GreekLifeEdu is a science-based course that aims not to preach, but rather to teach the facts about alcohol, hazing and sexual assault. It empowers members to make well-informed decisions and provides simple strategies to keep them and their friends safe.

The online course provides four modules of content featuring videos, discussion blogs, interactive activities and more. It includes helpful tools like a BAC calculator, a map of U.S. laws, safe partying strategies, and answers to common questions about hazing and sexual assault.

Per the Delta Chi International Headquarters, all members should complete the GreekLifeEdu course during their associate member period.

GreekLifeEdu has two parts:

  • Part One can be taken in multiple settings and takes about two hours to complete. After completing the first portion, students must take a comprehensive final exam. A grade of 75% or higher receives credit for completing Part One.
  • Part Two takes place 45 days after completing Part One. Upon completion of Module 4 (a follow-up module) and a survey, GreekLifeEdu is complete.
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  • GreekLifeEDU is an online health and safety training program for Delta Chi members. It supplements traditional new member education activities and initiatives with lessons on having a plan in college social situations, living up to our core values, Basic Expectations and creating a safe community. Starting in 2017, all new members are required to complete GreekLifeEDU’s two-part program.

  • Associate Members and Initiated Members can access GreekLifeEdu via your MYDCHI portal.   Once you are logged in, you should click on the GreekLifeEdu link, which is located underneath Applications in the upper left side of the page to set up your account and start the course.

  • There will be a fee assessed for chapters whose new members do not complete GreekLifeEDU. If any associate member is initiated prior to completing the course, the chapter will be billed $25 (each) for these members.

  • The GreekLifeEdu Online Technical Support Center is available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week should users experience any difficulties or require support. Simply click on the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner of every GreekLifeEdu screen and select “Help.”

    Members must have a MYDCHI account established in order to gain access to the GreekLifeEdu portal. If you still need to set up a MYDCHI account, please use this reference guide.

    Members will need a computer with internet access and audio capability to complete the course.