ABT President (Alumni Board of Trustees)

The role of the ABT President of a Delta Chi chapter or colony is one of leadership, supervision, advising, and chairman of the Alumni Board of Trustees. This position is suggested to be a two-year term, is typically filled by a Delta Chi alumnus, and is elected as need be. An Alumni Board of Trustees is required by Delta Chi Law to consist of at least a simple majority of initiated members, and its membership includes the “A”, “D” and “BB”. For more information about ABTs, please refer to page 88 of theCornerstone.

Critical Information That Must Be Reviewed Each Term

  • Chapter/Colony “A” Reference
  • Chapter “C” Reference Sheet
  • Chapter “D” Reference Sheet
  • Colony “D” Reference Sheet
  • Chapter “E” Quarterly Reference Sheet
  • FIPG Risk Management Policy
  • Schedule of Dues
  • “No One Ever Told Me”
  • The Top 5 Things An Alumni Board Should Be Doing
  • Ask the Staff
  • Member Accident Protection Program
    • Brochure
    • Letter
  • Schedule of Dues-2005-2006

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Important Information To Include In ABT President Notebook

  • Alumni Board Of Trustees BRIEF
  • Chapter Management BRIEF
  • Who Can Be On Your ABT?
  • Checklist Of Responsibilities of Support Alumni
  • All The Wrong Assumptions
  • Advisors As Resources
  • Inactive and Alumnus Status
  • General Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management Partners
  • Conduction Expulsion Trial
  • Special Notice On Hazing

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Programming and Resources

  • Why People Volunteer
  • Weekend Tragedy
  • 25 Ways To Boost Member Motivation
  • Motivating People To Volunteer
  • 101 Ways To Recognize Volunteers
  • 22 Volunteer Recruitment Ideas
  • Event Planning Form
  • Incident Reporting Form
  • Tax Guidelines
  • How To Delegate Effectively
  • Indicators Of Problems Within A Chapter
  • “What Does It Take To Have A Successful Chapter?”
  • “Good” Is The Enemy Of “Great”

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ABT Advisor Position Notebooks

  • New Member Education Advisor Resources (See AMC Checklist)
  • Financial Advisor Resources (See “D” Checklist)
  • Risk Management Advisor Resources (See “F” Checklist)
  • Alumni Relations Advisor Resources (See “E” Checklist)
  • Recruitment Advisor Resources (See Recruitment Chairman Checklist)
  • Ritual Advisor Resources

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