ABT President (Alumni Board of Trustees)

The role of the ABT President of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of leadership, supervision, advising, and chairman of the Alumni Board of Trustees. This position is suggested to be a two-year term, is typically filled by a Delta Chi alumnus, and is elected as need be. An Alumni Board of Trustees is required by Delta Chi Law to consist of at least a simple majority of initiated members, and its membership includes the “A”, “D” and “BB”. For more information about ABTs, please refer to page 88 of theCornerstone.

    • Chapter/Colony “A” Reference
    • Chapter “C” Reference Sheet
    • Chapter “D” Reference Sheet
    • Colony “D” Reference Sheet
    • Chapter “E” Quarterly Reference Sheet
    • FIPG Risk Management Policy
    • Schedule of Dues
    • “No One Ever Told Me”
    • The Top 5 Things An Alumni Board Should Be Doing
    • Ask the Staff
    • Member Accident Protection Program
      • Brochure
      • Letter
    • Schedule of Dues-2005-2006

    Download Critical Information Here

    • Alumni Board Of Trustees BRIEF
    • Chapter Management BRIEF
    • Who Can Be On Your ABT?
    • Checklist Of Responsibilities of Support Alumni
    • All The Wrong Assumptions
    • Advisors As Resources
    • Inactive and Alumnus Status
    • General Risk Management Program
    • Risk Management Partners
    • Conduction Expulsion Trial
    • Special Notice On Hazing

    Download Important Information Here

    • Why People Volunteer
    • Weekend Tragedy
    • 25 Ways To Boost Member Motivation
    • Motivating People To Volunteer
    • 101 Ways To Recognize Volunteers
    • 22 Volunteer Recruitment Ideas
    • Event Planning Form
    • Incident Reporting Form
    • Tax Guidelines
    • How To Delegate Effectively
    • Indicators Of Problems Within A Chapter
    • “What Does It Take To Have A Successful Chapter?”
    • “Good” Is The Enemy Of “Great”

    Download Programming and Resources Here

    • New Member Education Advisor Resources (See AMC Checklist)
    • Financial Advisor Resources (See “D” Checklist)
    • Risk Management Advisor Resources (See “F” Checklist)
    • Alumni Relations Advisor Resources (See “E” Checklist)
    • Recruitment Advisor Resources (See Recruitment Chairman Checklist)
    • Ritual Advisor Resources

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