Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the “A”s’ Academy?

The 2018 “A”s’ Academy is being held Friday – Monday, January 12 – 15, at the Saint Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana.

I'm the “A” but I can't attend the Academy this year. Now what?

If you can’t attend, then your chapter will not be represented. The curriculum is developed with the role and training needs of the “A” at the forefront, so sending other officers in your place (such as the “B”) is not allowed. If you are unable to attend, it is expected that you communicate that to your “BB”, ABT President and Leadership Consultant. The programs falls on the same weekend annually, which should allow anyone considering running for the office of the “A” with plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements to attend.

We have elections in late spring, after “A”s’ Academy. Can our president still attend?

Yes! Every chapter president is expected to attend the “A”s’ Academy regardless of when elections occur. If at all possible, we strongly encourage chapters to adjust the timing of elections for each new “A” to fully take advantage of this opportunity. The Fraternity staff can assist you in how to move the timing of your elections if your chapter or colony is interested in doing that.

Our chapter is very busy with recruitment in January, not to mention that I have academic responsibilities. How can I attend?

Start planning for the “A”s’ Academy early. Communicate the details to your chapter’s leadership and Fraternity/Sorority advisor. Most universities allow an excused absence for a leadership program as long as you communicate with the proper constituents far enough in advance. We can provide information to your university to help get your absence excused. Please also make the same accommodations with your employer if applicable. The impact of attending this program will impact your chapter far beyond being present for chapter recruitment if they happen to overlap.

I have classes during the Academy and need to leave early. What should I do in this situation?

Start planning for the “A”s’ Academy early. Communicate the details to your chapter’s leadership and Fraternity/Sorority advisor. Most universities allow an excused absence for a leadership program as long as you communicate with the proper constituents far enough in advance. We can provide information to your university to help get your absence excused. Please also make the same accommodations with your employer if applicable.

I have an online exam or assignment due during “A”s’ Academy. Is there Internet access?

There will be Internet access available during “A”s’ Academy. Please keep in mind that you will not be excused from sessions to take an exam or complete/submit an assignment. Please make arrangements with your professor regarding any online class work prior to your arrival at Saint Meinrad. There will be small breaks during the program and ample time during meals where you can complete your tasks.

I’ve registered, but now I can’t attend. What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel please contact us before January 1, 2017. If you cancel after Friday, January 1, you will be responsible for the full registration fee.

Am I responsible for any food or lodging for this event?

No. Delta Chi pays for your travel, meals, and lodging for the entire weekend! Only meals outside of the Academy (for example, lunch at the airport) would be your responsibility.

What should I pack? What is the dress code?

The dress for the entire weekend is casual. The staff & facilitators will be wearing jeans, collared shirts, sweaters, etc. You are free to wear jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. We encourage you to be comfortable! Please remember that you will be going to be guests at a public facility, so please use your judgment when packing t-shirts/clothes with slogans/images/meanings. You will be asked to change if you are wearing inappropriate attire.

A full packing list can be found on the “A”s’ Academy main webpage.

Should I bring toiletries and linens?

Any personal items will need to be brought with you. The lodging accommodations will provide you with towels, linens, and pillows. Be sure to pack your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste, comb, etc.

Is there a gym?

YES – the facility has a gym facility that is available 24 hours.

Will I have a roommate?

YES – lodging is hotel style rooms. You will be placed in a two- or three-bed room, sharing the space with other “A”s in attendance.

Do I need to bring money with me?

You’ll want to have some money with you for any personal spending (food, snacks, souvenirs) while you are traveling. Once you arrive at the “A”s’ Academy, you will not have to spend any money on food, snacks or lodging.

Saint Meinrad does have a small coffee shop on the grounds, as well as a gift shop. You are welcome to patronize these establishments.

There will also be a small Delta Chi store selling merchandise. We accept cash, check, and card if you are interested in picking up some Delta Chi gear.

Is there dinner the first night we get there (Friday night)?

For those flying: we strongly recommend that you eat before you arrive. There are a few restuarant options available in the Louisville airport, but there is no guarentee you will have time to eat here before the bus departs for the Archabbey.

For those driving: we ask that you eat dinner before arriving at the Academy.

Snacks will be provided Friday evening at the end of our opening sessions.

-- Substance Free Weekend --

The “A”s’ Academy is a substance free weekend. Those in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs will be immediately dismissed from the Academy.

There will be designated smoking areas around the grounds of the retreat center. Use of tobacco or vapor inside of the meeting spaces and the lodging facilities is not permitted.

-- Conduct/Being asked to leave the Academy --

Should a student be asked to leave the Academy, the attendee will be responsible for any unused meals (since we must provide the kitchen with a “count” for the number of meals used), shuttle cost to the airport and flight change fees associated with departing earlier than expected.

Bringing alcohol or drugs to the Academy is grounds for immediate dismissal at the cost of the attendee; it will result in a full monetary reimbursement of any expenses incurred including, but not limited to, flight, meals, lodging and shuttle trips.

Anyone who attends the Academy without approval or proper registration will be asked to leave at his own expense.

How do I get to the “A”s’ Academy?

Attendees will either fly or drive to the Academy. If your campus is within the “driving radius” of the Academy site (less than a 7 hour drive), then we will ask you to drive. If your school is outside of the driving radius, a flight will automatically be booked for you through Delta Chi (please do not try to book your own flight!!).

Transportation to/from your home airport is your responsibility.

Transportation to/from the Louisville airport and the Academy will be provided.

Drivers: the closet gas station is eight (8) miles from the Archabbey. Please plan accordingly for your trip.

How do I know if I should fly or drive to the Academy?

Whether an attendee is asked to drive or fly is based upon the distance of his school from the Academy site.

If your campus is a seven (7) hour* drive or less away from the Academy, you are considered to be within the “driving radius” of the event. If your campus is outside of driving radius, then you will be booked a flight. *Time zone changes are not calculated into this measurement.

If you have a question or concern about this policy, please contact the Academy Coordinator.

I’m told I should drive to the Academy, but I would rather fly. May I fly?

If your chapter is within the “driving radius” of the event, you will be expected to drive. However, we are happy to accommodate students in this group who wish to fly by discounting the cost of your flight.

Driving radius students receive a $0.15/mile mileage reimbursement. As we do not budget to purchase plane tickets for the “drivers”, we will charge the attendee with the difference in cost.

Total flight cost – $0.15(miles from nearest location*) = amount due by student

*”nearest location” will likely be your campus.

I go to school in one part of the country, but will be flying/driving from another part. What happens in this situation?

Delta Chi understands that you may not be traveling from home or school. If you are driving, you will be granted mileage from the closest location to the Academy’s location. For instance, if you attend school at Austin, but wish to drive from Kansas City, you will receive mileage from Austin. Please notify the Academy Coordinator when making your travel arrangements in these situations.

If you choose to fly from a point that is further away than your chapter/colony (outside of the driving radius),  the Academy Coordinator must approve this before your flight is booked.

If your chapter/colony is within the driving radius, and you wish to fly from a location outside of the driving radius, you must get approval from the Academy Coordinator. Please make sure you contact the Academy Coordinator PRIOR to submitting your registration form.

I can’t get to “A”s’ Academy until after the designated time on Friday. What should I do?

The “A”s’ Academy policy states that all “A”s must arrive by the designated time and must attend all sessions. Those that are unable to arrive during the designated times will be asked to refrain from attending the experience. Of course, day of travel issues and delays are understandable and those that have flight delays issued by the airline or driving issues (such as roadside repair or weather delays) should just do their best to arrive as quickly – and safely – as possible.

I'm flying -- I've never flown before. What do I do!?

Flying for the first time can be a little intimidating. Read through all of these FAQs, and if you still have questions, please call us at 319-337-4811 to get them answered.

I'm flying -- I have an early flight. Will the Fraternity compensate me for a hotel near the airport the night before?

Delta Chi realizes that some students may have to drive a considerable distance to get to the airport; however, we do not reimburse for a hotel stay due to early morning flight arrangements. Please plan for your trip accordingly.

I'm flying -- will the Fraternity reimburse me to get to/from my home airport?

Attendees are responsible for getting themselves to/from their home airport. At the current time, we do not offer mileage (or any kind of transportation) reimbursement for your commute.

We encourage you to find a ride to/from your airport, if at all possible.

If this is simply not an option for you, please email the Academy Coordinator.

I'm flying -- do I get reimbursed for parking my car at the airport?

Attendees are responsible for getting themselves to/from their home airport. At the current time, attendees are responsible for their parking costs at the airport.

We encourage you to find a ride to/from your airport, if at all possible.

If this is simply not an option for you, please email the Academy Coordinator.

I'm flying -- does the Fraternity pay for my checked bag?

Traditionally, the Fraternity has not covered the cost of checked luggage since the duration of the Academy makes it feasible to fit three days of clothing into one carry-on suitcase and personal bag. If you are bringing something that you MUST check (medical equipment, etc) and would like to be reimbursed, please draft an email to the Academy Coordinator PRIOR to the event so you receive approval PRIOR to your flight date. Requests made after the Academy will, in most cases, not be considered.

Please be sure to check the dimensions of your suitcase prior to packing to ensure that it will fit in the overhead bin. Details can be found on your airline’s website. In most cases, a backpack and carry-on sized suitcase are acceptable.

I'm flying -- how do I get my plane tickets?

Once you register for the “A”s’ Academy, your information will automatically be sent to our travel agent for ticketing. A ticket will be issued in your name, and you will have 24 hours to edit or cancel. No actual tickets will arrive in the physical mail or by email. You will be contacted by email and telephone with ticket information. Your “confirmation” information will serve you in obtaining a ticket.

To obtain your ticket, open the email that you received from the travel agent to see which airline your ticket was booked on. On the day of your departure, go to the ticketing kiosk or counter agent (follow the signs that say ticketing or ask someone at the airport where to go to obtain your ticket) and present your government issued photo ID. The ticketing agent/kiosk will print out your ticket/boarding pass for you. Proceed to your airport’s security screening area to board your flight.

I'm flying -- I booked a flight on my own and did not go through Delta Chi IHQ. How do I get reimbursed?

Please do NOT do this!

It is the policy of the Academy to book your travel through our travel agent, but we understand that mistakes happen. Should you accidentally book your own travel, you will be reimbursed an amount (at the discretion of the Academy Coordinator and Executive Director) based upon the quote provided by our travel agency.

I'm flying -- what if my flight is delayed or canceled?

We will have Delta Chi staff at the airport tracking each and every flight. Should your flight be delayed or cancelled, we will be aware.

We may try to get ahold of you should something like this come up. Please make sure to keep your cell phone charged and on your person so that we can communicate with each other. If you receive a phone call or a text message from an Iowa City, IA (319) phone number, that will probably be a Staff member.

I'm flying -- what do I do when I arrive in Louisville?

Delta Chi staff members will be greeting you at the airport, wearing “A”s’ Academy t-shirts so you can recognize them. They will either direct you to a seating/waiting area or to the shuttle bus.

Depending on your arrival time, you may have to wait until the shuttle bus arrives or until the shuttle bus is ready to depart for the Academy. We do our best to keep your wait time to a minimum.

Don’t worry… we know you are coming, and you WON’T be left behind!

I'm flying -- how do I get from the airport to the Academy site?

We will have a shuttle van/bus available to pick you up and take you to the Academy venue (about 30 minutes from Louisville). This is of no cost to you.

I'm driving -- what do I do?

  • Delta Chi will cover the cost of your travel. Please keep track of your mileage so we can properly reimburse you.
  • Please arrive no later than 6:00 pm (Central Time) on Friday, January 13. You can arrive earlier, just let us know so we can expect you.
  • Please eat dinner before arriving at the Academy.
  • Please use this address for your directions/GPS:
    • 200 Hill Drive, St. Meinrad, IN 47577
  • Parking is available on the grounds for free. Directions will be giving to you as to where to park for the weekend when you arrive.

I'm driving -- and I will be picking up another (or a few other) attendees. Will I be compensated for the mileage I drive to pick them up?

Yes. You must keep track of the mileage as you pick up the other attendees, and it must be broken down for each leg of your trip.

Here is an example:

An “A” from a Chapter “ABC” is going to drive to the Academy, and pick up the “A” from Chapter “DEF” + in addition to an “A” from Chapter “GHI” who are on his way.

Chapter “ABC” to Chapter “DEF” (one person in the car): 82 miles at .15/mile

Chapter “DEF” to Chapter “GHI” (2 people in the car): 187 miles at .23/mile

Chapter “GHI” to Academy (3 people in the car): 123 miles at .31/mile


On the way home:

Academy to Chapter “GHI” (3 people in the car): 123 miles at .31/mile

Chapter “GHI” to Chapter “DEF” (2 people in the car): 187 miles at .23/mile

Chapter “DEF” to Chapter “ABC” (one person in the car): 82 miles at .15/mile 

I'm driving -- Will the Fraternity cover the cost of a hotel if I am stranded due to weather conditions or unforeseen car problems/accidents?

Delta Chi is concerned about the safety and well being of all of our members; however, the Fraternity will not reimburse for hotel accommodations if the roads were “open” and/or were considered to be drivable by the governing state’s department of transportation. While we realize that unforeseen incidents do occur, the Fraternity will not reimburse for hotel accommodations regarding mechanical issues or accidents.

How do I get reimbursed for expenses?

Immediately following the “A”s’ Academy, Delta Chi will provide you with an opportunity (via email) to submit a reimbursement claim for mileage and/or any additional APPROVED expenses. Attendees will be granted two weeks (14 days) from the date that the email is sent to submit a claim for reimbursement.

For Additional Questions

Please contact the Delta Chi Headquarters Staff via email.