2016 Founders’ Day Message

By October 13, 2016DCEF, Statements


One-hundred twenty-six years ago, after months of discussion, twelve men met on a Monday night in Ithaca, New York and formed The Delta Chi Fraternity.

Those present that night included Cornell alumni Monroe M. Sweetland and Myron M. Crandall, along with undergraduates John M. Gorham, Thomas A. Sullivan, Albert S. Barnes, Thomas D. Watkins, M.J. Flannery, F.K. Stephens, Owen Lincoln Potter, Alphonso D. Stillman, Edward O’Malley, and Fredrick Moore Whitney. These men started our fraternal organization to better both themselves and each other through a close association – the very same reason we continue to exist today.

There are many recognizable names on that list and probably a couple that are not. Both Flannery and Stephens were at the Fraternity’s founding, but it is generally believed they did not maintain their interest in the organization for very long and stopped participating. Therefore, they have not been considered Founders.

Our constitution’s preamble outlines Delta Chi’s four basic principles: promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. Each day, every member – both undergraduate and alumnus – has an important decision to make: will Delta Chi remain a part of his daily life through performance of acts to better himself and others or will he allow it to fade away into his surroundings.

Just like those present on the night the Fraternity was born, some choose to be relevant and make a difference in the world around them by remaining involved in Delta Chi; others do not.

As you enjoy this October 13th in celebration of our founding 126 years ago, stop to consider which example you want to follow. Will you be like Potter, Stillman, Whitney and others who proudly lived and outwardly demonstrated Delta Chi’s four core values? Or will you follow Stephens and Flannery’s example by simply fading into history as an individual who nobody remembers?

If you are one who might have faded, this is not a permanent status. There is no better time than the present to reengage in Delta Chi. Whether you are an undergraduate or alumnus, Delta Chi needs men like you to serve or otherwise give at the chapter, regional and international levels. Had brothers before us not carried that torch, we would not be telling this story today.

The choice is yours. We know which men we follow every day. Happy 126th Founders’ Day, Brothers.

In the Bond,

Kansas State ’98

Bryant ’93
President & Chairman,
Educational Foundation