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Delta Chi Fraternity, Inc.

P.O. Box 1817
Iowa City, Iowa 52244 – 1817

Delta Chi Headquarters Office

314 Church St.
Iowa City, Iowa 52245
Tours are available during normal business hours.

Delta Chi Educational Foundation

P.O. Box 2113
Iowa City, Iowa 52244 – 2113.


(319) 337-4811
(319) 337-5529

Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Central Time

Closed Weekends and Holidays

International Headquarters Staff

Director Team

Keith R. Shriver

Executive Director & CEO
    • Delta Chi’s International Strategic Plan
    • Coordination with the Board of Regents & International Committees 
    • International Headquarters Office Operations

Marquez L. Brown

Associate Executive Director
    • College/University Relations
    • Staff Development
    • Policies and Procedures; Delta Chi Law
    • Leadership Consultant Program
    • Chapter Support and Assistance
    • Minimum Standards for Chapters/Colonies
    • Assistance with The V Foundation
    • The Civic Responsibility Strategic Initiative 

Jerod L. Breit

Director of Member Safety

Alex J. Brown

Director of Alumni Engagement
    • The Alumni Engagement Strategic Initiative 
    • Volunteer Opportunities with Delta Chi
    • Chapter Advisor Recruitment and Training
    • Alumni Chapter Support (resources, beginning one, joining one)
    • General Events and Communications for Alumni

Heather L. Lockwood

Director of Fraternity Growth
    • The Growth Strategic Initiative 
    • Expansions/Campus Openings
    • Bringing Delta Chi to your institution
    • Colony Development and Chartering
    • Recruitment Resources 

Jake Tomlin

Director of Publications
    • Your subscription to the Quarterly
    • Submit information to potentially be published in an upcoming issue of the Quarterly
      • Article Submissions
      • General Photography/Media Submissions
      • Report ‘Farewell & Parting’ (death of a brother)
      • Report ‘Keeping in Touch’ (important life milestones of a brother)

Christian A. Wargo

Director of Communications & Events
    • Delta Chi Convention and Other International Events
    • Marketing/Communication Strategy and Oversight
    • Website, Social Media, and Graphic Design
    • Organization Branding and Trademark Management
    • Publications and Delta Chi Collateral
    • Merchandise and the Official Online Store
    • National Vendor & Corporate Partnerships
    • Technical Assistance with MYDCHI and VAULT

Administrative Team

Debra Bilskemper

Records & Billing Administrator
    • Membership Records and Reporting through VAULT
    • Associate Member Billing & Grade Verification
    • Initiation Dues & Confirmation
    • Membership Dues
    • General Accounts Payable

Shawn Craigo

Office Administrator
    • General Questions and Inquiries
    • Submitting Chapter Reports
    • Ordering Chapter Supplies & Purchasing Merchandise 
    • Alumni Rededication Ceremony Supplies

Anne Schulte

Accounting Administrator

Communications Team

Kriztina Dagrizikos

Communications Intern
    • Letting IHQ know about awesome things you or your brothers are doing (Submit News & Notes)
    • Send in photos for social media use – like #TBT, philanthropy events, etc. (Submit Photos)
    • Request for your chapter/colony to take-over the IHQ Instagram Account (Email Me)
    • Other IHQ Social Media Content

Chapter/Colony Support Team

Justin Corpuz

Leadership Consultant

Divante Hamilton

Leadership Consultant

Max Harper

Leadership Consultant

Will Horton

Leadership Consultant

Zac Howell

Leadership Consultant

Seth Kardon

Leadership Consultant

Davis Millard

Leadership Consultant

Logan Rivera

Fraternity Growth Specalist

Delta Chi Educational Foundation Staff

Keith Shriver

Chief Administrative Officer

Claudia Jansenius

Foundation Administrator

Tim Woodward

Director of Operations

Peter Lane

Director of Development

Jason Sisk

Annual Giving Coordinator

Christian Wargo

Communications Manager


The Board of Regents shall consist of 13 voting positions: nine Regents as elected by the Regions, the Executive Committee (“AA”, “CC”, “DD”), and the Retiring “AA”. The Board of Regents (Board) between Conventions shall be the supreme legislative body of the Fraternity. Subject to the provisions of Delta Chi Law, the Board shall have full and complete legislative powers. These powers shall include granting and revoking charters in accordance with Delta Chi Law, adopting the annual budget, making other policy determinations, and such other powers as are granted by Delta Chi Law.

AA (President)

Aaron Otto, Kansas State ’98

CC (Secretary)

Tom Carroll, Hayward ’98

DD (Treasurer)

Ron Martin, New Haven ’87

Region I

Shaun Hollenbeck, Washington ’11

Region II

Charles Wade, Long Beach ’70

Region III

Grant Herrin, LSU ’07

Region IV

Matthew Gorney, Kansas State ’06

Region V

Nik Kern, Southern Illinois ’06

Region VI

Justin Donnelly, Kent State ’02

Region VII

John (Jack) Rodican, New Haven ’01

Region VIII

Ronald Stowers, Florida State ’81

Region IX

Gene Dorris, Oklahoma State ’66

Retiring AA

Miles Washburn, U Mass ’87

Legal Advisor

David Gault, Illinois State ’81


Donald LaPlante, USC




Lyle Sprinkle*


John Ziegler*


Rod Arnold



Jason Butler, Director
Michael Carroll*, Director
Bobby L. Dewrell, Director
Andrew Haggerty, Director
Robert Hendershot*, Director
Steven Michels*, Director

John Tunila, Director
J. Donald Turk, Director
Miles Washburn*, Director
Patrick Weber*, Director
Chad Wolett, Director

(*) signifies the status of New Founder

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