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The Delta Chi Educational Foundation is proud to present…

Delta Chi’s Men of Character

Delta Chi’s first Man of Character is Brother William B. Vollbracht, Kansas ’60See the cover-story from the Spring 2018 Knight Errant to find out why.  Below is an excerpt from that story:

UPDATE: Delta Chi is proud to honor Brother Vollbracht with the “2018 Delta Chi of the Year” award, which was announced at our convention in Denver, Colorado on August 4, 2018.  We couldn’t be prouder to call him Brother!

William B. Vollbracht, Kansas ’60, ini­tiated in 1958, celebrates his 60th year of being a Delta Chi  in March 2018. Brother Vollbracht is a New Founder, having given more than $100,000 to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation. This makes him one of our top 20 all-time donors, a level matched by less than 0.00002% of initi­ates, which he achieved by sending in his final donation on check #1890. But more than the money he gave, Brother Vollbracht embod­ies our core value of Character.

Read the full article HERE.

As Brother Vollbracht celebrates his 80th birthday in June 2018, we can think of no one better who embodies Delta Chi’s core principles; and he has lived it every day of his life. It is our privilege to recognize Brother Vollbracht as our first Man of Character. His life is a testament to all that is good about fraternity men, and he represents the silent majority of us that the Fraternity has helped to mold. More than ever, it is important to rally behind our ideals and invest in Delta Chi, as our Fraternity continues to build leaders who positively impact our society in their communities.

Thank you, Brother Vollbracht, for setting an extraordinary example of what it means to be a Delta Chi Fraternity man.

WATCH the videos below to learn more about Brother Vollbracht, and what his peers have to say about him:

Thank you to the Colorado Business Hall of Fame and Junior Achievement, and Land Title Guarantee Company for allowing us to share these videos with the members and friends of The Delta Chi Fraternity.

We are always on the lookout for new Men of Character to celebrate!

Do you know a Delta Chi who has lived a life of Character?

Do you Know a man who practices one or all of our core principles?

Does he …

Promote friendship?

Advance Justice?

Have Character or help others to Develop Character?

Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education?

We want to hear his story!

To Nominate a Man of Character, please Contact Peter Lane at or call him at 319-499-0352 today to tell us your story or that of the Delta Chi you think of when you hear “Man of Character”!

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