“Assisting in the Acquisition of a Sound Education”

The 1890 Society, named after the year Delta Chi was founded, was established to educate undergraduate brothers on the mission, purpose, and programs of The Delta Chi Educational Foundation in order to create a mindset of lifelong giving to Delta Chi. It is the 1890 Society’s mission to promote Foundation programs to undergraduate Delta Chi members, while developing relationships that will foster lifelong support.

Students who lead by example and make a contribution to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation’s general fund will be recognized as a loyal donor and active advocate for Delta Chi…Alumni also have the opportunity to participate!

Donations to the general fund support scholarships and grants for undergraduates to attend leadership programs, such as Delta Chi’s “A”s’ Academy, Regional Leadership Conferences, Delta Chi’s International Convention, and the Undergraduate InterFraternity Institute (UIFI).

The 1890 Society is exclusive to our undergraduate members. Undergraduates who make an unrestricted donation of at least $18.90 within a calendar year will be recognized as members of the Society. Members will receive special recognition of obtaining this status, and donors will be celebrated through various online, print, and event mediums.

Those undergraduates who give for four consecutive years will receive unique recognition for their loyalty and support of the Delta Chi Educational Foundation.

Each year, the chapter or colony with the greatest percentage of participation will be recognized with a trophy.

Alumni members can certainly support the undergraduate 1890 Society program by becoming an alumnus sponsor. Those who donate at least $189.00 to the general fund within a calendar year will be recognized as alumni sponsors of the 1890 Society, and will reap all of the benefits and recognition that our undergraduates receive.

1890 Society - 2017

Updated as of 7/20/17

Name Associated Chapter
Acy H, Hunter Hood Mississippi State
Afocx, Michael Christopher Charlotte
Allison, Joshua Michael Pittsburgh
Anderson, David Richard East Stroudsburg
Ankersen, Ryan Spring Hill
Anzivino, Taylor Harrison Eastern Washington
Askins Jr., Kevin Scott Behrend
Avery, Matthew Wayne Huntsville
Baash-Mendoza, Carlos Daniel Christian Oregon State
Bader, David James Missouri
Baggatta Jr., James John Charlotte
Bathras, Camden Joel East Carolina
Beach, Christian Thomas Charlotte
Bembry, Isaiah Anderson Montclair
Bernard, Edward Julian Augusta
Bird, Chad Jeffrey Beaufort
Blackard III, Charles Robert North Alabama
Blair, Zachary Richard Little Rock
Bonales, Anthony Riverside
Botsick, Michael Robert Bowling Green
Brandenburg, Zackery Lee Dalton State
Brightman Jr., Jeffrey Charles Charlotte
Brummett, Zakary Guy Edwardsville
Brun, Nicholas Caleb Mississippi State
Bryan, Matthew Russell Kansas State
Buchman, Justin Hendy Bowling Green
Buckwalter, Mark Austin Kansas State
Byrne, Patrick Michael Mississippi State
Cady, Christian Payne Dalton State
Caldwell, Evan Alexander George Mason
Camp, Hayden Andrew Alabama
Caputo, Mark William East Stroudsburg
Castle, John James Cal Poly
Caufield III, James Joseph Southern Illinois
Chacon Jr., Pablo Long Beach
Chism, Alec Ryle Mississippi State
Clark, Tyler Wright Huntsville
Cohen, Chad A. West Chester
Copen, Justin Wayne North Alabama
Corradi, Braden Daniel Charlotte
Covington, Logan Reid North Georgia
Crane, Stephen Northern Illinois
Credle, Maliek Xavier Charlotte
Crosby, Zachary Ross Huntsville
Curcio, Christopher Ryan Montclair
Dell, Matthew Mark Delaware
Dewberry, Forest Schaefgen Auburn
Diggs, Camden Alston Heaton Charlotte
Dill, Tyler Andrew Case Western Reserve
Dodson, Noah Alexander Mississippi State
Dominicci Feliciano, Carlos Omar Massachusetts
Dougherty, Alec William Florida State
Ellingsen, Daniel Michael Illinois
Enciso, Adolfo – Kingsville
Evola, Jonathan Robert Charlotte
Ezell, Adam Bishop Kettering-B
Fasshauer, Patrick Northern Colorado
Fiorillo, Giovanni George Charlotte
Frantz, Eric Christopher LSU
Gibbons, Trevor Elliotte North Alabama
Giere, Peter James Lake Forest
Gittleman, Jordan Daniel Pittsburgh
Glass, Max Carlyle Mississippi State
Griesbach, Tyler Montclair
Haefner, Benjamin Roy Kettering-A
Hanes, Ayden Mitchell Behrend
Hansford, Kevin Kiley North Alabama
Harp, Kenneth Charles Embry-Riddle
Harvilla, Nicholas Stephen Charlotte
Hatch, Troy Bernard Mississippi State
Hernandez, Brandon Ray Charlotte
Herndon, Patrick Lucas Troy State
Hina, Bryce Warren Tri-State
Hinkle, Connor Jackson Mississippi State
Hinsley, Jacob Taylor North Georgia
Hoang, Justin Quoc Mississippi State
Hodge, Mark Richard Mississippi State
Hoffer, Luke Benjamin Appalachian State
Howell, Aaron Michael Kettering-B
Hudson, Ethan James Duquesne
Hugo, Joseph James George Mason
Hyndman, Thomas Lehigh
Incardona, Gregory Donald Gannon
Jennings, John Michael Spring Hill
Johnson Jr, Darnell Northern Illinois
Kabir, Nakib Adib Fredonia
Kendrick, Connor Kirby Livingston
Kieltyka Jr., Peter Thomas Northern Illinois
Kleidon, Alex Matthew USP
Kost, Spencer Northwestern
Kranz, Trenton Reid Truman State
Kuppler, Alexander Cameron Wilmington
Landis, Tyler Matthew USP
Lange, Brandon Richard Troy State
Larson, Jonah Quentin Case Western Reserve
Laurence, Jackson Brill Mississippi State
Leehan, Daniel Joseph USP
LeMand, Rollin Kenneth Embry-Riddle
Levinson, Jeremy Bartlett Lake Forest
Lewis, Scott Christopher Charlotte
Licht, Mitchell Jared Embry-Riddle
Loftsgard, Reid Iowa
Long, Benjamin Duquesne
Lukes, Carter Eastern Illinois
Lynch, Thomas M Delaware
Marcheleovich, Richard Anthony Gannon
Marciello, Stephen Michael Syracuse
Martin, Scott Michael Edwardsville
McCall, Matthew Pierce Mississippi State
McCarey, Harrison Iowa State
McClelland, Thomas Mitchell Cal Poly
McCracken-Van Fleet, Connor Southern Illinois
McGregor, Kyle Tristan Charlotte
Meister, Zack East Stroudsburg
Meyers, Collin James Colorado State
Mishyn, Oleksandr Mikhaylovich Montclair
Mitchell, Ryan Thomas Sacramento
Mitchell, William Christopher North Georgia
Moffat, Phillip Daniel Kettering-A
Moore, Kevin Grant Northern Illinois
Morris, Jacob Spring Hill
Murdock, Frank Steven Northern Illinois
Murphy, Graham Krites Charlotte
Naimaister, Matthew Montclair
Nevarez Barron, Juan Manual Eastern Illinois
Newell Jr, Charles Kelly Spring Hill
Nickel, John Christopher Washington
Nixon, Brendan Bryant
Osterndorf, John William American
Ozuna, Blake Thomas Washington State
Pallante, Gabriel Thomas Cornelius USP
Pandey, Sabyasachi Charlotte
Panos, Clifford James Georgia Tech
Panzella, Grant Charles Northern Illinois
Patel, Tej Sarju Charlotte
Perez, James Frank Montclair
Petersen, Preston William Oregon State
Pierce, Grant Wisconsin
Pletke, Nicholas Daniel Northern Arizona
Pongratz, Ferdinand Alois Oregon State
Prather, Tyler Austin North Georgia
Primm, Anthony Jacob Mississippi State
Raina, Rahul Georgia Tech
Reiley, Robert Quinn William & Mary
Revelo, Ricky Long Beach
Riddle, Jacob Carl Troy State
Ritz, Brian Lee Edwardsville
Rogers, Mark Anthony Rhode Island
Roskowski, Brian James Tri-State
Rudd, Bryan Tyler Syracuse
Russell, James David Auburn
Rye, Noah Frederick Kettering-B
Sanchez, Gabriel Jimenez Case Western Reserve
Saporito, Stephan Andrew USP
Schiazzano, Johnathan Michael Arizona State
Shakespeare, Colin Robert Behrend
Slater, Christopher Edward Hayward
Smedley, Alec Gage Oregon State
Smith, Nicholas Alberta
Snyders, Cameron M. Miami
Sokaler, Zackary Michael Massachusetts
Soma Jr., Paul Arthur Michigan State
Spaich II, Jonathan Milo Mississippi State
Steele, Sydney A Embry-Riddle
Stephens, Tyler Richard Northern Illinois
Stephenson , James Herring Tarleton
Stephenson, Thomas William Denison
Stickel, David Ray East Carolina
Stiltner, Grant Pemerson Charlotte
Stout, Jacob David Wisconsin
Swander, Nicholas James Kettering-B
Swanson, Aaron Todd Northern Illinois
Swinney, Makell Little Rock
Tavares, Matthew James Case Western Reserve
Tokhi, Temour William & Mary
Traylor, Grayson Andrew Kennesaw
Trojanowski, Christopher E Southern Illinois
Vonor, Koffivi Lake Forest
Wagner, Robert Alexander Case Western Reserve
Wallack, David Bowling Green
Wannemacher, Aaron Joseph Pittsburgh
Ward, Elijah Paul Kettering-A
Warner, Erik David Kennesaw
Weiser, Johnathan Hirokawa Kettering-B
Weiss, Andrew Jonathan Syracuse
Weiss, Josh Francis Delaware
Westmoreland, Spencer James Mississippi State
Wood, Dakota Lee Mississippi State
Woods, Nicholas J. Montclair
Wright, Thomas William Montclair
Wynn, Tyler Brett Dalton State
Wysocki, Rafal Steve Southern Illinois
Yale, Mark Clifford George Mason
Yates, Joshua Frank Huntsville
Young, Ian Michael Embry-Riddle
Young III, Richard Paul Johnstown
Young, Sopanha Long Beach
Younghouse, Jordan Thomas Jacksonville State

1890 Society - 2015

Undergrad Members by Region

Region I: 2 members
Region II: 51 members
Region III: 18 members
Region IV: 26 members
Region V: 43 members
Region VI: 29 members
Region VII: 25 members
Region VIII: 22 members
Region IX: 64 members
Total members: 280

Top Five Chapters by Participation

1. Southern Illinois – 27 members
2. Arizona State – 12 members
2. USP – 12 members
3. Case Western Reserve – 9 members
3. Northern Arizona – 9 members

Members of the 2015 Society (Undergraduates)

Rodrigo AbascalAbascalCorpus Christi2016
Edwin AlaridAlaridHayward2014
Daniel AllenAllenSouthern Illinois2016
David AlvarezAlvarezHayward
Jose-Boris AmorofiAmorofiOklahoma2018
Lars Monroe AndersonAndersonLouisiana Tech2018
Ronald Patrick ArnoldArnoldCharlotte2018
Mario Paul AyalaAyalaLong Beach2015
Jack Michael AyresAyresKansas State2018
James John Baggatta, Jr.BaggattaCharlotte2018
Dan BaranBaranRutgers2016
Marcelo BarbaroBarbaroArizona State
William BarfieldBarfieldTexas2015
Nicholas BartolottiBartolottiAdelphi2015
Joshua Bryan BaumanBaumanCalifornia Univ-PA2016
Charles Nolan BealBealTarleton2016
Thomas Foscue BeardBeardMassachusetts2017
Ryan Francis BegleyBegleySyracuse2017
Tarik BenoudaBenoudaHayward
Adam Joseph BerkBerkFlorida State2017
Trenton BlanchetteBlanchetteTexas Tech2016
Izzak Erin BlochBlochMankato2017
Tyler BoltonBoltonArizona State2016
Justin BorrelliBorrelliFredonia2015
Tamer Medhat Fathy BotrosBotrosUSP2019
Drew Thomas BoursheskiBoursheskiMissouri2016
Ashton BrayBrayIllinois State
Joseph Alois BroderickBroderickCase Western Reserve2017
Kevin Dale Brooks, Jr.BrooksJacksonville State2016
Mitchell BrothersBrothersWindsor2017
Timothy Noel BudhooBudhooArizona State2016
Richard Budop, IIIBudopKettering-B2017
Zach BukowskiBukowskiOshkosh2016
Brandon James BunchBunchFredonia2017
Matthew Daniel BurgessBurgessDavis2015
Spencer Tyler BurtonBurtonCase Western Reserve2017
Gunnar Clay ButlerButlerSouthern Illinois2016
Davis Walker ButterworthButterworthLittle Rock2016
Ryan CarneyCarneyUSP2015
Craig Allen CarpCarpBeaufort2015
Andrew L. CarrilloCarrilloTexas2015
Edgar CasimiroCasimiroLehigh2018
Joseph CassadyCassadyWhitewater2017
Gabriel CentenoCentenoEmbry-Riddle2017
Jeremy Kalnor ChangChangEmbry-Riddle2017
Sam CohenCohenSyracuse2015
Ethan ColbertColbertMissouri2015
Scott William CooperCooperBehrend2017
Justin Alec CorpuzCorpuzSacramento2017
C. J. Craft, Jr.CraftFerrum2015
Jacob Andrew CriddleCriddleSouthern Illinois2016
Richard Thomas CrockerCrockerWilmington2015
Dalton Jeffrey CullerCullerCharlotte2016
Caleb Locke CurfmanCurfmanLouisiana Tech2018
David Adam CurkinCurkinSouthern Illinois2017
Adam W. DanielDanielUSP2018
Jacob DearingDearingHayward
Daniel Jacob DechantDechantCalifornia Univ-PA2015
Jackson Scott DennardDennardWilmington2018
John Robert DeskavichDeskavichSyracuse2017
Eraklis Antonis DiamatarisDiamatarisAmerican2016
David Lindsey DicksonDicksonGeorgia Tech2017
Gerard A. DudzinskiDudzinskiSouthern Illinois2017
AM-Taylor DyteDyteArizona State
John Francis DÕAmbrosioDÕAmbrosioCal Poly2017
William EasterlingEasterlingLivingston2016
Vineet ErasalaErasalaCase Western Reserve2018
Brandon Joseph EsserEsserBehrend2016
Correy FacianeFacianeVirginia Commonwealth2016
Robert Thomas FairmanFairmanWilmington2017
Joseph Tyler FalboFalboUSP2019
Austin James FassingerFassingerJohnstown2017
Patrick FeltzFeltzHayward2017
Stiven FernandezFernandezFredonia2018
David Jonathon FindlayFindlayMassachusetts2015
Ryan FischettoFischettoDavis2018
Enrique FloresFloresFullerton2016
Alex FrederickFrederickLittle Rock2018
Aaron Mark FrithFrithKansas State2015
Nick FryeFryeMarshall2016
Eddy Armando FunesFunesFerrum2016
Maxwell Alexander GalbraithGalbraithFullerton2016
Sean Patrick GallagherGallagherMaryland2017
Zackary W. GallowayGallowayDuquesne2017
Jacob Alfredo GarciaGarciaCalifornia Univ-PA2017
William Roger GarrisonGarrisonGeorge Mason2018
Stephen J. GaspariniGaspariniSyracuse2016
Kyle Edwin GilbertGilbertMichigan2016
Spencer K. GladisGladisSouth Dakota State2015
Aaron Matthew GorskiGorskiWindsor2015
Ryan GreenleyGreenleyUSP2015
Viraj GuptaGuptaArizona State2018
Timothy James GutmannGutmannCharlotte2018
Divante A. HamiltonHamiltonFerrum2016
Oliver HamlinHamlinFlorida State2018
Kristopher Lynn HandshoeHandshoeTri-State2016
Thomas Matthew HaralamHaralamJohnstown2017
Marcel Leonard HardyHardyHuntsville2016
Tyler M. HarrisHarrisWest Chester2016
Lance HarrisHarrisTarleton2016
Tab HartmanHartmanLittle Rock2018
Thomas C. HartnettHartnettHofstra2015
Shahid A. HashmiHashmiGannon2016
Austin L. HayesHayesWest Chester2015
Alexander Tuttle HayesHayesCharlotte2018
Jonathan HeilandHeilandSoutheast Missouri2016
James HeltonHeltonHuntsville2015
Daniel HenneHenneAdelphi2016
Michael HennesHennesArizona State
Xavier Valentin HernandezHernandezCase Western Reserve2018
Jason HillHillSouthern California2018
Dejon Marquis HillHillSouthern Illinois2016
Andrew Robert McCarthy HoeftHoeftGeorgia Tech2017
William Charles HortonHortonOregon State2016
Zachary William HudsonHudsonCase Western Reserve2016
Jacob R. HyattHyattNorthern Colorado2016
Stefan IvanovIvanovOhio State2017
Douglas Michael JakubowiczJakubowiczTri-State2016
Dennis JimenezJimenezSouthern Illinois2017
William Percell Alexander JohnsonJohnsonCalifornia Univ-PA2017
Nathan Ryan JonesJonesCorpus Christi2018
Rhett A. JonesJonesKansas State2015
Jeremy JonesJonesTexas Tech2016
Steven JonesJonesRutgers2017
Joshua JungerJungerSouthern Illinois2018
Michal P. JunikJunikSouthern Illinois2017
Joel KalosKalosCase Western Reserve2017
Seth KardonKardonEast Stroudsburg2017
Alexander Michael KeimKeimEast Stroudsburg2017
Adam Michael KhanKhanLake Forest2018
Paul Carpenter KinderKinderNorthern Arizona2017
Malachi A. KirkpatrickKirkpatrickStephen F. Austin2015
Matthew Scott KnoblochKnoblochMassachusetts2016
Tyler KooserKooserOhio State2016
Nicholas KoprowiczKoprowiczJohnstown2018
Adam Eugene KotlinskiKotlinskiKettering-A2018
Tyler Andrew KowalskiKowalskiJohnstown2015
Jared KriwinskyKriwinskyDenison2016
Matthew KrygerisKrygerisSouthern Illinois2018
Eric Richard KuhlmannKuhlmannWhitewater2017
Cameron J. KuipersKuipersDuquesne2017
Matthew KuzmickyKuzmickyDavis2018
Tyler Matthew LandisLandisUSP2020
Nicholas Patrick LaPointeLaPointeSouthern Illinois2018
Matthew Ryan LaskowitzLaskowitzMissouri2016
Trevor C. LeachLeachFerrum2016
Joseph Lee Leavitt, VLeavittSpring Hill2018
Daniel Joseph LeehanLeehanUSP2020
Mason LeonardLeonardHofstra2017
Matthew LerschLerschSpring Hill2017
Evan Joseph LewisLewisOhio State2018
Austin E. LewisLewisMissouri2015
Jett LewisLewisDavis2016
Brandon LiLiMassachusetts2017
Dylan LiebertLiebertWhitewater2016
Charles Joseph LipfordLipfordKansas State2018
Cristian Kennedy Thomas LittleLittleKettering-B2018
Justin Stephen LoescherLoescherSouthern Illinois2017
Justin Stephen LoescherLoescherSouthern Illinois2017
Reid LoftsgardLoftsgardIowa2018
Jordan LongLongSacramento2016
David LotsofLotsofSouthern Illinois2016
Cory LoweLoweDalton State
Cole Edward LueckeLueckeBeaufort2018
Patrick LugowskiLugowskiSouthern Illinois2015
Andrew MaertinsMaertinsArizona State2018
Conner MaloneyMaloneyLouisiana Tech2015
Philip MasaitisMasaitisUSP2015
Nicholas MazurMazurNorthern Arizona2016
Sean Michael McCauleyMcCauleyGeorge Mason2017
Courtland Major McCranieMcCranieSouth Dakota State2015
Kyle Patrick McDonaldMcDonaldPurdue2016
Matthew McGlinseyMcGlinseyEast Stroudsburg2017
Joshua Sunder McHenryMcHenrySacramento2013
Spencer McMathMcMathCal Poly2017
Jesse Eugene MelowMelowNorthern Illinois2018
Maxwell Barton MessingerMessingerBowling Green2017
Johnny Layne Midkiff, IIMidkiffMarshall2017
Davis Benjamin MillardMillardKansas State2017
Garet MillerMillerCentral Missouri2017
Trent MitchellMitchellIllinois State2017
Phillip Daniel MoffatMoffatKettering-A2018
Abdul MohammadMohammadFredonia2016
James Nelson Molnar, Jr.MolnarFlorida State2018
Michael Mullin NealonNealonSyracuse2017
Shane P. NewmanNewmanSouthern Illinois2015
Robert Russ NewsomNewsomJohnstown2018
Tri-Tinh NguyenNguyenFullerton2017
Yosef Chaim NissimNissimUSP2018
Nicholas James OhlOhlNorthwestern2016
Julian OrdazOrdazHayward2016
Richard Erwin Orrell, IIIOrrellTri-State2017
Nicholas Richard OrthOrthKansas State2016
Shane Conlin OÕBrienOÕBrienBryant2016
Gregory Wade Pardner, Jr.PardnerFredonia2017
Pratik PatelPatelRutgers2017
Samuel PatulaPatulaSouthern Illinois2018
Andrew J. PaulPaulKettering-B2016
Cody Martin PearsonPearsonArizona State2017
Cody Martin PearsonPearsonArizona State2017
Raymond John PedrickPedrickMassachusetts2015
Taylor PersechiniPersechiniBryant2016
Michael Andrew PetryPetryKansas State2015
Alex PiercePierceTarleton2015
Matthew Steven PittsPittsNorthern Arizona2017
Nicholas Daniel PletkePletkeNorthern Arizona2018
Brandon PosnerPosnerWilliam & Mary2018
Pascal H. PurroPurroCal Poly2016
Justin Taylor RalstonRalstonTarleton2017
Phillip RameyRameyLivingston2017
John Calvin Rankin, IIIRankinMissouri2017
Joshua Norman RappRappSacramento2018
Christopher Matthew RepanichRepanichLong Beach2016
Austin Michael RindererRindererSouthern Illinois2018
Logan Anthony RiveraRiveraSacramento2016
Christopher Kregg RobersonRobersonFerrum2016
Christopher Kregg RobersonRobersonFerrum2016
Tristan Jeffrey RothRothSacramento2018
Tony RushingRushingSoutheast Missouri2016
Samuel L. RyanRyanCal Poly2016
Devin Nimhan SalgadoSalgadoFullerton2017
John SalicaSalicaAdelphi2018
Christopher Kevin SangSangNew Haven2016
David James SchauSchauSouthern Illinois2014
Christopher SchmitSchmitNorthern Arizona2013
Christopher SchmitSchmitNorthern Arizona2013
Eric SchoenSchoenEast Stroudsburg2015
Matthew SchrederSchrederDuquesne2016
Jacob SchusterSchusterHofstra2017
Cooper Nicholas ScottScottNorthern Arizona2017
Kevin Michael ScottScottCal Poly2017
Alejandro Rubalcaba SerranoSerranoLake Forest2018
Mihailo SestovicSestovicSouthern Illinois2017
Arsh Ketan ShahShahLake Forest2016
Christopher SholySholyRutgers2017
Max SimpsonSimpsonArizona State2017
Sajal Pratap SinghSinghUSP2018
Kevin T. SmithSmithCase Western Reserve2016
Connor SmithSmithWilmington2016
Brayden Alexander SnowSnowCharlotte2017
Scotty SnyderSnyderFlorida State2017
Garrett William SnyderSnyderNorthern Arizona2017
Christopher SpillaneSpillaneNew Haven2015
John Matthew StankowitzStankowitzAugusta2015
Scott Alan StarbuckStarbuckBowling Green2018
Jorden Anthony StuderStuderIowa State2016
Ryan James StylesStylesGannon2017
Jacob SuttonSuttonSouth Dakota State2016
Dustin Craig SyrjanenSyrjanenWhitewater2016
Matthew J. TaxinTaxinUSP2015
Joshua TheodorakisTheodorakisNorthern Arizona2015
Dan Thiel, Jr.ThielNorthern Illinois2018
Giovanni Leru ThompsonThompsonSouthern Illinois2018
Peter J. ThompsonThompsonCase Western Reserve2016
Alex TomazicTomazicCase Western Reserve2018
Thomas TooTooUSP2018
Alexander TownsleyTownsleyAuburn2017
Filipe TrinidadTrinidadSouthern Illinois2018
Ernesto ValleValleSouthern California2016
Kaleb VickstromVickstromArizona State2018
Nathan James WalkerWalkerIowa State2016
David WallackWallackBowling Green2018
Joseph WarneckeWarneckeIowa
James Patrick WashabaughWashabaughBowling Green2018
Tarren K. WaughWaughSouthern Illinois2016
Carl Lawrence WeaverWeaverOregon State2015
Levi Ray WeilerWeilerSouthern Illinois2017
Levi Ray WeilerWeilerSouthern Illinois2017
Gian WesselWesselMissouri2016
Luke WhitakerWhitakerSouthern Illinois2015
Quincey Rashad WhiteWhiteLivingston2015
Nathaniel David WiemerWiemerBowling Green2017
Nathaniel WinnWinnFredonia2017
Andrew William WoolleyWoolleyKansas State2015
Rafal Steve WysockiWysockiSouthern Illinois2018
Mark Clifford YaleYaleGeorge Mason2018
Cameron Alexander YoungYoungDenison2017
Zachary ZavalaZavalaArizona State2018
Jaegar ZecharZecharCornell2017
Jacob Evan ZerahZerahSacramento2017

1890 Society - 2014

Undergrad Members by Region

Region I: 3 members
Region II: 51 members
Region III: 27 members
Region IV: 34 members
Region V: 74 members
Region VI: 31 members
Region VII: 34 members
Region VIII: 229 members
Region IX: 44 members
Total members: 527

Top Five Chapters by Participation

1. Florida – 98 members
2. South Florida – 71 members
3. Southern Illinois – 24 members
4. Tri-State – 11 members
5. Massachusetts – 11 members

Members of the 2014 Society (Undergraduates)

Full NameLast NameChapterGrad Year
Armani AbreuAbreuFlorida2016
Laith AbwiniAbwiniRutgers2017
Jason Patrick AdamchakAdamchakSouth Florida2017
Bryan AdamsAdamsOhio State2014
Greg AdkinsAdkinsIowa State2016
Edwin AlaridAlaridHayward2014
Freddie AlvaradoAlvaradoIllinois State2014
Robert AlvianiAlvianiRutgers2017
Caleb AmasonAmasonAuburn
Nathaniel Aleczander AndersenAndersenTexas2016
Sebastian AriasAriasSpring Hill2016
Raymond J. ArnoldArnoldOhio State2017
Spencer Henry ArnsbergArnsbergPurdue2016
Anthony AsfourAsfourRiverside2014
Prestley AtehAtehSacramento2015
Emmanuel Frank AugustinAugustinSouth Florida2015
Phillip Michael AustinAustinAugusta2016
Ulises Israel AvalosAvalosCorpus Christi2015
Christian AvitiaAvitiaWhitewater2015
Mario Paul AyalaAyalaLong Beach2015
Temi AyubaAyubaSouth Florida2014
Dan BaranBaranRutgers2016
William BarfieldBarfieldTexas2015
Quincy J. BarnhillBarnhillLivingston2015
Nico BarriosBarriosMontclair2014
Dalvin BarrowBarrowSouth Florida
Jonathan BattleBatlleFlorida2014
Charles Nolan BealBealTarleton2016
Robert Coleman BeallBeallGeorgia Southern2014
Thomas Foscue BeardBeardMassachusetts2017
Thomas Foscue BeardBeardMassachusetts2017
Jacob J. BeardenBeardenJacksonville State2015
Davis Michael BeasleyBeasleyFlorida2015
Brian BellBellFlorida2016
Ian BellardBellardFlorida2015
Ricardo BellosoBellosoSouth Florida2016
Michael R. BennettBennettFlorida2016
Robert Edward BennettBennettNorthwest Missouri2017
Dane BergerBergerEmbry-Riddle2017
James Paul BerndtBerndtSouth Florida2016
Eli BirdsallBirdsallSouth Florida2018
Dalton Michael BisherBisherSouth Florida2017
Eric BoccadifuocoBoccadifuocoSouth Florida2016
Cody Alexander BondsBondsAuburn2017
Christopher David BorgesBorgesSouthern Illinois2014
Adam Q. BorgesBorgesSouthern Illinois2017
Devin BostwickBostwickFlorida2015
Madison Wayne BottomsBottomsLouisiana Tech2016
Daniel Everett BoyleBoyleSouth Florida2017
Austin James BoyleBoyleSouth Florida2016
Jerry BradleyBradleyNorth Georgia2016
Mason BrauzerBrauzerNorth Georgia2014
Arthur BreugumBreugumSouth Florida
Will BrightBrightGeorgia Southern2016
Alexander Sebastian BronderBronderNorthwestern2015
Mitchell BrothersBrothersWindsor2017
Brian Alexander BrownBrownOhio State2014
Trevor BrozBrozKansas State2016
William BryceBryceBryant2015
Alexander Kenneth BuerckBuerckMinnesota2016
Austin BullockBullockNorth Alabama2017
Brandon James BunchBunchFredonia2017
Ryan Thomas BurkhardtBurkhardtUSP2015
Daniel BurnsBurnsTri-State2015
Andrew Hunter BurtBurtGeorgia Southern2015
Stephen Merrick ButtsButtsOklahoma2017
Raleigh CaldwellCaldwellSouthern Illinois
Alexander James CampbellCampbellCal Poly2015
Christopher CannizzaroCannizzaroFlorida2017
David Wagg CannonCannonTroy State2015
Jules CantorCantorNorthwestern2015
Joseph Anthony CapobiancoCapobiancoMassachusetts2017
Dominic Michael CarazzaCarazzaHobart2015
James Gresham CarletonCarletonFerrum2014
Joel CarneCarneKettering-A2015
Kyle CarrCarrFlorida2014
Wesley CarterCarterWisconsin2017
Tom CarvagnoCarvagnoEast Stroudsburg2014
Marcos Gabriel CasadoCasadoAugusta2015
Damian CastilloCastilloTexas Tech2017
Luis Mario CastilloCastilloSacramento2016
Chris CerretaCerretaFlorida2017
Brandon Joseph ChavezChavezFlorida2014
Norman ChenChenAuburn2015
Lin Ming ChenChenAugusta2015
Devin L. ChesserChesserAugusta2017
Thomas J. ClarkClarkAlberta2015
Jared ColdironColdironFlorida2015
Michael S. P. ColeColeNorth Alabama2015
Xavier Alan Colter-MosimanColter-MosimanTri-State2016
Nathaniel Lee CondelliCondelliSouth Dakota State2016
Kevin ConleyConleyFlorida2014
Christopher David CooksonCooksonGorham State2015
Robert Scott CoreCoreSouth Florida2017
Riley CorpacCorpacEast Stroudsburg2015
Tyler CraigCraigFlorida2015
Ryan Matthew CravenCravenSouth Florida2017
Matthew John CronicanCronicanMassachusetts2014
Aarion CuffeeCuffeeGorham State2015
Dalton Jeffrey CullerCullerCharlotte2016
David Adam CurkinCurkinSouthern Illinois2017
Steven CutlerCutlerFlorida2017
Brennan CypherCypherNorth Alabama2017
Dillon DaigneaultDaigneaultNorth Georgia2015
Tho Phu DaoDaoTexas2016
Luke DarlingDarlingLehigh2014
Mark DaughertyDaughertyFlorida State2015
Jeffrey DavisDavisTexas2016
Jake R. de Leonde LeonFlorida2017
Christopher Dela CruzDela CruzFlorida2015
Steven Jesus DevilliersDevilliersSouth Florida2015
Jeffrey DickersonDickersonMarshall2015
James DixonDixonHayward2014
Dominik Daniel DobrowolskiDobrowolskiFullerton2016
Beau DoerrDoerrFlorida2017
Josue DominguezDominguezSouthern Illinois
Rodolfo DominguezDominguezSouth Florida2017
Perry Matthew DornbushDornbushSyracuse2016
Neal DriscollDriscollCase Western Reserve2016
Gregory Paul DrykeDrykeMinnesota2014
Gerard A. DudzinskiDudzinskiSouthern Illinois2017
Lam Vu DuongDuongSacramento2017
Nelson DuranDuranLouisiana Tech2015
Cody Samuel DurrettDurrettSouth Florida2016
Alexander EatonEatonSoutheast Missouri2014
Niklas EkbergEkbergSouth Florida2015
Christopher Morris EllisEllisSoutheast Missouri2016
Tyler David EmmonsEmmonsFlorida2014
Christian Armand EndrigianEndrigianFlorida2017
Connor EnglandEnglandWashburn2016
Ryan EpplerEpplerSouth Florida2015
Zachary P. ErnatErnatCentral Michigan2014
Jorge EscarpitaEscarpitaFlorida2015
Brandon Joseph EsserEsserBehrend2016
Nicholas EvansEvansEastern Illinois2016
Scott EvansEvansTri-State2015
Nicholas Ray EvansEvansOhio State2014
Patrick FeltzFeltzHayward2017
Kevin C. FennellFennellSouthern California2016
Theodore Charles FileFileMichigan State2015
David Jonathon FindlayFindlayMassachusetts2015
Zachary Logan FlesherFlesherJohnstown2016
Zachary Logan FlesherFlesherJohnstown2016
Dominic FlintFlintSouth Florida2016
Conner James FloodFloodNorthern Arizona2017
Colin Matthew FlynnFlynnWisconsin2016
Zachary Lake FoltzFoltzSouth Florida2018
Casey FooteFooteFlorida2016
Eric James FragaFragaSouth Florida2015
Wesley FranklinFranklinFerrum2015
Thomas Joseph FreemanFreemanSouth Florida2016
Thomas Joseph FreemanFreemanSouth Florida2016
Ryan Alexander FrewFrewPurdue2017
Matt FuchsFuchsFlorida2013
Gage FullerFullerMassachusetts2016
Kyle GaleanoGaleanoSouth Florida2016
Ryan GallagherGallagherSouthern Illinois
Francis Parker GallegoGallegoSouth Florida2017
Richie GallioneGallioneFlorida2015
Ian Ross GardnerGardnerFlorida2014
Joseph GarfunkelGarfunkelFlorida2017
Joshua Jalal GashtiGashtiFlorida2015
Ryan GearyGearyIllinois State2017
Sebastian GeoffroyGeoffroyMichigan State2016
Timothy Freeman GerhardtGerhardtSouth Florida2017
Andrew F. GiaciniGiaciniFlorida2015
Julian GinoriGinoriFlorida2016
Matthew GirelloGirelloFlorida2016
Phillip Thomas GleasonGleasonDavis2013
Logan Riley GoedeGoedeFlorida2017
Stephen GoldieGoldieFlorida2017
Steven GomezGomezSacramento2015
Paul Angelo GonnellaGonnellaSouth Florida2017
Cody GontermanGontermanSouthern Illinois2016
Jason GonzalezGonzalezFlorida State2017
Abraham GonzalezGonzalezEast Carolina2015
Robert Eric GorkaGorkaBehrend2017
Erik D. GravesGravesSouthern Illinois2014
Jake I. GreenbergGreenbergOklahoma2015
Justin Robert GreeneGreeneSoutheast Missouri2015
Nile GregorioGregorioArizona State2013
Kyle GriffithsGriffithsMichigan State2014
Dominick Aaron GrizzaffiGrizzaffiAugusta2017
Tyler GroganGroganTroy State2014
Gerardo GuadarramaGuadarramaNorthern Illinois2017
Rittik GuhaGuhaGeorge Mason2013
Rittik GuhaGuhaGeorge Mason2013
Bradley GuinGuinLSU2016
Tyler Alexander HabermanHabermanLake Forest2014
Bryce Woodward HardinHardinSouth Florida2017
Corey S. HarpeHarpeFlorida2018
Lance HarrisHarrisTarleton2016
Blake HarrisHarrisFlorida2016
Jordan HarrisHarrisMarshall2015
Dustin Lee HarrisonHarrisonNorth Alabama2015
John HauthHauthEast Stroudsburg2015
M. P. HayesHayesSpring Hill2016
Michael HealyHealyFlorida2014
Jonathan HeilandHeilandSoutheast Missouri2015
Matthew Garret HeitkampHeitkampSoutheast Missouri2016
Jackson Lee HenryHenryNorth Georgia2014
Richard Harold HenryHenryNorth Georgia2014
Will HessHessOhio State2017
Dejon Marquis HillHillSouthern Illinois2016
Zachary HitchcockHitchcockGannon2015
Robert HockHockTroy State2016
Daniel R. HodgkinsHodgkinsFlorida2017
Andrew Robert McCarthy HoeftHoeftGeorgia Tech2017
Evan Christopher HoldenHoldenSouth Florida2017
Cody Christopher HolwellHolwellNorth Georgia2015
Andrew Joseph HumanskyHumanskyTri-State2014
Jackson HunterHunterFlorida2017
Tsuyoshi IkuraIkuraFlorida2016
Mikhail IvanovskiyIvanovskiySouth Florida2016
Mikhail IvanovskiyIvanovskiySouth Florida2016
Omid JaafariJaafariRadford2015
Adam JachimowiczJachimowiczIllinois State2015
Kyle JacksonJacksonSacramento2016
Darin JagnarineJagnarineFlorida2016
Andrew JaramilloJaramilloFlorida2016
Christopher JenkinsJenkinsSouthern Illinois2013
Unricka Jenkins Jr.JenkinsHuntsville2014
Walter Enrique JimenezJimenezSouth Florida2018
Andrew W. JohnsonJohnsonWhitewater2014
Connor Scott JohnsonJohnsonMinnesota2016
Rhett A. JonesJonesKansas State2015
Christopher Andrew JonesJonesGeorge Mason2011
Jeremy JonesJonesTexas Tech2015
Jeremy JonesJonesTexas Tech2015
Jeremy JonesJonesTexas Tech2015
Andrew Len JonesJonesNorth Alabama2013
Joshua Blake JonesJonesWest Georgia2017
Charlie JordanJordanFlorida2017
Adam JoyceJoyceFlorida2015
Joshua JungerJungerSouthern Illinois2018
Michal P. JunikJunikSouthern Illinois2017
Jason Alexander KatzKatzJacksonville State2016
Alexander KegelsKegelsDavis2015
James KeithahnKeithahnFlorida2017
Ali Mohamed-Ali KhalilKhalilSouth Florida2016
Tony KhouryKhouryEmbry-Riddle2016
Demond K. KingKingCorpus Christi2015
James KinneyKinneyGeorge Mason2015
Malachi A. KirkpatrickKirkpatrickStephen F. Austin2015
James KizziahKizziahSpring Hill2015
Matthew Scott KnoblochKnoblochMassachusetts2016
Geoffrey KohlhaseKohlhaseSouth Florida
Hidetomo Joel KomoritaKomoritaHayward2016
Kenton KongKongNorthern Arizona2014
Tyler KooserKooserOhio State2016
Bryce Anthony KorfKorfWashburn2015
Evan Wendon KortKortSouthern California2016
Kyle Thomas KowalKowalSouth Florida2015
Tyler Andrew KowalskiKowalskiJohnstown2015
Christopher Michael KoziaraKoziaraCentral Michigan2015
Michael KrachtKrachtFlorida2017
Casey Robert KrachtKrachtFlorida2015
Bryce KummerKummerSouth Dakota State2014
Hunter James KunzKunzWilmington2014
Munashe Jeffrey KwangariKwangariSouth Florida2018
Kevin LabaoLabaoSacramento2017
Miguel LabradorLabradorSouth Florida2016
Jeremy Michael LaBrancheLaBrancheNorth Georgia2015
Chandler LackeyLackeyOshkosh2017
Brent Morgan LaCroneLaCroneOklahoma2015
Timothy James LakeLakeWashburn2014
Phuong LeLeEast Stroudsburg2016
Christian Thomas LeagueLeagueNorthern Illinois2015
Hayden LeCountLeCountTri-State2015
Zack Frazier LeibowitzLeibowitzSouth Florida2017
Michael LemonieLemonieEmbry-Riddle2016
Timothy LeVanLeVanNorth Alabama2014
Charles LewandowskiLewandowskiFlorida2016
Jett LewisLewisDavis2016
Jordan LindsayLindsaySouth Florida2017
Alexander Hayden LipeLipeAppalachian State2015
Jordan Michael LippincottLippincottCal Poly2014
Ayden Anthony LopezLopezLake Forest2015
Sebastian Alfonso Lopez Pineros, IIILopez PinerosArizona State2017
David LotsofLotsofSouthern Illinois2016
Kurt Joseph LoudermilkLoudermilkSouth Florida2017
Michael Angelo LucidoLucidoSouth Florida2017
Patrick LugowskiLugowskiSouthern Illinois2015
James E. LuttrullLuttrullSouthern California2017
Brandon LyonsLyonsRutgers2016
Ian MacCallumMacCallumFlorida2017
Henry MaddenMaddenMinnesota2014
Kevin MallenMallenIndiana2015
Conner MaloneyMaloneyLouisiana Tech2015
Clayton Colt MameleMameleFlorida2015
Jacob Adam ManciniManciniNorth Georgia2015
Lucas Andrew MandellaMandellaBehrend2016
Zachary D. MankMankSouthern California2015
Brian MarquezMarquezFlorida State2016
John MarshallMarshallHayward2015
Joseph A. MartinMartinArizona State2017
Tyler MartinMartinSouth Florida2017
Brodie Christopher MartinMartinCal Poly2017
Calvin David MartinMartinNorthern Arizona2016
Samuel Austin MaruniakMaruniakFlorida2016
Matthew Daniel MayesMayesIndiana2017
Aaron McAughanMcAughanTexas2017
Shane M. McCannMcCannFlorida2013
Shane McCartinMcCartinFlorida2017
Matthew McCastlainMcCastlainFlorida2015
Myles Douglas McCauleyMcCauleyCalifornia Univ-PA2016
Steven T. McCutcheonMcCutcheonWashington State2015
Joshua Sunder McHenryMcHenrySacramento2013
Sean McKennaMcKennaFlorida2017
Andrew McLaughlinMcLaughlinNorthwest Missouri
Andrew McLaughlinMcLaughlinNorthwest Missouri
Michael Andrew McLaughlinMcLaughlinGorham State2016
Michael D. McMastersMcMastersFredonia2013
Roberto Manuel MercadoMercadoFlorida2015
Johnny Layne MidkiffMidkiffMarshall2017
Christopher MihovilovichMihovilovichNorthern Illinois2016
Christopher MihovilovichMihovilovichNorthern Illinois2016
Quinn MillerMillerMichigan State2016
Michael MillerMillerDavis2017
Dustin Levi MitchamMitchamTarleton2015
Tyler Royal MitchellMitchellSouth Florida2015
Jayson Reese MitchellMitchellOklahoma2016
Phillip Daniel MoffatMoffatKettering-A2018
Abdul MohammadMohammadFredonia2016
Joseph Michael MolisaniMolisaniPittsburgh2015
Joahny MontalvoMontalvoEastern Illinois2015
David William MonteithMonteithSouth Florida2016
Mario Fernando MontoyaMontoyaSouth Florida2015
Shawyan MoosaviMoosaviSacramento2015
Christopher B. MorrillMorrillGorham State2015
Tyler MosleyMosleyFlorida2017
Basem MoustafaMoustafaSouth Florda
Ivan MoyaMoyaWashburn2014
Jon MurphyMurphySoutheast Missouri2016
Thomas MurphyMurphyFlorida2017
Ryan Lee MurphyMurphyCal Poly2015
Christopher MurphyMurphyFredonia2014
David A. MussatMussatFlorida2014
Tyler NapierNapierIndiana2014
Johnathan Harris NelsonNelsonAmerican2016
Shane P. NewmanNewmanSouthern Illinois2015
Bob NguyenNguyenLong Beach2016
Tri-Tinh NguyenNguyenFullerton2017
Frank NguyenNguyenSouth Florida2016
Dean NicholsNicholsBryant2016
Brendan James NicholsonNicholsonFlorida2017
Revy NicholsonNicholsonArizona State2015
Yosef Chaim NissimNissimUSP2018
Keegan O'LearyO'LearySouthern Illinois
Andrew OethOethDavis2015
Nicholas James OhlOhlNorthwestern2016
Anthony Louis OliverasOliverasOhio State2017
Christopher OlsonOlsonFlorida2016
Jonathan William OnoratoOnoratoCase Western Reserve2015
Benjamin OÕBrienOÕBrienMassachusetts2015
Bryan PadronPadronFlorida2016
Collin ParsonsParsonsTarleton2015
Prit Kalpesh PatelPatelSouth Florida2017
Kishan PatelPatelSouth Florida2014
Michael PawelaPawelaSouth Florida2018
Raymond John PedrickPedrickMassachusetts2015
Raymond John PedrickPedrickMassachusetts2015
Jacob R. PeekPeekFlorida2017
Christopher PeltierPeltierFerrum2014
Ramon PenaPenaFlorida2017
Alexander PennimanPennimanFlorida2017
Kyle PestanoPestanoFlorida2014
Dylan PetePeteFlorida2014
Blake PfeiferPfeiferFlorida2016
Andrew Michael PhillipsPhillipsFlorida2015
Alex PolidanPolidanFlorida2017
Luke PorubaPorubaSouthern Illinois
Kellyn PostenPostenCal Poly2015
Mitch PowersPowersMarquette2015
Taylor PrestonPrestonArizona State2015
Chris PurdyPurdyGeorgia Southern2016
Carl RaffaRaffaFredonia2015
Michael RaffaelliRaffaelliFlorida2015
Justin Parker RajahRajahCal Poly2017
Brandon Michael RalstonRalstonTarleton2015
Lawrence RamiroRamiroSacramento2015
Dominick Patrick RanalloRanalloMarquette2016
Manoj RanganathanRanganathanCase Western Reserve2016
Christopher Ryan RegulaRegulaJohnstown2016
Andrew Kenneth ReichReichFlorida2015
Steven ReissReissClemson2015
Zachary ReyesReyesOhio State2014
Jason Scott RiberoRiberoSouth Florida2017
Dustin Scott RichRichNorthern Arizona2017
Samuel RichardsRichardsFlorida2015
Matthew RiordanRiordanFlorida2016
Andrew RitosaRitosaCase Western Reserve2015
Nicholas Daniel RivelliRivelliMassachusetts2016
Joel RiveraRiveraFlorida2017
Markus RiveraRiveraSouth Florida2017
Logan Anthony RiveraRiveraSacramento2016
Hansel RiveraRiveraSouth Florida2017
David RoachRoachTri-State2015
David Franklin RobertsRobertsHobart2017
Jason Anthony RodriguezRodriguezNorthern Arizona2017
Roberto Jose RodriguezRodriguezSouth Florida2016
Adrian RodriguezRodriguezTexas Tech2016
Matthew RohloffRohloffStephen F. Austin2016
Justin RouxRouxMissouri State2016
Peter Francis RoweRoweSouth Florida2017
Nicholas Vincent RucciRucciSouth Florida2015
Amauris Ivan RuizRuizSouth Florida2017
Jakub Jan RusekRusekSouthern Illinois2014
Tony RushingRushingSoutheast Missouri2016
Eric RusnakRusnakSouthern Illinois2017
Jordan SachmannSachmannSouth Florida2015
Michael SakeleSakeleRutgers2017
Michael SakeleSakeleRutgers2017
Michael SakeleSakeleRutgers2017
Charlie SalaSalaSouth Florida2016
Devin Nimhan SalgadoSalgadoFullerton2017
Marc SalisburySalisburyOhio State2015
Eric SanchezSanchezLong Beach2015
Christopher Kevin SangSangNew Haven2016
Alexander P. SantiniSantiniEmbry-Riddle2015
David James SchauSchauSouthern Illinois2014
Daniel Aaron SchelinskiSchelinskiTri-State2016
Tyler Jerome SchepersSchepersMaryland2016
Stephen SchillerSchillerDavis2017
Jeffrey L. SchnipkeSchnipkeTri-State2014
Greg SchroederSchroederGeorgia Southern2014
Brian L. SchwabenlandSchwabenlandWest Chester2016
Daniel SchwartzSchwartzFlorida2015
Jake SchwartzSchwartzAuburn2016
Andres SchwarzSchwarzFlorida2016
Joseph ScimecaScimecaWhitewater2016
Samuel C. ScudderScudderFlorida2014
Nicolas Robert SeedSeedSouth Florida2016
Arsh Ketan ShahShahLake Forest2016
Michael ShanderShanderSouth Florida2017
Ian Dalton ShawShawGorham State2017
Guerry Cason SherwoodSherwoodGeorgia Southern2015
Adam Joseph SilverSilverFlorida2014
Kameron Steven SimmonsSimmonsAmerican2016
Rahsaan SimonSimonFlorida2016
Andrew SimpsonSimpsonFlorida2014
Mackenzie C. SloanSloanWashburn2015
Anthony Ryan SmithSmithFlorida2015
Ian Chandler Blair SmithSmithAugusta2017
James Alexander SparksSparksTarleton2015
Cameron SpencerSpencerFlorida2016
Christopher SpillaneSpillaneNew Haven2015
Zachary Donovan St. ClairSt. ClairAuburn2016
Michael Thomas StablerStablerTri-State2015
Burgay StaleyStaleyFlorida2017
Peter John StamasStamasSouth Florida2016
Zachary Tyler StanleyStanleyFlorida2015
Nicholas StarkStarkWhitewater2017
Devyn Anton SteffenySteffenySouth Florida2016
Jordan Theodore StenroosStenroosWest Chester2015
Nathan Andrew StoeckleinStoeckleinDuquesne2014
Taylor StofftStofftFlorida2014
Zachary StrothStrothKansas State2015
Jacob SuttonSuttonSouth Dakota State2016
Jacob SuttonSuttonSouth Dakota State2016
Cameron Lee SwagerSwagerSouth Florida2016
Jason SwiftSwiftIllinois State2016
Dustin Craig SyrjanenSyrjanenWhitewater2016
Frank John TamburelloTamburelloNorthwest Missouri2015
Maxwell W. TammTammWest Chester2015
Matthew ThalhamerThalhamerFlorida2014
Kenneth ThompsonThompsonRutgers2016
Sorrel ThomsonThomsonFlorida2017
Edward TischlerTischlerFlorida2017
John TobiasTobiasPurdue2015
Edgar TolentinoTolentinoHayward2014
Jared Kutay TollersonTollersonCharlotte2016
Connor ToomeyToomeyCase Western Reserve2015
Marc N. TorbitTorbitSoutheast Missouri2015
Charlie TothTothLake Forest2014
Alexander TownsleyTownsleyAuburn2017
Justin Tin TrieuTrieuSouth Florida2016
Drew TriplettTriplettOhio State2014
Dylan TrottTrottGorham State2015
Luke A. TrotzTrotzJohnstown2014
A.J. TuckerTuckerFlorida2014
Nico Angel TuckfieldTuckfieldFlorida2017
Harish TummalaTummalaFlorida2015
Aaron TungolTungolSouthern Illinois2015
Teg UppalUppalFlorida2015
Tyler VaalVaalFlorida State2017
Jack Elliot Van MarterVan MarterIllinois State2016
Ben VanceVanceFlorida2016
Jesus VargasVargasNorthern Illinois2015
Roger Antonio VigliottiVigliottiCalifornia Univ-PA2016
Zachary Richard VolpoVolpoNorthern Arizona2017
Joe WagnerWagnerFlorida2016
Connor Max WagnerWagnerTarleton2016
Cody Robert WaitsWaitsNorth Georgia2016
Cody WalkerWalkerIllinois State2015
Kevin WangWangCase Western Reserve2017
Eric Douglas WarnerWarnerFlorida2015
Timothy Allen WatkinsWatkinsCase Western Reserve2017
Kevin WatsonWatsonNorthern Arizona2015
Tarren K. WaughWaughSouthern Illinois2016
Diego WaxembergWaxembergCase Western Reserve2015
Aaron WeiheWeiheSouth Florida2017
Robert A. Weil, IIIWeilFlorida2014
Jacob Reid WeissWeissIllinois State2014
Christopher Joseph WestWestEastern Illinois2017
Adam Palmer WexlerWexlerFlorida2017
Luke WhitakerWhitakerSouthern Illinois2015
William Chappell WhitleyWhitleyEast Carolina2015
Evan WilderWilderFlorida2017
Erik Charles WilliamsWilliamsNorthwest Missouri2014
Anthony Keith WilsonWilsonSouth Florida2016
Alec Townsel WilsonWilsonSouth Florida2018
Taylor Logan WinderWinderSouth Florida2016
Taylor WislerWislerTri-State2015
Curtis L. WitheringtonWitheringtonLivingston2015
Eli WittmanWittmanOregon State2016
Alexander WojickWojickNorthern Colorado2015
Andrew WongWongTri-State2015
Jake WoodburyWoodburyFlorida2017
Cody Allen WoodsWoodsAugusta2016
Andrew William WoolleyWoolleyKansas State2015
Anthony WozniakWozniakMichigan State2016
Daniel Jacob YanksYanksSouth Florida2015
Cody D. YelkYelkOshkosh2014
Anthony Koji YoungYoungSouth Florida2016
Joshua Victor ZeilmannZeilmannNorthwest Missouri2016
Mark ZingarelliZingarelliRhode Island2015

1890 Society - 2013

Undergrad Members by Region

Region I: 1 member
Region II: 13 members
Region III: 29 members
Region IV: 68 members
Region V: 40 members
Region VI: 37 members
Region VII: 28 members
Region VIII: 64 members
Region IX: 26 members
Total members: 306

Top Five Chapters by Participation

1. Appalachian State– 42 members
2. Southeast Missouri – 34 members
3. Southern Illinois – 30 members
4. Case Western Reserve – 18 members
5. Corpus Christi – 11 members

Members of the 2013 Society (Undergraduates)

Print NameLast NameChapterGrad Year
Justice AchonuAchonuPittsburgh2015
Nicholas David AdamsAdamsNew Haven2013
Greg AdkinsAdkinsIowa State2016
David AguilarAguilarSouthern California2014
Mathis AllenAllenKettering-A2013
Nicholas Andrew AlmanzaAlmanzaEastern Illinois2015
Matthew Edward AndersonAndersonTexas Tech2015
Alex ArdigoArdigoKettering-A2015
Scott J. AudetteAudetteCortland2014
Ryan AverillAverillEmbry-Riddle2014
Frank AvinoAvinoNorthwestern2015
Andrew Kyle AvisAvisSoutheast Missouri2013
Benjamin Maxwell AyerAyerAppalachian State2015
Ali AzeemAzeemCase Western Reserve2014
Andrew Lee BaerBaerTruman State2013
Tyrell T. BakerBakerAugusta2015
William BarfieldBarfieldTexas2015
John Douglas BasileBasileLouisiana Tech2016
Charles Nolan BealBealTarleton2016
Michael R. BealeBealeCortland2014
Garrett BeamBeamAppalachian State2015
Michael R. BeckerBeckerSoutheast Missouri2014
Andrew Paul BelkBelkAppalachian State2015
Dustin Lance BenadrettiBenadrettiArizona2015
Branden BirminghamBirminghamSyracuse2015
Alex BittonBittonSouth Dakota State2015
David Eliezer BlankfeldBlankfeldCase Western Reserve2016
Reid Duke BlouinBlouinBryant2016
Zane Edward BoraBoraStephen F. Austin2016
Christopher David BorgesBorgesSouthern Illinois2014
Chip A. BowenBowenValdosta2014
Daniel Joseph BrandBrandAppalachian State2014
Alexander Sebastian BronderBronderNorthwestern2015
Ryder BrownBrownLong Beach2014
Kyle Bradford BrownBrownAppalachian State2014
Blake BurnsBurnsIowa State2016
Nathaniel CacyCacySouth Dakota State2016
Joshua CaliCaliSoutheast Missouri2016
Dominic Anthony CampanellaCampanellaSoutheast Missouri2016
Gregory Steven CaplinCaplinAmerican2014
Joel CarneCarneKettering-A2015
Ryan CarneyCarneyUSP2015
Owen CarterCarterAppalachian State2015
Hunter CasbeerCasbeerKettering-A2017
Zachary Joseph ChaseChaseSyracuse2014
Lin Ming ChenChenAugusta2015
Kashish ChhabraChhabrahSouthern Illinois2014
Paul M ClarkClarkCentral Missouri2014
Trey ClayClaySoutheast Missouri2015
Austin Cole CobbCobbValdosta2013
Andrew CollinsCollinsSoutheast Missouri2015
Andrew Lawrence CollinsCollinsNew Haven2014
Christopher ComrieComrieAppalachian State2016
Jason ComroeComroeBinghamton2015
Joshuha ConnautonConnautonAlberta2014
Sean Patrick ConwayConwaySouthern Illinois2015
Austin H. CookCookSoutheast Missouri2015
Austin CordellCordellSoutheast Missouri2016
Jacob Andrew CortezCortezCorpus Christi2015
Chauncey CostelloCostelloCase Western Reserve2016
Christopher CraftCraftSoutheast Missouri2016
Elliott Michael CreedCreedAppalachian State2014
Dalton Jeffrey CullerCullerCharlotte2016
Cole DaleyDaleyAppalachian State2014
David DavenportDavenportLong Beach2014
Andrew DaviDaviSoutheast Missouri2016
Robin W. Davis, Jr.DavisWest Virginia Tech2013
Jacob William DayDaySoutheast Missouri2016
Anthony Richard DeesDeesSoutheast Missouri2013
Carmelito DeleonDeleonFredonia2014
Arthur George DemerosDemerosSouthern Illinois2013
Ryan Frederick DennehyDennehyAppalachian State2016
Deep DesaiDesaiKansas State2016
Manny DiazDiazCorpus Christi2013
Evan Gregory DietschDietschBowling Green2012
Edgar DominguezDominguezSouthern Illinois2013
Tim DonleyDonleySouthern Illinois2015
Anthony Patrick Dos SantosDos SantosNew Haven2013
Neal DriscollDriscollCase Western Reserve2016
Becket Campbell DuncanDuncanMissouri State2013
Andrew S. DunkinDunkinAuburn2014
Don EbbenEbbenKettering-A2013
Joshua EidsonEidsonAppalachian State2015
Christopher Morris EllisEllisSoutheast Missouri2016
Connor EnglandEnglandWashburn2016
Marc D. ErlangerErlangerSoutheast Missouri2015
Austin EvansEvansCorpus Christi2016
Steven ExtractExtractNorthern Arizona2012
Gino Francis FerrarioFerrarioArizona2015
Bryan FinkFinkSoutheast Missouri2016
David FinkbinerFinkbinerMichigan2013
Daniel FlemingFlemingWashburn2016
Paul Christian FloweFloweWilmington2014
Addison FolcherFolcherAppalachian State2016
Anthony Jon FolsomFolsomAppalachian State2016
Reid C. ForzleyForzleyAugusta2014
Tyler FrankFrankWilmington2015
Aaron Mark FrithFrithKansas State2015
Chris FultonFultonMissouri2015
Zachary GalligerGalligerCase Western Reserve2014
Jason William GallimoreGallimoreAppalachian State2015
James Wells GalphinGalphinAppalachian State2015
Victor A. GalvezGalvezCorpus Christi2014
Myles GarnerGarnerAppalachian State2016
Andrew F. GiaciniGiaciniFlorida2015
Thomas Edward GibbonsGibbonsSouthern Illinois2013
Patrick Hart GiffGiffAppalachian State2014
Michael Paul GilkensonGilkensonGeorgia Tech2014
Derek GisrielGisrielCorpus Christi2013
Ariel GlassbergGlassbergLehigh2015
Cody GontermanGontermanSouthern Illinois2016
Norberto GonzalezGonzalezCorpus Christi2013
David Belk GordonGordonAppalachian State2014
Charles GordonGordonAppalachian State2016
Andrew GrabeGrabeSoutheast Missouri2015
Tyler GrableGrableSyracuse2015
Erik D. GravesGravesSouthern Illinois2014
Mason John GreenGreenNorthern Colorado2014
Justin Robert GreeneGreeneSoutheast Missouri2015
Zachary M. GretenGretenSoutheast Missouri2013
Jim GrundyGrundyMissouri2013
Michael GrunwaldGrunwaldMassachusetts2015
Jeffrey Michael HaasHaasAugusta2015
Matt HallHallFlorida2013
Bryan HallHallAppalachian State2016
Thijs HamminkHamminkSouth Dakota State2013
Dakota James HaraldsonHaraldsonAppalachian State2015
Seth Michael Wayne HarringtonHarringtonSouthern Illinois2015
Lance HarrisHarrisTarleton2016
Grant HarveyHarveyAppalachian State2016
Andrew Scott HatcherHatcherTarleton2016
William Blake HawkeHawkeAppalachian State2015
Matthew Charles HeeringHeeringTruman State2015
Jonathan HeilandHeilandSoutheast Missouri2015
Matthew Garret HeitkampHeitkampSoutheast Missouri2016
Daniel HenneHenneAdelphi2016
Joshua HennemanHennemanSyracuse2014
Dillon John HigginbothamHigginbothamSoutheast Missouri2014
Dejon Marquis HillHillSouthern Illinois2016
Curtis Wayne-Germond HillHillMichigan2016
Charles Land Hite IIIHiteAppalachian State2013
Michael HobensackHobensackAuburn2015
Clayton Timothy HodgeHodgeAppalachian State2014
Cody Adam HoilmanHoilmanAppalachian State2013
Daniel Joseph HostomskyHostomskyNew Haven2014
Winston Teylor HowardHowardWilmington2014
Peter J. HraniotisHraniotisAdelphi2016
Nate HuffmanHuffmanAdelphi2016
Gregory Andrew JablonskiJablonskiKettering-A2013
Andrew JacobsJacobsAdelphi2013
Bryan Lee JewJewNorthern Arizona2015
Trevor Dakota-Nolen JohnsonJohnsonNorthwest Missouri2014
Andrew W. JohnsonJohnsonWhitewater2014
Jeremy JonesJonesTexas Tech2015
Rhett A. JonesJonesKansas State2015
Kameron KalesKalesAppalachian State2015
Daniel KammireKammireAppalachian State2016
Daniel Justin KatorKatorJames Madison2013
Spencer William KaufmanKaufmanKansas State2012
Dominic KeelingKeelingIowa State2015
Matthew T. KellyKellyLouisiana Tech2014
Hunter James KemptonKemptonWilmington2014
Cooper Casey KerinsKerinsSouthern Illinois2015
Yohannes Melaku KibretKibretAppalachian State2014
Demond K. KingKingCorpus Christi2015
Kyle M. KingKingNorthwest Missouri2015
Justin Tyler KirschenblattKirschenblattAppalachian State2014
Robert Earl KnoxKnoxHayward2016
Nathan KozlowskiKozlowskiRadford2015
Derek Thomas KrzysiakKrzysiakBehrend2014
Robert William LadnerLadnerSouthern Illinois2016
Grayson Fitzgerald LaHatteLaHatteAugusta2016
Gregory Kenichi LamLamLehigh2014
Morgan LawsonLawsonAugusta2015
Michael Xavier LeeLeeTroy State2014
Michael Xavier LeeLeeTroy State2014
Alexander Hayden LipeLipeAppalachian State2015
Gregory Louis LondonLondonCalifornia Univ-PA2015
Kyle N. LoraineLoraineSoutheast Missouri2015
David LotsofLotsofSouthern Illinois2016
Haines Demarest LucasLucasAppalachian State2014
Nick LucciLucciAdelphi2013
Patrick LugowskiLugowskiSouthern Illinois2015
Finlay S. T. M. MacLeodMacLeodWindsor2014
Conner MaloneyMaloneyLouisiana Tech2015
Jhed ManaloManaloTexas Tech2015
Joshua Dean MaplesMaplesWashburn2010
Ryan MasilionisMasilionisWashburn2013
Kyle Gregory MatusMatusSouthern Illinois2016
Joseph MayMayKettering-B2014
Sean McCarthyMcCarthyPittsburgh2016
Matthew Bernard McCormickMcCormickAppalachian State2014
Ian McDermottMcDermottWilmington2014
Dakota Marshall McGinnisMcGinnisSouthern Illinois2014
Evan MedvecMedvecIowa State2016
Timothy MelendezMelendezCortland2014
Connor MenzelMenzelSoutheast Missouri2016
Stephen A. MeyersMeyersSoutheast Missouri2014
Brendan MierMierSouthern Illinois
Joshua MillerMillerHofstra2014
Mason M. MillerMillerSoutheast Missouri2015
Andrew MillerMillerSoutheast Missouri2016
Stephen Oren MitchellMitchellSyracuse2014
Jevon MontagueMontagueCase Western Reserve2015
Chris MontoyaMontoyaTexas Tech
Max MoodyMoodyWilmington2014
Roger MooreMooreSouthern Illinois2013
Matthew MoreheadMoreheadTroy State2016
Matthew MoreheadMoreheadTroy State2016
Joshua MorenoMorenoCorpus Christi2015
Ivan MoyaMoyaWashburn2014
Jon MurphyMurphySoutheast Missouri2016
Adam Christopher MurrMurrAppalachian State2015
Kenneth MurrayMurrayAdelphi2015
Joshua MusserMusserBehrend2015
Birane Denzel NdiayeNdiayeLong Beach2015
Raymond Che-Chung NgNgNew Haven2013
Michael NixonNixonMichigan State2014
Eric James NixonNixonTri-State2013
Alejandro NolasquezNolasquezCorpus Christi2013
Christopher OberlohrOberlohrSoutheast Missouri2015
Nicholas OchsOchsSouthern Illinois2013
Eric James OlsonOlsonWhitewater2014
Jonathan William OnoratoOnoratoCase Western Reserve2015
Shane Conlin OÕBrienOÕBrienBryant2016
Matt PagePageEastern Illinois2014
Collin ParsonsParsonsTarleton2015
Andrew M. PassiasPassiasBryant2014
Andrew J. PaulPaulKettering-B2016
Christopher Ryan PavlackPavlackTruman State2014
Austin PeltonPeltonSoutheast Missouri2016
Jeffrey PerduePerdueIowa State2016
Nicholas Christian PereiraPereiraArizona2015
Christian PerezPerezTarleton2013
Ritchie Siandy PhanPhanCase Western Reserve2013
John A. PhillipsPhillipsCase Western Reserve2015
Mason James PirtlePirtleAppalachian State2015
Bryan PortilloPortilloVirginia Commonwealth2014
Michael Anthony ProsciaProsciaSouthern Illinois2016
Marty RamosRamosSouthern Illinois2014
Juan Carlos RamosRamosTarleton2014
Aron C. RandallRandallGeorgia Southern2013
Stephen T. RedfordRedfordCase Western Reserve2014
Paul ReitzReitzCincinnati2017
Johnny ResendizResendizSouthern Illinois2015
Daniel Ray RiceRiceAugusta2015
Christopher T. RichardsonRichardsonLouisiana Tech2014
Eric RocchioRocchioSoutheast Missouri2015
Matthew RohloffRohloffStephen F. Austin2016
Jose RosalezRosalezCorpus Christi2016
Patrick RouinRouinVirginia Commonwealth2016
Andrew RoyerRoyerSouth Dakota State2014
Ben C. RuggebergRuggebergSouth Dakota State2014
Jeffrey RuizRuizCorpus Christi
Jakub Jan RusekRusekSouthern Illinois2014
Daniel Michael SaavedraSaavedraFlorida State2015
Mihai Calin SalageanSalageanAppalachian State2013
David James SchauSchauSouthern Illinois2014
Jake SchwartzSchwartzCase Western Reserve2016
Bryce SingerSingerAppalachian State2016
Mackenzie C. SloanSloanWashburn2015
Bradford A. SmithSmithSouthern California2016
Danny SmithSmithCase Western Reserve2016
Alex SmithSmithLehigh2014
Lake Spencer Alexander SmithSmithGeorge Mason2014
Yonah David SorinSorinAppalachian State2014
Christopher SpillaneSpillaneNew Haven2015
Drew R. SpindlerSpindlerSoutheast Missouri2015
Timothy StarrStarrKettering-A2016
Ladislav StastnyStastnySoutheast Missouri2016
John StewartStewartAppalachian State2016
Samuel StoneStoneBryant2016
Sean Patrick SukysSukysCase Western Reserve2013
Anthony Patrick SuttonSuttonSouth Dakota State2012
Ben SvatosSvatosCentral Missouri2013
Nicholas John Gray SwingleSwingleCase Western Reserve2014
Eric Ford TammTammMichigan2015
Justin TattersallTattersallWest Chester2014
James Alan Taylor IITaylorTri-State2014
Graham David TaylorTaylorWilmington2015
Sean ThompsonThompsonArizona State2015
Kevin ThompsonThompsonCase Western Reserve2016
Connor ToomeyToomeyCase Western Reserve2015
Marc N. TorbitTorbitSoutheast Missouri2015
Dalton Seth TrotmanTrotmanAppalachian State2016
Aaron TungolTungolSouthern Illinois2015
Alan TurnerTurnerKettering-A2016
Ben VargaVargaSouthern Illinois
Anthony VargasVargasLong Beach2016
Brent VeceVeceMichigan2015
Aaditya VishwanathVishwanathCase Western Reserve2013
Chance Daniel WachholtzWachholtzSouth Dakota State2014
Brian WajdaWajdaBryant2016
Christian A. WargoWargoCase Western Reserve2013
Samuel WelchWelchAppalachian State2015
Luke WhitakerWhitakerSouthern Illinois2015
Scott Joseph WhittleWhittleKansas State2014
Matthew WilsonWilsonAppalachian State2016
Cody Todd WilsonWilsonSouthern Illinois2015
Clae WynnWynnValdosta2014
Dane Patrick YoungYoungWilmington2010
William F. YullYullWhitewater1982
William F. YullYullWhitewater1982
Chase YullYullTexas Tech2015
Dolton James YunkerYunkerSouthern Illinois2015
Dan ZingrichZingrichSoutheast Missouri2016