“B” (Vice President)

The role of the “B” of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of committee oversight, chairing executive committee meetings, and internal communication among members and support alumni. This position is suggested to be a one-year term and is best elected during the end of the fall semester/quarter. For a full officer description of the “B” , please refer to page 79 of the Cornerstone.

Critical Information That Must Be Reviewed Each Term

  • “A” General Letter (tittle)
  • Chapter/Colony “A” Reference
  • FIPG Risk Management Policy
  • Chapter “C” Reference Sheet
  • Chapter “D” Reference Sheet
  • Colony “D” Reference Sheet
  • Chapter “E” Quarterly Reference Sheet
  • “No One Ever Told Me”
  • Ask the Staff

Download Critical Information Here

Important Information To Include In “B” Officer Notebook

  • Chapter Management BRIEF
  • Committee System BRIEF
  • Officer Transition/Training
  • 25 Ways to Motivate Members
  • Event Planning Form
  • Incident Reporting Form
  • After Activity Analysis
  • Schedule of Dues

Download Important Information Here

Programming and Resources

  • “What Does It Take To Have A Successful Chapter?”
  • The “Real” Problem
  • Delta Chi Awards Program Information
  • Case Studies
  • Sample By-Laws
  • Chapter Action Plan

Download Programming and Resources Here

Samples and Templates for Download:

  • Sample By-Laws
  • Chapter Action Plan
  • Sample chapter/colony by-laws Word / PDF

Download Samples and Templates Here