2016-17 Chapter & Colony Awards

By August 11, 2017Announcements, Statements

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August 11, 2017

The Delta Chi Fraternity is pleased to announce its chapter & colony Core Competency Award recipients for the 2016-2017 academic year.

It is the Fraternity’s goal to recognize and promote the achievements of our chapters, colonies, alumni, and advisors on a chapter, colony, regional, and international level.  The awards and recognition program allows chapters and colonies the opportunity to showcase their outstanding or improved performance over the past academic year in each of the Fraternity’s core competencies. To be eligible for awards, chapters or colonies must be current on all bills to the Fraternity as of June 1 and (to be considered for composite awards) must not be on any level of risk management sanction during the year of awards consideration.

Once all applications are received, the Fraternity staff objectively evaluates each and every application before recognizing the efforts of our chapters and colonies based upon Delta Chi’s eight core competencies for success: Advising and Governance, Alumni Relations, Financial Management, Housing, Involvement, Manpower, Membership Education, and Scholarship.

There are two categories of awards given for each core competency. The Excellence category denotes a complete mastery of that competency; winners in this category fulfill the many components of each area and often go above and beyond to reach new heights of operations. The Achievement category recognizes chapters and colonies that have made significant improvements in this area of operations.


Advising & Governance awards chapters and colonies that excel in the areas of Alumni Board of Trustees, “BB” Involvement, Faculty Advisor, by-laws, judicial board, and business meetings.  The soundness of the chapter or colony’s operational procedures are an important part of the selection process. 

Excellence in Advising and Governance

Alberta, Central Missouri, East Carolina, George Mason, Iowa State, Kansas State, Miami, Northern Colorado, Northern Illinois, Sacramento, Southern Illinois, Truman State, USP, Virginia Commonwealth, and West Chester

Achievement in Advising and Governance

Appalachian State, Embry-Riddle, Ferrum, Florida, Fullerton, Georgia Tech, Huntsville, Kennesaw, Kettering-A, Missouri State, North Alabama, Pittsburgh, Tarleton, Tri-State, Washington, and Wisconsin


The Alumni Relations recognizes chapters and colonies that shine in the areas of alumni newsletter, the “E” position, alumni events, chapter website and contact records.  These chapters are making significant steps to engage alumni.

Excellence in Alumni Relations

Alberta, Augusta, Central Missouri, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kansas State, Kettering-B, Lehigh, Missouri, Sacramento, South Florida, Tri-State, Troy State, Truman State, USP, and Virginia Commonwealth

Achievement in Alumni Relations

Duquesne, Ferrum, Florida, Florida State, Huntsville, Miami, Minnesota, Missouri State, North Alabama, Northern Colorado, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Valdosta, Washington, and Whitewater


Financial Management recognizes chapters and colonies for high performance in the areas of budgeting, dues collection, financial practices & policies, and savings.  One of the key determining factors is that the accounts payable to Delta Chi for each of these groups is zero.

Excellence in Financial Management

Central Missouri, Charlotte, East Carolina, Edwardsville, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kennesaw, Lehigh, Miami, Missouri State, Northern Illinois, Riverside, San Bernardino, Texas Tech, Truman State, USP, William & Mary, and Wisconsin

Achievement in Financial Management

Augusta, Case Western Reserve, Ferrum, Florida State, Fullerton, Little Rock, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, South Florida, Syracuse, Tarleton, and West Chester


The Housing competency addresses the areas of the House Corporation, cleanliness and upkeep of the facility, long-term planning & saving, and delegation of responsibilities among the members.  These award winners have a facility that makes them competitive forces on their respective campuses.

Excellence in Housing

Embry-Riddle, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Kettering-A,Kettering-B, Lehigh, Long Beach, Miami, Northern Illinois, Texas Tech

Achievement in Housing

Auburn, Cal Poly, Florida State, Fullerton, Iowa State, Minnesota, South Florida, Tri-State, Valdosta, and Washington


The Involvement area recognizes chapters and colonies that excel in campus involvement & leadership, philanthropy participation, community service initiatives, campus relations, and intramural participation.  These award winners are a visible presence on their campuses and are making a good name for Delta Chi!

Excellence in Involvement

Bowling Green, Central Missouri, Ferrum, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Miami, North, Alabama, Pittsburgh, South Florida, Syracuse, Troy State, and Wisconsin

Achievement in Involvement

Beaufort, Cal Poly, Duquesne, Florida State, Fredonia, Iowa State, Lake Forest, Little Rock, Minnesota, Missouri, Northern Illinois, Spring Hill, Tri-State, Truman State, USP, Valdosta, and West Chester


Recognition in Manpower is based upon both recruitment and retention within a chapter or colony.  These groups exhibit excellent execution in recruitment planning and practices, and also effectively engage and retain their members through their collegiate experience.

Excellence in Manpower

Alberta, Auburn, Augusta, Central Missouri, Fredonia, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, San Bernardino, Spring Hill, Tri-State, USP, and Washington

Achievement in Manpower

East Carolina, Huntsville, Kansas State, Lehigh, Miami, Minnesota, Missouri State, Pittsburgh

Sacramento, South Florida, Southern Illinois, and Truman State


Membership Education awards chapters that go above and beyond in the areas of associate member programming, risk management education, and on-going education.  Recipients of this award also take advantage of many opportunities for further development on their campus and through Delta Chi such as Delta Chi’s “A”s’ Academy, Emerging Leaders Academy, Regional Leadership Conferences, Convention, and other campus/partner programs (such as the NIC’s UIFI).

Excellence in Member Education

Case Western Reserve, Embry-Riddle, Florida State, Iowa State, Kansas State, Miami, Missouri, Missouri State, North Alabama, San Bernardino, South Florida, Southern Illinois, Tri-State, Truman State, and USP

Achievement in Member Education

East Carolina, Ferrum, Huntsville, Kennesaw, Little Rock, Long Beach, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Pittsburgh, Riverside, Sacramento, and Wisconsin


Recognition in Scholarship is focused on answering the call of our preamble to assist in the acquisition of a sound education. These chapters and colonies are addressing scholarship programming, by-laws enforcement, and academic performance with their members.

Excellence in Scholarship

Alberta, Augusta, Bowling Green, Duquesne, Edwardsville, Embry-Riddle, Ferrum, Iowa State, Kennesaw, Little Rock, Minnesota, North Alabama, Pittsburgh, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino

South Florida, Southern Illinois, Tri-State, Truman State, USP, and West Chester

Achievement in Scholarship

Cal Poly, Florida State, Fredonia, George Mason, Georgia Tech, Huntsville, Kansas, Massachusetts, Miami, Missouri, Missouri State, Northern Illinois, Tarleton, Troy State, and Washington

All of our chapters and colonies listed here should be very proud of their accomplishments over this past year. If you do not see a group listed, please check with the “A” or “C” to ensure that an awards application was submitted for this school year – chapters and colonies must apply each year for recognition. Delta Chi Headquarters will be releasing the recipients of the Delta Chi Composite Awards in the coming week(s). Please watch our website and social media platforms for updates. You may direct any questions regarding the awards process to Delta Chi Headquarters.


Primary Contact:
Christian A. Wargo

Director of Communications & Events