“F” (Risk Management)

The role of the “F” of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of parliamentarian, risk management, and typically the chairman of a chapter/colony judicial board. This position is suggested to be a one-year term and is best elected during the end of the fall semester/quarter. For a full officer description of the “F” , please refer to page 81 of the Cornerstone.

Critical Information That Must Be Reviewed Each Term:

  • FIPG Risk Management Policy
  • Crisis Management BRIEF
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Facility Inspection
  • “No One Ever Told Me”
  • Liability And Property Insurance Claims Manual
  • Ask the Staff
  • Member Accident Protection Program
    • Brochure
    • Letter

Download Critical Information Here

Important Information To Include In “F” Officer Notebook:

  • Delta Chi Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management Partners
  • Incident Reporting Form
  • Event Planning Form
  • “Any Event An Outside Observer Would Associate With Delta Chi…”
  • Special Notice on Hazing
  • Special Notice on Party Themes
  • Responsible Social Planning
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • Risk Management Newsletter
  • Self Inspection Guide
  • Bystander

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Programming and Resources:

  • Building Better Brotherhood
  • The Party Continues
  • Weekend Tragedy
  • Additional Risk Management Resources

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Samples and Templates:

  • “The Ladder Of Risk”
  • Alcohol And Risk Management
  • Judicial Board Information
  • Information Regarding:
    • Hazing
    • Sexual Assault
    • Suicide

Download Samples and Templates Here