The Delta Chi Fraternity recognizes undergraduate chapters/colonies, alumni chapters, and outstanding individuals for their success and achievement each year. Awards are presented during the International Convention on even years or announced virtually on non-Convention years. Awards’ descriptions, details, and application processes can be found below. Please contact Delta Chi Headquarters if you have any questions.


The President’s Cup is the most esteemed and prestigious award given to the top chapters for overall superior performance and programming.

  • Case Western Reserve – Red Division
  • Miami – Red Division
  • Georgia Southern – Red Division
  • Louisiana Tech – Buff Division
  • Tri-State – Buff Division

The President’s Most Improved Trophy recognizes chapters that have made significant improvement throughout the academic year.

  • Missouri State – Red Division
  • Kettering-B – Buff Division

This award was named in honor of the very first alumni chapter chartered by Delta Chi at its Eighth International Convention in Chicago in 1902; it recognize an alumni chapter with excellence in programming, communication and meeting the needs of its members.

  • Houston Area Alumni Chapter

This award is presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves in a manner that their peers recognize them across the United States, Canada, and/or the world.

  • David Krane, Indiana ’94

This award is presented for service to the fraternity movement and is named after former Delta Chi “AA” and NIC Chairman John J. Kuhn Cornell 1898. It is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Greek movement. This award recognizes individual accomplishments and contributions within the fraternity and sorority world.

  • Dr. Lori Hart, Alpha Omicron Pi

 View the full list of award recipients in this press release

  • Submission: Chapter and colony award packet submissions are managed through MYDCHI Forms. Please log into your MYDCHI account in order to access FORMS. There, you may submit credentials for the following awards.

    Due Date: Every chapter/colony’s Award Packet is due on May 15th.

    Eligibility: The Chapter/Colony must be current on all bills to the Fraternity as of June 1 to receive any awards. “Current” is defined as having no bills outstanding more than 30 days. IHQ will send an update regarding your eligibility status upon receipt of the packet. A final decision regarding your applications will be communicated to your “A”, “D” and “BB” in June. Chapters and colonies on any level of Corrective Action during an academic year are not eligible for any Composite Awards corresponding to that year. Corrective Action does not affect the eligibility of individual and alumni awards.

    Divisions: Delta Chi awards chapter and composite awards based on operational, academic and personal excellence within two divisions, Red and Buff, based on the number of chapters and the percentage of the Greek population on their campus. The Red Division includes campuses with 15 or more fraternity chapters or higher than a 30% fraternity population. The Buff Division consists of campuses with less than 15 chapters or below 30% fraternity membership. The chapters within each division are reevaluated each year.


    Core Competency Awards

    “Excellence” or “Achievement” certificates in the following areas:
    • Advising & Governance
    • Alumni Relations
    • Financial Management
    • Housing
    • Involvement
    • Manpower
    • Member Education
    • Scholarship

    Chapter Awards

    You must have applied for all Core Competency Awards (last year and this year) and complete all required sections within DeltaChiConnect in order to be eligible:
    • Outstanding Chapter Program
    • President’s Most Improved Trophy

    Composite Awards

    You must apply for all Core Competency Awards, and complete all required sections within DeltaChiConnect in order to be eligible for:
    • President’s Cup
    • Award of Excellence
    • Raymond D. Galbreth Certificate of Achievement
  • Undergraduates and Alumni may nominate outstanding individuals within chapters and colonies who do outstanding work in  their roles and in their organizations. A full description of each award can be found on the nomination form. Chapter-level award nominations are due May 15th.

    • Marge Lee Outstanding “C” Award
    • “E” Key Award
    • Chapter Luminary
    • Outstanding Chapter Advisor
    Nomination Form
  • We also recognize the work and service of our Alumni Chapters. Alumni Chapter Award Packets are due on May 15th. The Alumni Chapter must be in good standing with Delta Chi Headquarters to be eligible to receive any award. Alumni chapter submissions are also managed through MYDCHI Forms. Please log into your MYDCHI account in order to access FORMS. There, you may submit credentials for the following awards:

    • Chicago Cup
    • Outstanding Chapter Communication
    • Outstanding Programming Events
    • Outstanding Website
    • Outstanding Chapter Member
  • Alumni, volunteers, and friends of the Fraternity may be nominated to recognize their service to Delta Chi and the Fraternal world. A full description of each award can be found on the nomination form.

    Nominations for Delta Chi’s highest honors are due May 15th:

    • Delta Chi of the Year
    • John J. Kuhn Award

    Nominations for the following awards are due May 15th:

    • Distinguished Delta Chi
    • Humanitarian Award
    • Meritorious Service Award
    • Valor Award
    • Richard McKaig Outstanding Fraternity & Sorority Professional Award
    Nomination Form

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