Big Tips for Big Trips

By March 9, 2017Member Safety

Going Somewhere?

As brothers across North America take a much needed break from classes and exams this spring, many of our members travel together for Spring Break, weekend road trips, service trips domestic or abroad, and – of course – summer vacation (which is not too far away). It is important to keep health, safety, and responsible decision making prevalent in our thoughts all the time, but ESPECIALLY when we are in new environments. Here are some quick tips for whatever the occasion.

Remember Our Values

Delta Chi exists to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and to assist in the education of a sound education. Just because school isn’t in session or you aren’t on campus DOES NOT mean that you can forget Delta Chi’s values and the obligation we took to uphold these expectations.

Responsible Consumption of Alcohol &
Responsible Application of Sunscreen 

  • For every action, there is an inevitable reaction. As a Delta Chi, we respect the dignity and worth of all individuals — including ourselves! Whether it’s the SPF or where you find yourself, make smart choices. Your future depends on your actions today.
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T (see the point above)
  • No matter who you meet, show the world that Delta Chis respect: women, men, ourselves, those who look different than us, and each other. Change the culture, be the example, hold one another accountable. Show compassion and understanding to all persons of the world.
  • See something? Say something. Don’t wait until it is too late.
  • Hydrate and eat right.

Can You Find Your Friends?

  • Even if you split up, keep tabs on your brothers. Using an app like “Find My Friends” can help make sure everyone remains safe and sound.
  • Some places don’t get good reception or it costs a fortune to use your phone…TALK TO EACH OTHER.
  • If there is no Uber, Lyft, or sober driver available – KNOW THE TAXI PHONE NUMBER. Call or visit 1-800-TAXICAB.
  • Set up alerts for travel and security. Wherever you are heading, you can use the GET INFORMED CHECKLIST to help.

Ignorance of the Law is No Defense &
Poor Planning Can Ruin Everything

  • Never been to where you are headed? Better take a few minutes to make sure you know the laws, especially if you are traveling out of the country.
  • Packing your brothers in a car isn’t the only thing you should prepare for. Take TIME to plan – check out these simple ROAD TRIP TIPS to make sure you get to where you are going.

Have Fun!

  • Enjoy your brotherhood.
  • Be Safe.
  • Learn, meet, see, and experience something new.