusetts1972
    Fitzsimmons, Timothy EAuburn1980
    Fixott MD, Richard SStanford1931
    Flaherty, Brian EGeorgia1985
    Fletcher, Gregory WIowa1978
    Flores, Wallace JLong Beach1986
    Fordham, Gary WMississippi State1976
    Forman DO, Andrew JMaryland1991
    Forth Jr., Myrl EMissouri1967
    Fosse, Kevin BIllinois1973
    Foster, John ScottKansas State1976
    Fox, Dan MichaelSouthern Illinois1969
    Frampton, Jason DouglasDuquesne2005
    Franceschini, KirkCornell1978
    Frankenburg, Jeffrey WLehigh1980
    Franklin Jr, BenSouthern California1936
    Franklin, BenjaminCornell1950
    Frankmann, Harry CNebraska1933
    Freitas, Steven PSacramento1973
    Fretland, Millard LFlorida State1980
    Freyer, PeterTexas1993
    Frost, Robert GMichigan State1955
    Fry, Homer SOhio State1941
    Galisky, Jo Ann  
    Galloway USA Ret, Robert MIowa1941
    Galt, MonroeS.M.U.1930
    Garges, A RodOhio State1970
    Garrison, Theodore WileyIndiana1953
    Geerhart, Charles OCornell1981
    Gehrke, James MWestern Michigan1967
    Genovese, Richard LIllinois1967
    George, Alan GAbracadabra1950
    Gerber, DietrichMinnesota1944
    Giesecke, John RDePauw1960
    Gilbert JR, Aaron MarshallVirginia Commonwealth2002
    Gilkenson, Michael PaulGeorgia Tech2014
    Gillespie, DouglasMinnesota1963
    Gillespie, Richard IStanford1957
    Gilley, Michael TIllinois1984
    Ginn, Sammie LouAuburn1959
    Ginsberg, H RichardUCLA1953
    Gittler, William EJohnstown1975
    Glass, James BLehigh1976
    Gnagi, Michael ACentral Missouri1979
    Gobble, Kenneth EarlLouisiana Tech1995
    Goberville, David TIllinois1988
    Golden, Christopher DLehigh1981
    Gonnet, Jonathan RyanTexas2006
    Gore, Stephen LAppalachian State1997
    Goulet Jr, Joseph RMassachusetts1983
    Graham, Donald KMichigan State1980
    Grambo, BradIdaho1985
    Grams, Dane RobertAmerican1994
    Grauch, William FPenn State1933
    Graven, Lawrence SSouthern California1956
    Gray, Christopher JudsonLSU1993
    Greenlee, Noel LOhio State1925
    Greenspan, Seth RConnecticut1988
    Gregory, Warren RPurdue1948
    Grieser USAF(Ret.), Walter JIdaho1940
    Griffiths, WilliamMissouri1953
    Grimes, Herbert EDePauw1949
    Groh Sr CFA, John BArizona1990
    Growney, James WArizona1956
    Grube, Roy GPenn State1957
    Gruber, Mitchell AKent State1989
    Grushetsky, Stephen CyrilOhio State1991
    Gumbiner, Leslie HBall State1965
    Gunzel, Christopher STexas1992
    Gustitus Jr., Delph AIllinois1984
    Haas Jr, John CMichigan State1949
    Habart, Thomas EBall State1967
    Haberly, Doyle CKansas1948
    Haemmerlein, Donald VOhio State1947
    Hagemann, Matthew AIllinois1985
    Haines, Paul LPenn State1929
    Hajduk USMC(R, James CPurdue1965
    Hale, Hugh DIowa1960
    Hall PhD, David WArizona1957
    Hall, Jess LIdaho1974
    Hall, Richard EAbracadabra
    Handy GaANG, Brandon RayEmbry-Riddle2002
    Hanna, James EPurdue1962
    Hansen, George KMinnesota1966
    Hansen MD, Thomas AIowa1962
    Harding, Douglas MeiereAuburn1957
    Hardy, C BruceDePauw1940
    Harnack, Christopher WWestern Michigan1987
    Harnish, E ThomasDePauw1944
    Harper, Douglas JIllinois1969
    Harris, Michael RAuburn1969
    Harris, Ralph WAlabama 
    Harrison AIA, John HIdaho1990
    Hart Esq, Everett AArizona1926
    Hartmann, Ronald AAlabama1981
    Harvey, Richard NWashington State1967
    Hatch, Homer RalphIdaho1960
    Hawley Jr, John MTexas1927
    Hazlett, Phillip LPurdue1980
    Heaton, Jason RandallAuburn2000
    Heaton II, Larry CEastern Illinois1978
    Heck, David MerrillPurdue1959
    Hegarty, Jeremy MichaelIowa State1997
    Heidel, Garth EIdaho1973
    Helter II, John RichardPittsburgh2006
    Henderson JD, Peter BWayne State1968
    Henderson, Samuel RDePauw1956
    Hendrix, Thomas AndrewTexas1996
    Henes, Robert PeersMichigan State1979
    Henke Jr., Richard JSoutheast Missouri1978
    Henness, Charles PIllinois1962
    Henry, James COklahoma1955
    Henson, Robert SEast Texas1973
    Herdlinger, David SKansas City1973
    Herrin Esq., Grant ThomasLSU2007
    Hershey, Don CCornell1927
    Hetherington, Jason WilliamMiami2002
    Heuer, Timothy K.Northern Arizona1996
    Heugel CCIM, Kenneth EIndiana1954
    Hewetson, Bruce AIndiana1973
    Hicks, J RobertPenn State1943
    Hiday II, Bruce RBall State1969
    Higgins, Ronald CliffordTruman State
    Hightower Jr, C EdwardValdosta1974
    Hildebrant, Marc SMassachusetts1971
    Hill, Edward JPenn State1954
    Hillebrandt Jr, John PPurdue1948
    Hine, Thomas JConnecticut1983
    Hines, Scott MichaelOklahoma State1993
    Hipp, Anthony RAppalachian State1987
    Hodge, Joseph FBall State1990
    Hoefener USA(Ret.), James RKansas1955
    Hoerter, Robert EFlorida State1963
    Hoff, William RCornell1943
    Hoffman, Caius MCornell1932
    Hoffman Jr, Harry EIndiana1948
    Hogle, Gordon WMichigan State1941
    Hoglund, Barton MKansas1955
    Holke, John CTruman State1978
    Holland, Richard CDePauw1952
    Hollenbeck, Robert HCornell1933
    Holman, George OAbracadabra1930
    Holman, James WMichigan State1982
    Holmer, Raymond CIdaho1982
    Holmes, Carl WayneIdaho2004
    Hoover, John ThomasOhio State1947
    Hopper, Ronald DWashington1971
    Hormann USA(Ret ), Vaughn AArizona1953
    Hosfeld, Roger APurdue1959
    Houston, James EOklahoma1961
    Hover, Richard ROregon State1968
    Howarth III, Richard AOshkosh1992
    Hoyt, Robert AOklahoma1993
    Hubanks, Byron CarlStanford1957
    Hubbard III, Robert KMississippi State1988
    Huber, James FOhio State1933
    Hudelson, John EIndiana1928
    Hughes, Charles LKansas City1947
    Hughes, Charles EPenn State1959
    Hughes, Harold JamesStanford1969
    Huisman DVM, Kurtis WIowa State1982
    Hull, Raymond JPurdue1927
    Hull, Robert LSouthern Illinois1958
    Hulst, Brett PhillipGeorgia Tech
    Humes, RichardMichigan1951
    Hunt, Richard DonaldEmbry-Riddle1997
    Iacocca, John APenn State1990
    Ingalls Jr, Osmer COhio State1939
    Ingraham, Dudley SCornell1913
    Jackson, Burl JAuburn1955
    Jackson, Dennis AIllinois 
    Jacobs, John MIllinois1983
    Jacobson, JerryIdaho1953
    Janusz, ChristopherNorthern Illinois1992
    Jeffares, Stuart PMichigan State1984
    Jeffcott, Robert MMarquette1984
    Jefferds, Robert GGeorgia1976
    Jensen, Christopher DavidMichigan1995
    Johnson, Gregory ClarkOklahoma2006
    Johnson Sr., Michael GregGeorgia Tech
    Johnson PhD, Noel LAbracadabra1979
    Johnson, Shannon CCentral Missouri1988
    Johnson, Steve RonaldWashington1968
    Johnston, Howard EPenn State1936
    Jones, Brian DavidGeorgia Tech1997
    Jones, Jeffrey ScottTexas2002
    Jones, Jimmy KOklahoma1943
    Jones, John PaulMichigan State1983
    Jones, Larry DFullerton1976
    Jones, Vern CleoStanford1949
    Jordan, Robert CParsons1966
    Joyce, Timothy MichaelBryant 
    Juday, Floyd JWestern Michigan1965
    Judd, Robert GWashington1940
    Jue, Carey ESouthern California1984
    Justice, George EIdaho1929
    Justice, Robert SDePauw1933
    Kaminsky, Gregg AdamDelaware1991
    Kearney, Bernard WUnion1914
    Kedzierski, John PiotrIllinois2001
    Kela USN(Ret.), Frederick HMinnesota1954
    Kelley, Andrew ThomasCalifornia Univ-PA1995
    Kelley Esq, Craig LNorthwest Missouri1983
    Kelly, John JIllinois1984
    Kennedy, H FredIdaho1960
    Kennedy, Thomas APenn State1933
    Kent, Clifton TPenn State1934
    Keyes, George WIowa1943
    Kilroy, Christopher MichaelHuntsville1999
    Kim, Yun SukAbracadabra1993
    Kimball, RayOklahoma1930
    King, Karl WIowa State1980
    King, Paul WilsonPurdue1962
    Kingman, Dean SIllinois1937
    Kinsaul, William DJacksonville State1970
    Kirby, Jeffrey DMiami1989
    Kirgis, Lewis DIowa State1941
    Klaiman, Jeffrey MarkMichigan1993
    Klein, Joshua CareyMassachusetts2011
    Klein, William HMiami1942
    Klemeyer Jr., Frederick JCornell1967
    Klosterman Jr., Jack MichaelChico1998
    Kluge, Robert VTruman State1978
    Knapp, Paul EOklahoma State1979
    Knight, Stephen FSouthern California1973
    Knox, Robert LSouthern California1962
    Koch, Aaron WIowa State1990
    Koepke, John PIllinois1986
    Korbus, William EIllinois1957
    Korn, Douglas WIdaho1990
    Kostoff, Kevin JNorthern Colorado1990
    Kral III, Joseph MichaelNorth Carolina State1996
    Kravitz, Howard SMassachusetts1970
    Kubiak, Daniel EdwardTexas1996
    Lacey, Scott EdwardDuquesne1995
    Lacy, Clyde FS.M.U.1948
    Lambacher, Kathryn  
    Lambe, Thomas PIllinois1980
    Lammi, Gregg DWhitewater1986
    Lampert CPA, Warren HFlorida1989
    Lamphere, Robert JIdaho1940
    Landrum, John AllenMississippi State1966
    Langford CLU, CHFC, Larry BKansas City1969
    Langholz, Edward SUnion1957
    Larimer, Robert NIowa1920
    LaRose, Keith GConnecticut1984
    Larson, Elmer HIowa State1937
    Larson, John LMichigan State1955
    Larson, PeterIllinois2006
    Larson, Terry LIowa State1978
    Laux, LeeKansas1981
    LaVoie, Steven GAbracadabra1982
    Law USN, Kenneth HIllinois2004
    Lawder, James StuartGeorgia Tech2009
    Lawder, William EdwardGeorgia Tech2002
    Lawton, Gregory CEmbry-Riddle1972
    Lay, Ronald FetterPenn State1958
    Leatherman, Alfred FOhio State1951
    LeBaron, O JArizona1945
    Ledgerwood, Frank ARollins1955
    Lee, Charles RFlorida1951
    Lee, Michael EdwardEmbry-Riddle1997
    Leebody, Robert HUCLA1941
    Leech, Michael ETruman State
    Leigh, Eric J.Illinois2008
    Lemm, Steven MWestern Michigan1984
    Lennig, Edmund BStanford1955
    Leone, Eugene JCornell1979
    Lepper, Richard LFullerton1970
    Leppert, Mark FFullerton1975
    LeRoy, Philip HenryClemson 
    Less, Michael CPurdue1975
    Lewandowski, Thaddeus JGannon1976
    Lewis, Clifford CBall State1971
    Lewis, Gary AllenIowa State1967
    Lewis MD, Howard POregon State1924
    Lewis II, Kenneth OSyracuse1971
    Lewis, William JOklahoma State1984
    Lickley, Craig AlanIdaho2002
    Liden, Robert CarlIllinois1967
    Lind Jr, Harold JKansas1942
    Lindahl, Michael StevenIllinois2005
    Linder, Stephen DNorthwest Missouri1992
    Linderman Jr, Paul DennisWest Chester2000
    Lindow Jr, Paul EMichigan State1984
    Lindquist, William DIdaho1940
    Lindsey, Thomas MAuburn1966
    Lindsley, Todd JasonGeorgia Tech2004
    Lippman, Alan FTexas1949
    Littlejohn, Robert TMississippi State1966
    Livingston, Peter WMinnesota1983
    Lloyd IV, Stacy BarcroftLake Forest2000
    Lockhart DDS MAGD, Charles FIowa1965
    Loeffler, StephenPenn State1968
    Loftus, DanielEastern Illinois1990
    Loggins, Joseph RAlabama1969
    Lonn, E JohnIowa State1929
    LoPrete DDS, James SDePauw1975
    Losen, Clifford ScottJacksonville1983
    Lotter, Fred LIllinois State1976
    Love, Rodney MOhio State1930
    Loyd, Bruce ACentral Missouri1975
    Lucas Jr., Richard CKansas1969
    Luckey, William GNorthern Arizona1989
    Luders, Christopher AllenGeorgia Tech2009
    Lutterman, Kurt EricOregon State1983
    Lyman, David BSacramento1970
    Lyman, David KentSouthern California1950
    Lynch Jr., Robert RFlorida1956
    MacDougall, Mary Obear  
    Macina, ThomasIllinois1991
    MacMillan, Alexander RSouthern Illinois
    Mages, Daniel JCreighton1988
    Maloney, Elbert JUnion1930
    Man, Gregory KMarquette1975
    Mancuso, Ben FArizona1976
    Manley, Richard SAlabama1953
    Mann, Charles RLake Forest1950
    Mann, Marcus RussellTroy State2005
    Maroldy USN(Ret.), Thomas MFlorida1958
    Marschall, Walter PConnecticut1959
    Marstrell DDS, John VMiami1942
    Martin, Brian WilliamBall State1999
    Martin, Kevin BPenn State1980
    Martinson, Perry AIllinois1933
    Mathews, Donald  
    Matthews, David WEmbry-Riddle1978
    Maxey, David PriceRadford1998
    Maxwell, Philip PAbracadabra1925
    McAdoo, Jeffrey BrandonNew Mexico State2000
    McCarragher III, John EEmbry-Riddle1992
    McCauley Jr., Rogers CAuburn1956
    McClain, Anthony StevenKansas State2000
    McCorkle, H PaulIowa State1932
    McCuaig, Donald HAlabama1927
    McCullough, Mark APenn State1980
    McDonald, John R.Arizona1955
    McDonald, LeeWashington1943
    McDougall, Bryon LChico1989
    McGregor, Rob RSouthern California1955
    McGuire, Ben GKansas1937
    McKay, J IanOsgoode Hall1949
    McKelvey, Robert EAuburn1966
    McLaughlin, Brian JMiami1981
    McLelland, Thomas AMichigan State1979
    McTague, Daniel JosephMassachusetts
    Meacham, Jay BNorthwest Missouri1987
    Mears, Gary HIowa1958
    Medlin, Kyle LawrenceRhode Island2006
    Meinershagen, Robert W.Illinois1968
    Menyhert, Coleman ROhio State1949
    Menz, Roscoe EIllinois1928
    Mersch, Robert LIowa State1960
    Metcalf, Timothy CCornell1974
    Meuleman, William LMichigan State1940
    Meyer, Steven EdwardKansas2004
    Meyers Jr, Walter FPurdue1947
    Mezydlo, Daniel DavidIllinois2003
    Mica, David RFlorida1977
    Middleton, Christopher MTri-State1992
    Mihalski, Edmund JWashington1964
    Miller, Christopher DKansas1984
    Miller, Gerald WLehigh1980
    Miller, Leon WUCLA1942
    Miller, Roger BKansas1955
    Mills, Daniel CIllinois1961
    Mills, G AIllinois1924
    Mitchell, Lewis EKansas1950
    Mitchell, Michael LawrenceSacramento1995
    Mitchell Jr, Robert FS.M.U.1941
    Monger, Joel PFlorida1961
    Montgomery, Marty WSoutheast Missouri1979
    Moore, Arthur DKansas1949
    Moore, James HVirginia1932
    Moore, Paul EugenePenn State1944
    Moore, Richard WDePauw1958
    Moran Jr., John TWashington1940
    Moredock Jr, George EArizona1931
    Morgan, Darrell ELivingston1992
    Morrow, Scott BOhio State1987
    Moss, Larry DeanIdaho1958
    Moyer, James ROhio State1945
    Mullaney, Thomas PatrickCentral Missouri1996
    Murphree, Charles LAlabama1950
    Murphy, Max RayDePauw1956
    Naas, Walter RMichigan State1949
    Nairn, John BCornell1942
    Nash, C RichardIllinois1955
    Naught, Donald WNorthern Arizona1968
    Neis, Arthur  
    Nelli, Gregory JEmbry-Riddle
    Nelson, James AWashington1968
    Ness, Gregory PIndiana1987
    Neumayer, George JIdaho1950
    Newton, Sherill SIdaho1930
    Nicholls, Delmer MPenn State1935
    Nichols MD, John WMichigan State1945
    Nichols, Philip BBall State1987
    Nielsen, David EarlIdaho1966
    Niemann, Paul HCentral Missouri1974
    Noble, John EEmbry-Riddle1984
    Nolan, William LyleIowa State1962
    Norton, Richard AOklahoma1929
    Novak, John AConnecticut1975
    Novitsky, James RMichigan State1980
    Novotny, MichaelEastern Illinois1976
    O’Brien, Robert TMiami1950
    O’Brien, William NSouthern California1961
    O’Reilly, John PEastern Illinois1989
    Oakley, Nick GIowa1974
    Oetjen DVM, Brian DIowa State1972
    Ogilvy Hutchinson, Heather  
    Olson, Myron LHuntsville1978
    Olsson, John KSouthern California1972
    Orlofsky, David ScottMontclair1992
    Osborn, Donald CCornell1937
    Oursler, Gerald WOhio State1966
    Pacini, Ronald RSouthern California1955
    Page III, Fred HConnecticut1979
    Page, Ray EugeneIowa1970
    Paladino, David SEmbry-Riddle1981
    Pallas, Robert MWestern Michigan1969
    Papciak MD, Michael RWayne State1963
    Papciak, Walter WWayne State1961
    Parker, Robert GAbracadabra1937
    Parrish RPh, Richard FIowa1931
    Parry, Paul GIllinois1983
    Partch, Howard AIllinois1963
    Pascavage III JD, EdwardEmbry-Riddle1996
    Payne, Donald AMichigan State1963
    Peard, Peter BradfordHobart1951
    Pearre III, Charles MTexas1966
    Pearson, James APurdue1955
    Peek, William MMichigan State1948
    Pembroke, Eugene KMiami1949
    Perret, Jonathan PaulLouisiana Tech1994
    Peters, Donald LOregon State1942
    Peters, Douglas LSacramento1986
    Peterson, Charles LIowa State1940
    Peterson, Wiley KArizona1928
    Peterson, William WAbracadabra1952
    Petite, Donald CLong Beach1975
    Petitto, Thomas JohnMichigan State1993
    Pettit, Donald RoyDePauw1960
    Petzold, Carl WPurdue1930
    Phillips, Paul JasonKettering-A2003
    Pickle, James MGeorgia1983
    Pilling, Daniel GMichigan State1984
    Pitman, Albert TOhio State1941
    Polites, PeterOhio State1959
    Pollard, Richard APenn State1968
    Pontius, Jerry DDePauw1956
    Poole, Cary FAuburn1980
    Poppleton, Miller JOhio State1928
    Post Jr, Richard WilliamHayward1993
    Poythress, Joel ScottGeorgia Tech1994
    Prall, Rodney ACentral Missouri1984
    Prestash, Michael A.Bryant1995
    Prevett Jr., Lloyd LIllinois1966
    Price, Burroughs HPennsylvania1941
    Price, James DEastern Illinois1974
    Price, Marcus ElliottLouisiana Tech2002
    Provencher USAF, Michael AlanMississippi State2003
    Provencher, Thomas JLong Beach1981
    Ptomey Jr, Julian KLivingston 
    Puleo, Francis JPenn State1965
    Pyle PhD, Joe WinfordHouston1961
    Queen, Michael KevinGeorgia Tech1993
    Quinlan MD, EllsworthAbracadabra
    Randall PE, Howard LOregon State1940
    Recker, Daniel JMississippi State1981
    Redding, Peter RoyNew Haven1997
    Rehmar, Jerrold HMiami1957
    Reilly, John JUnion1983
    Reilly DVM, Mark TNew Hampshire1987
    Reinders, FredIowa State1928
    Resnik, Theodore RKansas1967
    Rich, Edward PWashington1958
    Richards, Charles TIllinois1934
    Rickabaugh, Mark VPurdue1962
    Riddle Jr., William APenn State1933
    Ripley, Edward LSouthern California1954
    Rissell USAF(Ret ), Robert AUnion1963
    Ristimaki Esq., Albert JOsgoode Hall1972
    Ritter, Alan LDePauw1935
    Rivers III, John CalhounClemson 
    Roach III, James RS.M.U.1950
    Roberts, Jeff TCentral Michigan1985
    Roberts, Roy LeeArizona1926
    Robertson, John FKansas1969
    Robertson Jr, Malcolm WayneLouisville1992
    Robertson, Neil AIllinois1964
    Robinson, Timothy SMississippi State1986
    Rodas Jr, Jose FMaryland1995
    Rodda, Donald EdwardIndiana1969
    Roe, Joseph EMichigan State1985
    Roes, AllenKansas State1967
    Rohde, DouglasOklahoma State1969
    Rohrer, James HMiami1963
    Rolland, Matthew GuyDelaware1992
    Rombalski, Terry RMichigan State1982
    Rook, Alan HSan Diego1972
    Rose, Glenn JMichigan State1949
    Rosenfeld, DavidFlorida1983
    Roskom, Daniel COshkosh1975
    Ross, Michael EdwardNorth Dakota2001
    Roth, Allen DLehigh1978
    Rouvelas, Emanuel LWashington1965
    Rowe USA(Ret.), Gerald HWestern Michigan1963
    Rowe, Kevin JIllinois1981
    Rowett, Robert MIdaho1953
    Rudeen, Timothy RIdaho1978
    Rupe, Stephen WMichigan State1976
    Rutt, Charles DCentral Missouri1979
    Ryan Jr, Charles FPurdue1962
    Sadlowski, Michael VMichigan State1977
    Salm Jr, Connor KIndiana1948
    Sanchack USMC, Erich JBehrend1992
    Sandberg, Arthur REastern Illinois1972
    Sandow, Ronald ThomasIdaho2000
    Sandy Jr., Milton LMississippi State1966
    Sanford, R HarrisonWashington1926
    Sargent CPA, CFE, J BradleyIllinois1983
    Scatterday, John RDePauw1950
    Schaefer, John HConnecticut1966
    Schaffner, James AIllinois1967
    Schechter, Jerome RFlorida1970
    Schemp, Cleo AMiami1950
    Schiavoni, Michael RIowa1965
    Schlueter, Jonathan Martin LeeKettering-A2001
    Schmidt, Andrew LAppalachian State1989
    Schmidt, Peter FUnion1960
    Schnedeker, DonaldPurdue1949
    Schneider, Eric MEastern Washington1985
    Schneider, Larry MFlorida1973
    Schnorrenberg, Frank TOhio State1959
    Schofield, JackLake Forest1956
    Schofield, Jonathan MConnecticut1962
    Scholl, WalterCornell1941
    Schonauer, Thomas ASouthern Illinois1965
    Schuck, Thomas RDePauw1972
    Schuetz, Russell LLehigh1975
    Schulte II, William HMiami1952
    Schultz PE, Richard RFlorida1967
    Schulz, David CAuburn1960
    Schumacher, Philip WPenn State1948
    Schurmeier, Leroy JDePauw1959
    Schwager, Allan HowardEmbry-Riddle1991
    Schwary, George HSouthern California1955
    Schweikhardt, Richard GWashington1964
    Scott, C JOklahoma1959
    Scott, Richard JLong Beach1970
    Scott, William JAlabama1965
    Scriven, Donald EIllinois1940
    Sed, David AGannon1974
    Seibert, Howard SOhio State1936
    Seidel, John DIowa State1982
    Senner, Eldon EIllinois1967
    Shamblin, Michael AllenVirginia Tech1992
    Shapiro, SamuelNorth Carolina State
    Shaw, James MCornell1945
    Shedd, Robert LIdaho1961
    Sherohman, J RossHouston1966
    Shields-Shimizu, Brendan ScottSouthern California2007
    Shiliga, Jeremy DavidWestern Illinois1999
    Shinkle, Wallace TIowa1957
    Shofstall, Robert LPurdue1979
    Shook, Henry MIllinois1930
    Shulman, MauriceSyracuse1915
    Shumar, Richard WWestern Michigan1957
    Sides, Charles WilliamGeorgia Tech2015
    Siebert, Paul DOhio State1949
    Siefert, John TDePauw1989
    Simerka I, Steven MMichigan State1984
    Simon, Robert PPenn State1941
    Simpson, GordonTexas1915
    Simpson, James AMississippi State1987
    Slade, John WDenison 
    Slater, Randall RIowa State1979
    Sleight, Robert CUnion1934
    Sluss, Mark DMissouri State1987
    Smith MD, Christopher E.W.Louisville1988
    Smith, Eric MSouthern Illinois1985
    Smith, Geary MFullerton1972
    Smith, Joel RAuburn1953
    Smith, Kenneth OCornell1970
    Smith, Nathaniel KentEmbry-Riddle2001
    Smith, Paul EParsons1968
    Smith, Randy JBall State1976
    Smith Jr, Robert CharlesLouisiana Tech2003
    Smith, Ronald ETri-State1976
    Smith, Stephen LOhio State1969
    Smoot, Richard ES.M.U.1972
    Snow, Ronald HAuburn1963
    Snyder, Robert COhio State1930
    Sobelman, Russell CMassachusetts1971
    Soldwish, Sidney LIowa State1965
    Sonnich, EricPurdue1926
    Sopher, Melinda  
    Sorensen, Donald RPurdue1956
    Sorge, Bryan DDePauw1987
    Spangler Jr, Arthur SHobart1971
    Sperling, Richard AWestern Michigan1965
    Spinola Jr., SalvatoreConnecticut1963
    Spittle, Frank LTexas Western1965
    St Clair, Todd WilsonTexas State1995
    Stahl, Mark RIndiana1980
    Stanfield, AlanAuburn1963
    Starr, James RIowa1973
    Stasny, John TPurdue1957
    Stearns, Paul HHobart1951
    Steffan, James COhio State1922
    Stehlik, Michael DDePauw1986
    Steiner, Keith J.  
    Stephany, Mark DominicIowa2002
    Sternard, Donald FIllinois1983
    Stewart, Francis MValdosta1981
    Stewart, George EKansas1934
    Stewart Jr, William CMiami1951
    Still, Robert DNorthwest Missouri1978
    Stock, Carl JGannon1980
    Stolfi Jr., James AConnecticut1986
    Stonner, Kevin RNorthwest Missouri1979
    Stookey, Donald MWashington1956
    Stoughton, Donald BOhio State1951
    Strasma, Edward JDePauw1930
    Strohm, William CMississippi State1985
    Stuppnig, Rudolph HMichigan State1955
    Sturm, Jay RIllinois1951
    Sturm, Walter ForestIllinois1949
    Summerville, William JMiami1934
    Suter, Robert HIllinois 
    Suter, William AS.M.U.1949
    Sutton Jr, Philip GPurdue1958
    Swanson Jr, Paul JIllinois1955
    Sward, Scott RMiami1972
    Swartz MD, Herbert PKentucky1937
    Tafur, AlvaroCreighton1989
    Taggart, Walter CPurdue1959
    Tambon, Steven Edward ThomasUSP2012
    Tapp, Douglas JOklahoma State1982
    Taysi, M HalukWashington State1964
    Telep, Robert DavidEmbry-Riddle1997
    Teramo, Jordan GreggCornell1995
    Theaker, James RSouthern California1955
    Thoma, Paul JIllinois1927
    Thomas, Jay DavidLouisiana Tech2007
    Thomas, Karam JohnLSU1950
    Thomas, Steven WAugusta1984
    Thomas, William LGeorgia Southern1987
    Thompson, Clayton ROklahoma State1982
    Thoner, Jack ASouthern California1955
    Thoreson, Eric EdwardWashington1965
    Thornburg, Robert DBall State1964
    Tibma, David GPurdue1953
    Tillson, HowardIowa State1931
    Tingen, Lawrence TAugusta 
    Tossy, Troy MCal Poly1991
    Tower, Norman FDePauw1934
    Traeger, KarlDuquesne2006
    Tramel, Kenneth SDePauw1981
    Trial, Nicholas GregoryAuburn1994
    Trussell, John CCornell1928
    Tufigno, Joseph AMinnesota1950
    Tumbry, David TTexas2003
    Turner, Daniel RossEmbry-Riddle1993
    Turner, David WadeArizona1960
    Uek, Alois WWisconsin1932
    Usery, Glenn ACentral Missouri1986
    Van Stell, Richard JamesWestern Illinois1993
    Varma, Manoj RMassachusetts1988
    Vineyard, Philip PMichigan State1968
    Wachter, Andrew PennDuquesne2000
    Wagner, Gordon PS.M.U.1949
    Wagner, Richard LCornell1942
    Waite, Christopher FFlorida1989
    Walker Jr., John GAuburn1955
    Walker Jr, Webster URollins1957
    Walter, Donald SIdaho1950
    Walter, Wilbur LDePauw1932
    Warford, David TMinnesota1969
    Warner, Edwin EDePauw1938
    Warr, Otis SVirginia1935
    Warren, Fred HIowa State1925
    Warren Sr, James EAuburn1958
    Waterman, Phil LIllinois1930
    Wathen, Robert LeeWestern Michigan1956
    Watson, Richard DWashington State1949
    Waxler, Brian DConnecticut1981
    Webber, Charles MIllinois1932
    Webber Jr, Thomas DavidMichigan State1994
    Wein, James RichardCornell1965
    Welch, James SStanford1948
    Weldon, Robert LewisPenn State1969
    Wellenreiter Esq, AnthonyOsgoode Hall1964
    Wells, Irving LStanford1940
    Wells, James DonaldGeorgia Tech2012
    Welts Jr., Frederic KWashington1975
    Wenker, John RichardArizona1951
    Werry, Ellwood VIdaho1951
    Werst, Dean CharlesOregon State1962
    Westin Jr., Carl LPurdue1945
    Wheat, James EKansas1952
    Wheeler CPA, William EArizona1983
    Wheelock, Alexander PaulMississippi State2000
    White, James MIdaho1959
    White, Kenneth SPenn State1944
    White PhD, William LutherDePauw1953
    Whitney, William GIowa1959
    Williams, Gregory AOklahoma1987
    Williams Jr., Russell KellyGeorgia Southern2005
    Wilson, GroverMiami1947
    Wilson, R KimIowa State1977
    Wilson, Richard ArthurKent State2004
    Wilson, WilburOklahoma1934
    Wilson, William DDePauw1975
    Winchester Jr, Henry FMichigan1951
    Winters Jr, Jackson EDenison1988
    Wintler, John TOregon State1944
    Wirtz, Michael JNorthwest Missouri1984
    Wismer, Jack NWestern Michigan1968
    Woessner, Carl FDePauw1943
    Woirol, Walter RWashington1941
    Wojohn, William HunterGeorgia Tech2013
    Wollam, John PaulTexas1946
    Wood, Richard LTri-State1971
    Woodbury, Timothy MDePauw1962
    Woodruff-Jackson, ChrisTexas Tech1994
    Woodward, Donald CIllinois1957
    Wright, Geoffrey Desmond StannardUnion1970
    Wright, Thomas ZOklahoma1934
    Wright, Wendell SDePauw1938
    Wynne, Robert JNew Haven1982
    Wysong, James HenryDePauw1955
    Yamashiro, Alvin IHobart1966
    Yates, Hassell EValdosta1974
    Yeager, James FS.M.U.1977
    Yochum, Timothy ATruman State1983
    Youngblood, B JoeS.M.U.1951
    Younger, Harold POklahoma State1960
    Zak, David FrankGeorgia Tech1993
    Zander, Eugene JWisconsin1928
    Zarnas, Gust COhio State1938
    Zeller, Kevin WDenison1971
    Zeus Jr., WilliamLehigh1970
    Ziegelmair, Ludwig A.Hobart1957
    Zimmerman PhD, Richard HMichigan State1956
    Zimmers Jr, Emory WLehigh1965
    Zuberbuehler, Alan SOshkosh1973
    Zukof MD, Walter HIowa0
    Zwergel, Philip HWestern Michigan1959

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