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Heather Lockwood to join IHQ Staff

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The Delta Chi Fraternity is happy to announce the hiring of Heather Lockwood as the Director of Fraternity Growth.

Heather is passionate about higher education and the immeasurable, life-long opportunities and experiences Greek life provides to its members. She is excited to cultivate Delta Chi’s expansion efforts in pursuit of creating more opportunities for young men to experience the benefits of fraternity. With varied backgrounds in higher education and corporate America, Heather brings a fresh perspective to growth initiatives and is excited to be Delta Chi’s new Director of Fraternity Growth.

Over the past several years, Heather has overseen the growth of the Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority. She has successful experience in cultivating University partnerships, securing expansion projects, and working with students, consultants, and volunteers. Prior to her employment with Gamma Phi Beta, Heather worked in student affairs at the College of William and Mary where she also obtained her Masters degree in higher education administration. Before changing career paths into higher education, Heather served the federal sector as a business analyst. A very proud alumna of her undergraduate alma mater, Virginia Tech, where she affiliated with Kappa Delta Sorority, Heather currently volunteers for Kappa Delta as a chapter advisor at Colorado State University.

 “Heather brings a wealth of experience and vigor to this position, and we are excited to have her drive our growth strategic initiatives and join our team,” stated Keith Shriver, Executive Director & CEO. Heather will start in this role on February 6, 2017.

Learn more about joining Delta Chi Staff.

Top 16 from 2016

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A Message from the “AA”

From My Perspective — Delta Chi’s Top 16 from 2016

What have you done for Delta Chi today?  As a collective group, when we look back to 2016 the answer is pretty overwhelming.   As your “AA”, International President, here are some of the facts I am very proud of when I reflect on our beloved fraternity over the past year.

  1. Growth- We shared our brotherhood with more than 6,000 undergraduates at more than 120 chapters and colonies throughout North American. We saw an average chapter size of about 50 members, which is up dramatically from where we were just 10 years ago.
  2. New Chapters- We welcomed the Little Rock Chapter as our first Chapter in more than 126 years in the state of Arkansas. Welcome to the brotherhood of a lifetime!
  3. New Staff- We welcomed Keith Shriver as Executive Director and Marquez Brown as Associate Executive Director. We also welcomed Becket Duncan as Director of Fraternity Services and new Leadership Consultants Dan Henne, Nicholas Ohl, Kevin Smith and Logan Rivera. We also welcome back for a second year Michael Kennedy and Zach Stroth as Leadership Consultants.
  4. New Colony- Delta Chi established a new colony at Delaware – a brand new site for us – and had more than 125 found fathers initiated making it one of our largest first semester groups ever.
  5. New Executive Committee Members- Tom Carrol was elected to serve as “CC”, Ron Martin as “DD” International Treasurer and Miles Washburn advanced to retiring “AA” as the EC team.
  6. New Colony- We established a new colony at Colorado State, the same site of a former Chapter in the early 2000s.
  7. New Board of Regents Members- Chuck Wade joined the Board representing the chapters of the west part of the country in Region 2, Dave Weber rejoined the Board representing the Northeast in Region 7, and Ron Stowers was elected to succeed term-limited Chris Kilroy in Region 8 representing the chapters of the southeastern United States on the Board. Welcome to the team brothers.
  8. Convention- Delta Chi hosted a convention in Louisville, Kentucky, for the first time with more than 500 brothers in attendance – a near record! Join us for the next one being held for the first time in Denver in 2018.
  9. New Chapter- Welcome to the Buford Chapter, the first NIC Fraternity on this growing campus in South Carolina. We are excited to have you as part of our family.
  10. New Colony- We established a new colony at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which is the site of a former Chapter.
  11. Strategic Plan- After more than a year’s of discussions, the Board of Regents adopted and presented to the fraternity a five-year strategic plan that will guide the fraternity’s overall direction on a number of diverse fronts. This plan was unveiled at convention and more information about implementation will be coming in 2017.
  12. New Colony- The fraternity established a new colony at Texas A&M – Kingsville ,which is a never-before visited site for Delta Chi.
  13. Fundraising- The Delta Chi Educational Foundation raised over $1,100,000 to support 540 scholarships/grants, the “A”s Academy; UIFI attendance and number of educational programming efforts of the fraternity from more than 2000 donors.
  14. New Founders- we welcomed these brothers as new founders for their contributions of $100,000 or more to the Delta Chi Fraternity and Educational Foundation — David G. Falconer, Michigan 1962, Edward Fusco, Embry-Riddle 1973, K. Spence Price, Embry-Riddle 1971, and John S. Ziegler, Louisiana Tech ’01.  Dave Weber, Cornell ’68, was recognized as a 2nd Degree New Founder for lifetime contributions of more than $250,000.
  15. Gender Equity– The international convention voted and adopted a Gender Equity Resolution that better defines Delta Chi’s association criteria, stating that any individual who identifies as a man is welcome to seek membership.
  16. New Housing- We saw groundbreaking for new housing at both Embry-Riddle and Georgia Tech and the dedication of a new house for the Michigan Chapter.

Actually, this list could go on and on.  When we stop to reflect on what we accomplished in 2016, we should truly celebrate these successes.  However 2016 is now history and our focus shifts to making 2017 more successful.  Before going to bed tonight, ask “what have I done for Delta Chi today?” If the answer is nothing, stay up a bit longer and do something that moves the fraternity in a positive direction.

Kansas State ’98

Jerod Breit to join IHQ Staff

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The Delta Chi Fraternity is happy to announce the hiring of Jerod L. Breit (Central Missouri ’04) as the Director of Member Safety.

Jerod joins Delta Chi Staff from a nine year career as an Officer with the St. Louis Police Department.  During that time, he served, among many roles, as an Intelligence Detective, Patrolman, Field Training Officer, and as a Leader with the Mayor’s Protection Detail.  His varied and extensive background in emergency management, loss prevention, safety, investigations, conduct, and constituency outreach and programming makes him an ideal match with the position’s challenges and goals.  As a volunteer, he has worked extensively with The American Legion’s Missouri Boy’s State, a leadership and development program for emerging high school student leaders.  His undergraduate experience with the Central Missouri Delta Chi chapter includes Social and Recruitment chairmanships and involvement with New Member Education and the CMSU IFC.

“Jerod brings to his new position a wealth of experience and we are excited to have his talents join our team,” stated Keith Shriver, Executive Director & CEO. Jerod will start in this role on February 1, 2017.

Learn more about joining Delta Chi Staff.

Office Closed

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In honor of the holiday season and celebrating the New Year, Delta Chi’s International Headquarters office in Iowa City will be closed during the week of December 26-30, 2016.

Have a happy holiday and safe new year’s eve!

Delta Chi Law Updates

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During the proceedings of Delta Chi’s 60th International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, July 28, 2016, the Convention voted to adopt eleven (11) amendments to Delta Chi Law. A fully revised copy of Delta Chi Law will be available on MYDCHI under the Resource Center, as well as on our website.

A full overview of the updates can be found here: DELTA CHI MEMO 11-14-16

Davis Millard to join IHQ Staff

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The Delta Chi Fraternity is happy to announce the hiring of Davis B. Millard (Kansas State ’17) as a future Leadership Consultant.

Davis attends Kansas State University where he will graduate with a bachelors of science degree in sociology this spring. He joined Delta Chi in the fall of 2013 and quickly became involved in its leadership, serving as the recruitment chair, the “A”, and currently as the “E”. Outside of the Fraternity, Davis is involved with the KSU Student Foundation Board as the co-chair of the K-State Proud Student Philanthropy Campaign, serves as an ambassador for Fraternity and Sorority Life, and is a member of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity. Brother Millard also served IHQ this past summer as an intern for the 60th International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We are very excited about Davis’ decision to join staff,” stated Keith Shriver, Executive Director & CEO. Davis will start in this role on or near June 1, 2017.

Learn more about joining Delta Chi Staff.

2016 Founders’ Day Message

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One-hundred twenty-six years ago, after months of discussion, twelve men met on a Monday night in Ithaca, New York and formed The Delta Chi Fraternity.

Those present that night included Cornell alumni Monroe M. Sweetland and Myron M. Crandall, along with undergraduates John M. Gorham, Thomas A. Sullivan, Albert S. Barnes, Thomas D. Watkins, M.J. Flannery, F.K. Stephens, Owen Lincoln Potter, Alphonso D. Stillman, Edward O’Malley, and Fredrick Moore Whitney. These men started our fraternal organization to better both themselves and each other through a close association – the very same reason we continue to exist today.

There are many recognizable names on that list and probably a couple that are not. Both Flannery and Stephens were at the Fraternity’s founding, but it is generally believed they did not maintain their interest in the organization for very long and stopped participating. Therefore, they have not been considered Founders.

Our constitution’s preamble outlines Delta Chi’s four basic principles: promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. Each day, every member – both undergraduate and alumnus – has an important decision to make: will Delta Chi remain a part of his daily life through performance of acts to better himself and others or will he allow it to fade away into his surroundings.

Just like those present on the night the Fraternity was born, some choose to be relevant and make a difference in the world around them by remaining involved in Delta Chi; others do not.

As you enjoy this October 13th in celebration of our founding 126 years ago, stop to consider which example you want to follow. Will you be like Potter, Stillman, Whitney and others who proudly lived and outwardly demonstrated Delta Chi’s four core values? Or will you follow Stephens and Flannery’s example by simply fading into history as an individual who nobody remembers?

If you are one who might have faded, this is not a permanent status. There is no better time than the present to reengage in Delta Chi. Whether you are an undergraduate or alumnus, Delta Chi needs men like you to serve or otherwise give at the chapter, regional and international levels. Had brothers before us not carried that torch, we would not be telling this story today.

The choice is yours. We know which men we follow every day. Happy 126th Founders’ Day, Brothers.

In the Bond,

Kansas State ’98

Bryant ’93
President & Chairman,
Educational Foundation

Advance Justice

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A message from Keith Shriver, Executive Director & CEO – #NHPW16

An Opportunity to revisit our Principles

“How anyone can think that a freshman today, with his knowledge, his savior faire and his experience, is made a better fraternity man by the slap-stick method, is beyond my comprehension. It is undignified; it is unjust; it is barbaric; it is ridiculous – and, above all, it is dangerous….Delta Chi should, by definite and positive decree at this convention, here and now, ban rough initiations from the whole Fraternity as being below our dignity and a positive menace to our existence…We must decide it – either we approve such barbaric, or babylike methods, or we disapprove them. Our inaction is approval. We must, for our own sake, abandon them. We must put Delta Chi right before the world.” – Remarks by 22nd “AA” Billy Bride (Georgetown ’04) during the 1929 Convention in pursuit to abolish “Hell Week.”

As we observe and support National Hazing Prevention Week this week, we have the opportunity to revisit one of the principles within our Preamble: Advance Justice.

It is often easier to think of how to put into practice the other three principles; they are perhaps more straightforward. However, how can the challenge of advancing justice apply to this week in particular?

Of course, we advance justice when we respect and comply with the law, and refuse to haze anyone for any reason. Yes, this is basic and straightforward. The commitment for Delta Chis, however, should run deeper. We will find that deeper commitment when we honor the importance of true respect for our fellow man at all times. When we do that, we honor the commitments of the friendships we forged when we first met one another.

We advance justice when we maintain consistent, reliable, and dependable friendships that are unconditional. We demonstrate to others in our communities how long-lasting friendships and relationships are the building blocks of a loving and respectful society. When we advance justice in this way, we truly demonstrate how Delta Chi is the Brotherhood of a Lifetime – a lifelong endeavor. All you have to do is attend a Delta Chi Convention and you will see it everywhere you turn.

Justice is advanced when we respect others for who they are, as well as the tremendous depth of their individual potential. Instead of thinking that someone must earn our respect, perhaps it’s time for us to earn theirs. We advance justice through meaningful brotherhood and by supporting all members’ quest of the best education possible and the realization of personal dreams and aspirations. Our Preamble is a powerful statement of life itself. Let us celebrate how it can also be a powerful tool for eliminating hazing.

In the Bond,

KEITH R. SHRIVER, Florida ’79
Executive Director & CEO

Delta Chi Adopts Resolution on Gender Equity

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Iowa City September 22, 2016 – During its 60th International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in July, the Convention, as Delta Chi’s ultimate governing body, moved to adopt a policy rooted in equality to help shape and improve the overall caliber of the Fraternity. This Gender Equity Resolution better defines Delta Chi’s association criteria, stating that any individual who identifies as a man is welcome to seek membership in Delta Chi.

The Fraternity’s constitution states that an individual must be “male” to be eligible for membership, and the term “male” is not defined. Delta Chi has received numerous inquiries from chapters and educational institutions regarding its definition of male and the application of membership criteria to transgender men and all who identify as men.

Delta Chi is an international fraternity built upon the belief that the close association of a brotherhood of college and university men will promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education. Any individual who identifies as a man is welcome to seek membership in the Fraternity. This policy is intended to uphold the mission of Delta Chi as a brotherhood of men and should not be interpreted as changing the all-male character of the Fraternity or as a waiver of the Fraternity’s exempt status under Title IX.

“Similar to when we were the first fraternity to ban hell week or guarantee associate members have the right to attend and talk at chapter meetings, Delta Chi is on the right side of history on this issue,” said Aaron Otto, “AA” (International President). “I am proud that Delta Chi has taken a leadership position within the fraternal movement to recognize gender equality and to be accepting of all who believe in our ideals.”